Team Advantage

Hi Everyone

When i found this forum site i already had a basic understanding of the physics of the game. I’ve been reading through all the different discussion topics and although alot of info is off limits i am gaining a better understanding of the various method’s of predicting the outcome of each spin. although i just know the basics, i think I’m also starting to understanding how the FFV works.

I have just purchased 2 Metronome Watches online which I’m sure will improve my timing just by wearing regularly.

Have a couple of questions i thought i’d put out there;

  1. If i purchase an FFV, can someone point me in the direction of courses in learning how to use an FFV properly? Preferably in my country.

Also, at present i generally play alone, unless it’s a social night out game, however I understand many people play in teams of 2 or more to gain more advantage, and knowing full well, (at present anyway) ill have to train (and bank roll) any team i may form;

  1. What are the advantages/disadvantages of playing as a team?


  1. Knowing the difficulties of forming a team, especially locally, am i better off looking to join up with existing teams who regularly play many of the same Casino’s as i do?

Happy if players prefer to pm me if replying.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. LifeofLeisure.

What is your country ?


1) If i purchase an FFV, can someone point me in the direction of courses in learning how to use an FFV properly? Preferably in my country. Also, at present i generally play alone, unless it's a social night out game, however I understand many people play in teams of 2 or more to gain more advantage, and knowing full well, (at present anyway) ill have to train (and bank roll) any team i may form;

That is a perfect scenario for someone who has no idea how it works but instead is trying to imagine it. It is wrong opinion that people play in teams with roulette computers. People who can make money in casino do not care for the others and they do not care to promote the FF even they may like and respect work I do. People who have trouble themselves sometimes like to meet people and to share experiences.

There is a case where one guy introduced to someone the FF, explained him how it works believing they are team. Later on the second guy bought the FF and start making serious money comparing to the first one. Soon he never spoke with the first guy again, even asked me to change his forum user name so nobody including first guy can contact him.

Someone making a team most likely will not make it with someone he doesn’t know just because the other person also bought the ff. Using RC is often illegal and someone having luck using it doesn’t really need to expose himself, even more to share his winnings.

FF is supplied with instructions and I am often online available for support and chat. In forums Support section often people ask questions and someone may also help. But it is wrong to expect someone will meet with you and teach you how to use it. I also do not feel to have right to ask something as that from anyone. Perhaps it is bad marketing same as a fact that I never publish real pictures of the system so people can see how small and compact it is or making videos with impressive predictions. But it is as it is and it will stay that way, for the other ways there is always different suppliers.

2) What are the advantages/disadvantages of playing as a team?

It depends from which perspective.
There is a interesting story with FF and making team with strangers.
Guy bought it but didn’t have much money top play. Somehow he got in contact with people with lot of money who like to play roulette. He introduced them the FF, they went to play and it went all too good. On the end they paid him hotel , air ticket but highjack his FF with 5k euros compensation. They didn’t know the origin of the FF so they could use it only by instructions he supplied.

Would say teams are more needed for tracking biased wheels.

3) Knowing the difficulties of forming a team, especially locally, am i better off looking to join up with existing teams who regularly play many of the same Casino's as i do?

For that the best is to write location in the forums Support section and someone who is close and thinks the same may contact you.

Agreed. I tried a gambling friend of mine to join. He was interested but did not have any patience so let it be…

These days I row my own boat and it is going pretty decent. I if I want to play for 10 hours I can without worrying about someone wanting to leave. Also if you play in a team only half is yours. If both place bets, what is the point? I could just double my chip value

Thanks Elhombre/ Forester for the prompt reply.

My Country Elhombre?

Football, meat pies, Kangaroos and Holden Cars. Lol.

Forester, I’m asking these questions about working as Teams and RC’s because i don’t know the answers.

My understanding is, all RC’s are only as good as there user. I’m interested in purchasing an RC, and i feel it’s important for me to gain a better understanding of them before i do.

I think my question about working as a team is more of a general question, team would be using some form of visual prediction method, RC or other.

It’s good that Forester mentions the horror stories when things go wrong in a team for what ever reasons. The dificulties/dynamics and paradigm that may arise from teaming up with the wrong people could be seriously bad, that’s a seperate question about peoples principles/motives and ideals.

When you say, “this is perfect scenario for someone who has no idea how it works but instead is trying to imagine it. It is wrong opinion of people to play in teams with RC’s”.

You use the words, no idea, imagine and wrong opinion.

I’m just asking question’s Forester.

In regards to whether people respect or even think of the time and effort someone has gone to doing R & D, applying learned skills and then building something that performs a function people benefit from, i guess some people care or pretend to care, some people don’t, some people don’t even think about it, everybody is different i guess.

Just read Toxics response, the team question, thanks mate, you summed it up well.

Oh and Nice Car by the way, i completed a similar project about a yr ago, was due to go on show in 3 days, unfortunately, yesterday, a friend reversed into the front of it, only a scratch but still devastated.


My apologies for all the questions Forester, but you keep answering them. Lol.

Seriously though, thanks mate.

i completed a similar project about a yr ago

Hahah ask him when he’s going to complete it

Don’t worry about questions, as long as you need to ask to understand.

Lifeof Leisure although it might not be your thing, but for other teams the main reason for playing in teams are slightly different from yours.

First of all the teams “Anchor Man” (the clocker wearing the computer and staring in the wheel) is not the one you wanna to collect a lot of winnings. In case he wins much and is getting backroomed and they find the computer you can kiss your money and computer goodbye. The anchor man makes small “signal bets” that indicates where 2 other players is going to place their winning bets. Like the anchor man bets #wrong# with a minimum bet on 12 and the side player bets correct 22 with maximum bet, next time anchor man bets 13 and side player bets 23 and so on.

I suggest you make a bit more complicated system and have a player on the side of the table and one at the end of the table. These 2 players only needs to see which bets the anchor man makes and dont have to look in the wheel at all. Their main task is to look like rich tourists who is just having a good night out drinking a little bit and commenting on the old worn out female gamblers at the table and making conversation with the dealers.

Finally a team needs scouts to find tabkles that are playable and with NMB conditions that suits what the computer is capable of. Also when you play in a team you can switch partners and side/end table players so you get new constellations all the time. Slows down the surveillance reckognition time.

Kelly write wery right - mostly team is for spliting work between members , before play and duering play, every member have his own job and that job are reliatively simple so that member can do it better than if one person will do all. So at the end we get that all parts of job are made abit better and final result is also better.

It a depends on what you mean by winning alot of money. Last night I played a table where a gent was playing colour x 100. I was playing 10 bucks per chip. He made a call bet after the spin, 1st dozen to the max. It dropped in 13 and with additional chips he netted over 90k with one spin… Granted you don’t see that kind of bet often but regularly there are big players at the tables. When they are there the casinos seem to forget about us small fry… I’m very happy taking anything from 2k to 8k for the evening. Thanx to the right wheels and conditions vb2 has kept me very well in the black recently… And casinos do not seem to mind.

It depends on how the money is won. A big winner like yours, is good for the casino. They know he will be back and they will take the money back. They might not take yours back again so basicly if you at some poiny win enough to get in the radar zone your game will be gone one way or the other.

It’s not that working as a team isn’t my thing, just on the fence, that’s all, and definitely not dismissive of the benefits, however i was thinking more along the lines of sharing the work load rather than a ruse, i do see merit in both.

If I’m shown where a team has an edge over a single player then I won’t argue with the facts, ill use it to my advantage.

I’ve just seen people who are successful playing solo.

A few yrs ago when i was living in a different town, i was seeing a girl who worked at the Casino, i used to pick her up when she finished work and a lot of the time I’d arrive early, kick back, have a coffee or something to eat, I didn’t bet, I wasn’t interested back then.

I was chatting to her toward the end of her shift 1 night and this guy walks in, and according to her he is a pro gambler who comes in every now and then, he’s 1 of the few she new of, he was gonna take their money, and they new it, they even knew roughly how much, what was really odd was how the Casino bend the rules and upped the table limit just for him.

In 30min he took em for $16000 to $18000 when he was ready to leave he gave everyone who was playing at the table $100 chip and headed he headed for the the cashier, then he sat down at a table, they served him a drink, and when he finished his drink and was ready to leave, not surprisingly security gave him an escort.

3 months later he walks in and does it again, this time i watched, I still had no interest in betting but i was there waiting and this guy was exciting.

He was section betting 20 numbers in a row, using the race track, and it appeared he had divided the wheel into 3 different (but overlapping) wheel sections, he always put he’s bets out straight after the spin was started, he stared at it just for a second and then called his bets out, he also played a 2 steps forward, 1 step back positive progression, I’m not sure but i think he was putting 3 or 4 times he’s first bet on the second bet, then backing off and going for it again. I wasn’t that focused on what he was betting, what fascinated me, was the way he looked at the wheel and ball spinning, he wasn’t focused, he had a punch drunk look on his face, like a boxer does. I think he took about $20000 that night. i know that’s not that much money, I’ve seen plenty of wealthy people bet and win a lot more than he did, and faster, however it’s my belief this guy was in another league.

Afterwards i was given this explanation by my girlfriend and her Supervisor as to why the Casino bent over backwoods for him, apparently it was to get him in and out the door fast because there was less chance of people jumping on the back of his bets, they could of refused him entry or band him but they didn’t. I did actually wondered if it was a Ruse and he actually worked for the Casino, but I’ve since found out what his background is.

Anyway I saw him 8 yrs later doing it again in a different Casino on the of the side of the Country, i play now and i guess he’s my story, i decided after seeing him again if I’m gonna play, i should be playing to win.

Appreciate everyone responding to my post offering a view point, thanks.

Edgewise the team will not gain a higher percent, but you will get a higher turnover at the tables and possibly spread the deviations so the cash flow becomes more stable than what a single player experiences. I repost here a team manual overview i came across some years ago

I think about 7 or 8 years ago i was with a team for a few months and it was impressive to follow how well the machine worked although there were a few “loose rockets” in the team that had too much personal attitude to really fit in a team play. I placed around 2200 bets in that period and passed 3 standard deviation in winnings around the 2100 bets and had a pad on the shoulder from the leader “Johnson”. The reason it took so long was begause i struggled for about 5 - 600 placed bets at 2 wheels in the same casino. Tracking showed good conditions but as soon i started to play them unusual scatter made it almost random .

Do you play with someone or alone?

Team is better if you get in trouble at strange place.

When your brain skills are capable of identify where how and when to play its limits are large.
in every team you need a coach and people who do their share

A team only has advantage over a single player when they are having a successfull strategy.
Imagine a team playing mathematical systems, they´ll sink sooner o later.

Playing alone at present, i see lots of advantages in playing within a team, i have to admit, i have felt a little vulnerable at times when playing alone in unfamiliar territory, if something does go wrong, I’m on my own, so playing in a team would give me the safety of having a support base.

Thanks again everyone.


I don’t play mathematical systems unless I’m betting on how many girls trip in their high heels and tumble down the stairs on a Friday Night, the mathematical odds are way in my favor on that bet. Actually never lost a bet on that 1. lol.

I understand regarding sharing the work load and having a team coordinator to manage the team, however, I’m not sure what you mean when you say, "when your brain skills are capable of identify where how and when to play it’s limits are large.

Do you mean my skill in visually predicting the outcome?

Thanks again.


Most of the times, the proper wheel is not round the corner.
The more places you search for a playable wheel, the quicker you can get one.

I know of a few bias wheels at the same Casino, i recently found a bias wheel by accident, got it in 1 spin, I’ve seen the strangest things happen on a wheel and this was 1 of them, the ball somehow got stuck on the wheel just above the numbers, the wheel speed must of been just the right speed for the balls weight to be neutralized by the inertia of the wheel, the ball just sat there above 2 numbers on the rotor, what was interesting was the ball slowly started moving in one direction on the wheel and then rolled back the other way as the wheel rotated, back and forth with every revolution of the wheel, everyone was amused even the dealers, they called it a no spin eventually but for a while everyone just looked at it amazed.

My explanations probably not the best, however i could see from what the ball was doing the wheel had a high point, and low point, indicating it wasn’t level, and from watching i could identify where they were.

Regarding a biased wheel, the question is, Que Bono? (who benefits), my thinking is, that depends on who knows about the wheel and who’s playing the wheel.

For example, if 20 people play the wheel with some dodgy mathematical system they jotted down in there living room, and 1 person is using an accurate prediction method, maybe the system betters subsidize the prediction player so to speak, and the Casino could be making a trade off because they increase their edge on a system player.

Theoretically the more random the better for a system player. the less random the better for the prediction player.

If you look at it from this view point, a biased wheel could increase the takings for the Casino substantially.