Roulette Physics. Patterns

Hello everyone!
I would like to make a topic about the correlations we can find in a roulette wheel like: ball speed, rotor speed, deceleration, intersections, hit numbers and all the others that your imagination can think of. For this purpose I upload an excel data sheet with different measurements of the first 10 spins from the video which Forester uploaded. See .Please, don’t ask me why I was measuring this speed or that time or something else in this set of thoughts. I just did it. It may be useless for you, but in the same time someone can find a pattern there! Before any questions, please read the “Legend” sheet.

As you are about to see, this project is quite time-consuming for a single person and this is why I will be glad co-operate with anyone in order to create a bigger database which can be used in the future not only by pattern-seekers, but also in a lot of topics in this forum to show an example, test a system, explain or prove something. So, please, have a look and share your thoughts here.


Roulette.Spins.MeasurementsXLS.xls (92 KB)