Roulette Questions and Answers

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Advanced roulette play

Discussion about roulette and advance play methods.

Roulette Computers

Casino roulette cheating devices as roulette computer explained. Effectiveness of roulette computer used to predict roulette winning numbers. Only from FFA and FFZ roulette computers are the tested and investigated by casino consultants and classified as a threat to casinos

Roulette Visual Prediction

Roulette visual prediction and dealer signature prediction methods

Roulette Bias

Finding and playing biased wheel

Roulette ball jumps scatter

Understanding roulette ball jumps, scatter


General internet poker discussion, such as poker strategy, online poker sites, bots, Texas Hold'em, related news, and online legalities.

System sales, adds

If you have a roulette system for sale this is a great place for your discussion