Sport Betting Service


Have you ever use a good Sport Betting Service - Yes or No
I test one now and invest 2000 Euro to see what i can make during one half year member chip.
In the past they won 200 units during one half year and my base bet is 10 Euro.

I see it as a better alternativ then stockmarket or account with interest.
They have placed 3000 bets from the year 2015 and have a 107,4 ROI - pretty nice stats.
So i assume i am in good hands …



Good Luck Lucky_Strike!

But maybe my service would be better?

Keep winning



Nice Mike - did not know that about you - look amazing.
Reason i pick Sport Betting Service from my country is not only nice stats and good recommendations - i have bad experience with time gap difference between countrys.

I had one amazing handicapper and professional gambler who make a living and i use hes Sport Betting Service.
But that become early hours to get the picks and then understand the English talk lingo on the phone machine was not easy and the cost to make the phone calls.
So i decide to cut my loses and skip that one.

The service i use now give me picks in my mobile phone during early, middle and late time each day.
So no matter what i do or where i am i can place my bets with sport betting sites mobile app in my phone.
Some games are live and has to be placed within seconds to become valid and some are hours or days later.
It is a 24/7 business.

Mike you catch my eye and i have some questions after a glance at your Service.

You have a bot or a software you need to learn and master to put in data so you can get simulations that give you picks for a particular race. Is that correct - if yes then i pay for a bot to give me predictions based upon different parameters and that is what i pay subscription on.
If that is wrong i would like to know how the service work - is there any handicapper who pick the right hource to bet on or is it bot based results?

Now i am going to check the time gap between Australien and Sweden :slight_smile:



LS - I have sent you a PM.


Hi Lucky Strike.
Would you mind sharing the name or website of the sport betting service you are using?
Im interested in suscribing to one.

For what is worth, I’ve used
I’ve lost money with him and I have confirmed from several reliable sources that they are a fraud.


Hi Mike.
I just checked your website and I think Im interested in suscribing.
What you offer are picks in horse races, correct?
You post the plays in your website and we bet on them?
Or does it require some knowledge or analysis from my part?


G’day bjarg

Yes you are correct. I offer a daily horse tipping service and there is no input needed on your part other than to place the bets on your account or local Tote or Bookie. I do recommend using Betfair because their odds are generally better.

I would suggest that you choose one or two specific strategies such as Maidens or TB1WSR55 and if you are a confident punter then bet for a WIN only or if you are a nervous punter then bet for the PLACE only.

Keep winning



Thank you!
Are your picks all for Australian tracks?
And do you have an email I can write you at?


G’day bjarg

Yes I specialise in Australian Horse Racing.

My email is
Best regards



Yes i use and they are serious as i got my recommendations from a sport betting forum board.
Also nice that you can read and see there true ROI when you download there mobile phone app.

Now you have the true price plan when you download the app and i would recommend one tipster service for 90 Euro for half a year, hes name is Daniel. I took the halv year Unlimited Service all inclusive for 400 Euro.

You get the picks in your mobile phone using the app and i download sportbetting sites service to my phone.
So when i am at work and get a pick i can place my bet direct and you get picks between early morning and late night every day. So you need to get alert and used to place bets all the time so you don’t miss out on the action.

My personal advice.

I invest 2000 Euro and my base bet is 10 Euro flatbetting.
They might recommend 20 or 30 as base bet with 2000 Euro bankroll - but i find that to risky.
Because even if they have a good return of investment so does fluctation and variance exist.
So 1% of your bankroll is my suggestion.

They will also ask you to use the sportmarket sport betting site, avoid that they only allow 25 Euro minimum wager, i use Pinnancle for asian market and can place my 10 Euro.



I will mention on problem with this Horse or Sport Service.
They give you picks to follow and bet on so you can make money.
So the deal is that you pay for the service to get pics and they are the winning experts.

Nothing wrong with that if you want to make money and get return on investment.
But problem is that you learn nothing playing this way and get no further skills as gambler.
And that really sucks big time.

Now i move into a personal level using another Sport Betting Service with different agenda.
The person behind the sport picks is making a living on sports and has wrote a book about sport betting.
He also has hes own forum.
Now when you call hes answer machine to get the picks he talks about hes picks and sometimes mention the reason behind the bet and the thinking process.
So here some one can learn things from him.
You have email option to talk to him direct with some questions, you have hes book and you have hes forum.
This way you learn and get the skills to play by your self after some time practice and using hes service.

This is what i would recommend some one who want to learn and get the skills and knowledge using a sportbetting service. I use one out of two such options, but i am pretty sure there exist more such options.



I would recommend you to go through all of the free bets offers online and find websites that provide you free match betting service. There are a lot of free services that could guarantee you at least you 2k$ and give you a proper start in your betting carreer.


I am happy to get return of investment the way i do things, i both learn how to play and make money doing it …
But some one else maybe want to take bonus offers from your link and play by them self, is not for me.