RRSYS roulette system review by 30y experianced player

When I start reading after few sentences I lost the interest for more reading, but since i did read it here is few notes.

Author wrote that roulette wheels have 4 vertical diamonds which is not the truth.
Some wheels or perhaps most of them do.

Then he recommends wheel to play with 3 dominant vertical diamonds as the best.
How that can be better than 1 or 2. Playing 3 dismonds with what he explains is bad.

Next bad thing is that he is explaining how playing wheels with both ball direction is better and gives better results than playing only one ball direction. But I still continue reading a bit faster :blush:

It is a basic dealer signature explanation nothing more. He separates ball directions and looks how far the ball ends from number where the dealer pick up the ball.

He counts numbers even the amount of pockets is greater than 18. For example 27 pockets is not minus 9.
And there is nothing else in the systems explanation except few small tips as how to place chips.

He doesn’t explain that is better to wait and to see from which number dealer spins the ball. Because after the dealer pick she ball it is not always same time until he spins. Which means even if he spins the same and if the ball jumps the same result would be different.

If that sistem writtn on few pages and such basic information is worth 200 pounds then how much is worth myrulet VB2, myrulet E2, Laurance Scott volume 2 etc.

Or just one thread on this forum as this one;


Do you have a copy of the literature i would love to read it out of pure interest