What training is required for FFZ?



I have doubts about if really roulette chips works to take vengeance from casinos. I see video about acrobat I dont understand it, and my English is medium …

Next visual training is good? https://myrulet.com/index.php/store/ffz-roulette-computer-detail.html

Is it only required to look at a number and detect at high speeds when the ball spins over the number?

I would like see training videos of FFZ before buy it to determine if I understand how it works and not make a purchase more… Would be possible?

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You can buy FFZ (electric Zap) or FFV (Vibration).
I f you have patience you will master its usage and maybe you can benefit from it by finding the right conditions in a live casino.

I am still very busy but maybe next week I will produce some FF-usage videos. These videos will be available for the FF-owners only.


Say how it can - not work ? Chip do only mathematical calculattions. I think you not doubt that say Excel calculate good ? The same is with chip.
Chip do its work good - that who do bad is you himself… so player who clik bad which not know what to enter as paramethers and many other.

If you have trafick acident in 100% guilty is driver not car…


Sorry but this answer dont help me… and videos should be available for those who need to decide to lose or not 600 usd in buy it

I will reformulate the questions:

  1. The only training required is to have visual speed to guess in what number the ball has approached just when the chip give me a ZAP?

  2. Or your words “maybe you can benefit from it by finding the right conditions” refer to “learn a 50-page pdf” and when you can detect the speed of rotation plus calculate where the ball should fall THEN maybe you can win something in a casino?

Im sorry @Donna_Amon but when you says “maybe some year you can win something” and when I read a post of Admin saying “I wouldn’t consider roulette computer as a guaranteed method to win at roulette. On easy wheels yes, but todays most of the casino wheels are hard to predict.” THEN I CONSIDER what this chips dont works… If it works, it should vibrate for say to you around what 4 or 5 numbers (or diamond) the ball should fall out and you will not need extra training for this

First if it works without learn where the ball should fall (because if you learn it then you dont need chip); then there is a very important aspect, the 90% of European casinos (I mean machines without staff) only allow you 5 seconds to bet after the ball starts spinning, therefore you need a chip for ZAP to you in these 5 seconds and you will need hawk eye to guess at least a nearby area where the ball will fall when the start of spin always will be in his maximum rotation speed


No in this condittions you will do nothing with RC or it must be other created…


I do not know your roulette-skills, how good you are and what you already know about VB.
There is a lot to say about VB (visual ballistics).
First of all, you have to know (approximately) what is VB about to use the RC.
Do not play at automated wheel because they can have a RRS (Random Rotor Speed) which is changing rotor velocity during a spin, therefore every RC or VB is a false strategy to beat such a roulette wheel. This you have to check first to be sure.

Where are you from?


Do ypu know if Interblock automated wheels use RRS?


Hi Donna

Im spanish. I dont believe these machines uses RRS (although I’m not sure) because this machines are a bit old, there are certain frequencies of zones where ball come back to same numbers when the numbers have fallen between 0 and 21. Ball always spin to right.

I see a file of Visual Ballistic and it is for me like “chinese language” from what there are a lot info with unknow words and my english also is limited…
Visual Roulette System (latest update).pdf (4,1 MB)

I see a supposed VB training and I dont know what should I to learn here.

Do you can say me exactly what I have to learn from Visual Ballistic so that I can use the FFZ ?

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Sorry, I don’t know but maybe you can google it.


Simply measure wheel and you will know. Why ask other - when that is possible to check himself ? other can simply not know or say what he want. Always better measure himself…


You can check it by counting the rotor. If the rotor speed is constant then it would be very usefull to play on this wheel. You will need a stopwatch. Count (click stopwatch) from 0 (green zero) to 0 when the ball is thrown and then to the end of the spin befor the ball hits a diamond (obstacle).

I know that learning a language can be frustrating but it is an essential component of your success. Just try to master it. Use Google Translator.

No idea because I do not speak italian.

Please use the search function on this forum the magnifying glass


There is a forum user from Spain on this forum but I don’t know if he wants to be known. I have to ask him first.


Hi @Donna_Amon

I will go today to count the rotor. I understand that I should count time from 0 to 0 in first spin when the ball was thrown but I dont understand next steep when you says “and then to the end of the spin befor the ball hits a diamond (obstacle).”

Should I also count from 0 to 0 just in the last spin before dropping the ball in a number?

Will this roulette be constant if the time of the first spin (0 to 0) coincides with the time of the last spin (0 to 0) ?

thank you very much


You should count the rotor twice within one spin. First count when the ball was spun and the second count short before the ball collides with a diamond - both timings within the same spin. Always start and end timings on the zero.
If the rotor has the same velocity, then you will know that this automated wheel has no RRS, this is very good for VB. The rotor velocity may differ a little bit to the end of the spin, so the rotor decelerates for about 0.2 seconds. For example, your first measured rotor speed is 3.0 sec. and when you measure in the same spin short before the ball hits the diamond, the rotor may have 3.2 seconds for one rotation. When you do your measurements for many spins, 10 or more spins in a row, then you will know the wheel deceleration rate = 0.2 seconds. And if you get a relatively constant rate, so you will know that this wheel is without RRS.

If you didn’t understand this, I can make a video - this won’t take a lot of time.


If you don’t use mobile phone and stop watch you can count 321 321 321 321 in your head with the same rhythm. This is the process you measuring rotor speed in the beginning of spin. Wait until zero is below vertical deflector at 12 a clock and start counting 321 321 321 321 then notice what number are below deflector when the counting ends, that is your second reference number.
Now you have two numbers from zero to you second predicted reference number and you just count how many pockets there is between them. Now you wait for the ball to start slowing down and watch for zero below vertical deflector at 12 a clock again and count 321 321 321 321 and watch what number is below deflector.
If you get same amount of pockets between zero and second reference numbers during both times you have the same rotor speed. If there is a change of amount of pockets between the two predictions measuring the rotor speed you have RRS.
Same process if you use a mobile phone stop watch.



Thank you but I continue without understand the second count…
I tried count since I see the ball in 0 until I see it again in 0 but the first spin is very fast, between 0,1 sec and 0,2 sec and at that speed I am not able to count the exact time. Reading to lucky_strike I believe that I should count forgetting the ball.

a) Ball start spin and I wait until see the first 0 at 12 at clock = START WATCH
b) I see again 0 at 12 oclock = STOP WATCH

  1. Question: Should I forget the ball on the first spin and count ONLY the roulette spin from 0 to 0 at 12 oclock?

2. Question: Should I count from the last previous 0 until the first diamond that collides the ball?
3. Question: How could I to know when the ball will collides with diamond BEFORE ?

Thank you, I understood better your example. I can use mobile stopwatch. If I understood right your example then it should be:

a) Ball start spin, I wait until see the first 0 at 12 at clock and I count 4 seconds = Reference number is 6

b) I count again 4 seconds from 0 at the end of spin = If the reference number is again 6 then THIS ROULETTE IS ABLE TO CHEAT

It is right?


Yes! Forget about the ball. Count rotor only as I sad in previous posts. Read them again. Maybe I should make a vidoe tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter where you count. Try to count the rotor speed before the ball hits the diamond or at least very short after a collision, it doesn’t matter where and when, it has to be within a spin.

Don’t care about the ball collision, in this case it is not neccessery.


I have made a video.
Watch it and read the description.

Please subscribe and like or dislike.


Roulette rotor deceleration from your video .

0.18s is not same on 2s rotor or 6s rotor.

The proper representation should be ;

(I approximated 14s time in between measurements)

(37/3.93 - 37/3.76) /14s = (9.41 - 9.84) /14 = -0.03 pockets/s^2

An example:

Say you clocked rotor 10p/s and the ball drops after 20s.

v = u + at

v = 10p/s + (- 0.03) x 20 = 10 - 0.6 = 9.4

distance = (10+9.4)/2 x 20 = 9.7 x 20 = 194 pockets

If you use initial velocity 10p/s then rotor would make 200 pockets.
So you would have rotor in in 6 pockets different position.


Yes, you’re right, Forester.
It is just an example how to measure a rotor speed to check if the wheel has a RRS-mechanics or not. It is my method how I would do it by using a stopwatch, in this case an iPhone.