Step by step into VB2


Sorry for the late reply, the works here is intense.

You are going to casino very frequent, perhaps the casino is next to your house :wink: :wink: :wink:

For me I have to take 1.5 hours to get to one, how I wish I can live in Macua so that I can visit a wheel on everyday basis.

Yes, I always think it is not a good idea to be known by dealers, especially when you are going so frequent. For me, I try to go a wheel run by a female dealer, at least they are nicer, and then the table is quiet, I talk a bit with her, often it create a good environment. And sometime when I win, she applaud me, even I didnโ€™t tip her, when I lose she was like kind of disappoint. Surely not every table I can do that, but a "welcome"environment made things smoother.

Yes, I have this same problem. Winning build up confidence, and it certainly raised up the bets. And when there is a lose, often confidence overrun rational mind, bets increased, hoping to chase back the loses. Then sometime made it back, sometime lose more.

Yes, now this is my strategy. I realized that instead of studying all the wheel in a casino, one wheel is all it takes for me to win.

I wonder if the VB2 has helped you to win a fortune? Perhaps a yacht? :wink:

By the way, did you meet forester in person? He is a genius, I always wonder how he figure out VB2?


:slight_smile: No mate havenโ€™t won that kind of money! I do loose now and again but honestly mostly I come out ahead. Doesnโ€™t mean I make fortunes. Usually R1000 on average which with the current exchange rate is only $100! Yet it is all relevant. I play a R5 table sometimes a R10 table. I am actually off to the casino in about an hours time. I have 4 casinos around me. All between 1/2 hour to Hour away. One being a huge casino which must have 30-40 tables. The others all have 3 tables each.