The visual ballistics school...for all the newbies

When I was a newby I would appriciate VERY MUCH to have seen a topic like this!

I made it in order to help all the ppl that need to learn VB.These ppl are NOT gamblers anymore because they are intrested to learn of a way to play with an advange and not with the -2.7 that Casinos are providing.

This lessons will be 3 videos.

[i]1)The reason behind the VB

2)How to make a VB prediction

3)Why FF is a lot better than VB[/i]

I know that the most of the ppl think that the Roulette Computers are scams and that are made in order for the shellers to make money.
But when they will understand what VB is all about and when they will understand how FF roulette computer really works in order to make a prediction, they will realise that it is not a scam but it is a very important tool that in the hands of an expert it can be the best option to gain advantage and win.

The FF provides
1)unlimited flexibility to predict in ANY ball revolution
2)Higher accuracy than any VB method

The 4th and last video will be a demostration of the new FFV U device that our Friend Forester accomplised to make before some days.

Thank u.

ps.I do not have the new FF U in my hands yet ,BUT I can garranty without have tested it yet ,that it will be awsom.
The reason is because I know the dedication and the hard and genuine work that Forester is putting in the FF computers.

The test Video will show everything.

Forester be carefull as I play with my reputation for U here…LOL.

VB school Video 1 The reason behind VB.



soon the other videos will be here.

super viper …!!!

video is all times the best for demonstration and understanding :wink:

i am waiting for the next videos !!! :wink:

thanks for you work

I am trying to help the newbies that want to learn VB. :slight_smile:

This topic was a MUST in this Andantage play Forum.

I ll do my best to guide them.

thank u for ur nice words.

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I thought that you are much longer here.
One of vipers posts 8 months ago ;D

"I am studing roulette visual prediction, important question « Reply #40 on: May 09, 2009, 04:11:31 AM » PLEASE try to help me out with this...

when u are at the right time to make the “prediction” to which spot of the bowl u look at???



I thought that had passed ages since I was a newbee… :wink:

VB school video part 2 How to make a VB prediction (explanation of the 4th revolution valieu)


VB school Video part 3 How to make a VB prediction.


VB school video part 4.How to make a VB prediction


This was the last Video.

Thank u

Excellent tutorial viper. This is a must see for anyone interested in VB or buying a roulette computer.

It takes a lot of practice to gain the skills required to master VB.
Also have to find the right table conditions.

Looking forward to your next video. :slight_smile:

Compliments to viper.Good!
Even if the English I understand few with these video clarified me a lot of incomprehension :-*.

I’m a newbie in visual prediction and I found your videos a great help…

The only thing I don’t understand is how to accurately identify the 4th spin?
Any info on that matter would be of great help…


Hello Baja,

Your nickname looks like mine but femalized. Are you a woman?.

So to answer your question:

It depends on the ball deceleration rate. I mean the time difference between the 5th ball revolution, the 4th, and the 3rd. If there is a great difference in time between the 5th and forth revolution, then it is easy to spot it, just with your eyesight (you see that this particular ball revolution has brutally decelerated). Hearing the sound the ball at this time may be of great help also to CONFIRM that it is the 4th revolution. (Like the deceleration brutal change, the sound change may be obvious too).

Now, if you are facing a Casino with a lot of noise and if the deceleration rate between the keys revolution (5th, 4th, 3rd), is too tight, THEN YOU NEED MECHANICAL HELP> THUMPER LIKE THE METRONOME WATCH.

So if you want to detect the 4th ball revolution before ball strike, then you need to set the thumper to give vibration every 1500ms.
Depending on the ball, often the 4th ball revolution time takes approximately 1500ms.

So, during the spin and particularly the end of the spin, you begin to spot each ball location on the track when you are getting your vibration.

Ball clockwise:

Example: 5th revolution: 1st vibration> ball at 12 o’clock on the ball track
2nd vibration> ball at 1 o’clock on the ball track

           4th revolution: 1st vibration> ball at 12 o clock on the ball track
                                   2nd vibration> ball at 12 o clock on the ball track

Spot on. The ball is located at the same place on the ball track when two consecutive vibrations occured. At this time, you locate the number under the dominant diamond and adjust prediction with wheel speed.

          3rd revolution: 1st vibration> ball at 12 o clock on the ball track
                                  2nd vibration> ball at 9 o clock on the ball track

Best Regards.


The only way i know to be RIGHT for a good prediction, wether you are predicting the 5th, 4th or 3rd ball revolution is to use Basieux vis vis split bets.

For example
5th revolution occurs: Number Zero is under 12 o clock diamond.
4th revolution occurs: Number 10 is under 12 o clock diamond.
3rd revolution occurs: Number Zero is under 12 o clock diamond.

Then your raw prediction in this case would be Zero sector and neighbours and also opposite sector by 180°( Ten sector and neighbours). If by charting you actually realize that the ball is landing on those sectors, then you would use Split bets like: 0-3 / 15-16 / 5-8 / 23-24

Thanks for the info, it has been helpful. :slight_smile:

I realized in the meantime it could be predicted with eyesight, but the 1500 ms helped a lot.
Also what i do to help is count the average spins the ball makes before hitting the rotor, just to give me an estimate at which time to pay attention for the 4th spin. It helps a bit.

P.S. No, I’m a male ;D “Baja” is a nick I’ve been given, derived from my last name “Bajic”.

Thank you very much!
At last VB is more than a buzzword to me.
I come from a totally different background.
(I’m mostly attracted to the mathematical challenge Roulette represents, ie mathematical systems)
But I really appreciate your efforts to teach us something new.

Good luck Kav youll need it too

Bias and VB and RCs are proven methods in obtaining an edge at roulette

but PPl still spend alot of time(some a life time) searching this so called HG, when already it was under there noses all of the time here at the forum

ok good my friend and good luck with your new forum

PS please ask next time if you want to adverstise you foum here

My compliments and much appreciation for the wonderfull presentation

thanks mate.
I am doing my best to help u :slight_smile:

Thanks for the video. It’s really great and helpful. Waiting for more to come.