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Forester deletes rude people that cannot understand roulette experts like Forester ;D

[b]Someone claiming to be professor Ronny Johansen associated to Mark Howe, made few stupid posts here, same as on few other forums.

When squeezed in corner he deleted all posts, accusing me of doing it.
Well there are still some replays and quotes if you want to read.

To prevent this happening I will place restrictions to new members editing posts.

Hi Forum,

My first post and a few questions, what is the “Nokroulettecomputer”?, never heard of it, never seen it for sale, is this device not commercially available hence why I haven’t seen it on offer, what are it’s hit rates on a levelled wheel?, how much is it?

Is this all for real or is someone cooking up a goose???

Can someone enlighten me here???


How are conditions for VB play in Norway ?

Very good question Kelly… I would also be very keen to know what the conditions are like for VB in Norway…



IQE6 only 6*******.

I better come up with IQE-11 maybe I get 11 stars.

Wondering how something can be better then Iqe6.
Only disadvantage is that system is not made for team play.
But I doubt that anything in regards accuracy can be improved.

I ask myself, how someone from Norway could review Iqe6 if supplied only E5.
And that someone never contacted me again for any instructions.

And I wonder why he is posting this confidential Casino intended info here on our Forum?

Very strange - unless he is hoping to stir Forester up so he will supply him with an IQE6 (or 11) chip?

Let me tell him that mine is not for sale even for US$12,000 plus!

Its most strange that our “Nowegian” also posted the same info after registering as “Norwegian” a couple of days ago on the Blackjackinfo forum after a Stefano supporter slated Mark Howe!

Smells a bit like Howie himself to me.


My interest in promoting this site to the public is because I no longer work for the casino industry directly and also to set up a forum for discussing roulette computer cheating devices.

So then how do you work for the Casino’s “indirectly”?

I have posted round many forums to see if it sparks some interest, my main aim is to product a site that people can share ideas about roulette computer devices and maybe systems that is free from the owner of the site claiming their system is the best.

But why? There are already plenty of independent web sites and forums for discussing these things?

I see this also on this site and it is very obvious.

It should be obvious. Because that is the whole purpose of Forester’s web site! He has shared the intricacies and details of the development of his unit over a long period of time with a selected group of his customers and others via his own web site and Forum. He is also one of the very few honest people working in this area.

Why should he allow you to promote your proposed web site here on his web site?

All information here is copyrighted 2007

You cannot copyright information you voluntarily publish on someone else’s public forum.


There is only one person in the world that can not leave without highlighting Stefano’s past in every post.

Somehow I understand him, because Stefano did lot of damage with his roulette system reviews site. But it must be something to do with his attitude as well. Now, when I shacked Stefano he is trying to catch up.

Provided information definitely is incorrect. How can he review IQE6 if he even does not know what he has? Asking me for information and I even do not know who he is.
I provide support in closed forum to all buyers so someone who has my system should know what it is.

How can you really mark systems from 1-10. Based on what?

[glow=red,2,300]Don’t you just love this picture[/glow]

Jeg arbejdede p ¥ et tidspunkt i Oslo i 3 ¥r (1985-1988). Dengang var der et ordsprog der hed “Hellere en dram i timen end en time i Drammen”, kender du det nowegian ?

Du skriver nogen steder “nok” og nogen steder “n ¸k” computer. Hvilken en er det ?

Hvem er bag denne computer ?

[glow=blue,2,300]Kelly how many languages do you speak[/glow]

??? ??? ??? ??? ???

Danish, Norwegian, German, English. Understands swedish (can`t speak it) . Currently learning french.

helt enig, Drammen er et t ¸rt sted :wink:


Mamma er dansk, og det er jeg flau over, du vet jo hva dem sier om dansker…

Det h ¸res ut som dere har en potet(kartoffel) i halsen…vakkert…MMMM!

Forester deletes rude people that cannot understand roulette experts like Forester ;D

To read your emails?
But you never sent me one.
I receive many suspicious emails, mostly complaining about Mark or Stefano but never from you. Maybe you forgot that you wrote to me under different name.

Your example with Ferrari is not quite right, I would listen someone who knows what he is talking not what he is driving or how much money he has. Knowledge of making money is something completely different.
Most people who contributed to world did not make much money.

It would be interesting if you can back up your claim.
So can you show us how exactly was tested my system which you even do not know what it is?

Only one person Mark Howe spotted the dealer signature in Stefano's footage and showed it to the world because he has more experience and knowledge of roulette wheels and roulette prediction , no casino staff spotted it?no other roulette device seller spotted it.? No casino cheat experts spotted it?

That is very incorrect, and if that is truth then it is prove that Stefano computer works.
But Stefano computer does not work.

If you want to convince me that dealer signature works on leveled wheel you can not.

But let’s say you are right, so it works. With that you are proving that Stefano’s prediction matches up with something that works. You better make up your mind is it working or not. If dealer signature works on leveled wheel and if Mark Howe computer works they should have similar results isn’t it.

No casino cheat experts spotted it?
Why they would spot it and how would you know that. Definitly they would not write it on forums.


Kelly how did you learn so many ?
I learned English for 8 years in school in Coatia. I went here 7 years in school and i live here for 18 years and my english is still so bad.

Correct me if I’m wrong… I think Norwegian missed his most import language… “double dutch”…

he says, quote: “I have posted round many forums to see if it sparks some interest, my main aim is to product a site that people can share ideas about roulette computer devices and maybe systems that is free from the owner of the site claiming their system is the best”

and then in the same post says, quote: “The Nok roulette computer use optronics for calculating, not human timings and also human vision in a very special and unique way

Well… give me a break “human vision in a very special and unique way” … why be so guarded… spit it out son don’t be shy… what happened to share…!!! … double dutch


Ronny Johansen[/glow]

PJ isn’t this name familiar to you?

I worked in London for 3 years just after Oslo, i had 3 years of english in high school the rest is picked up by using the language on a daily basis. At some point we were closely attached to a Danish enclave/community in London, and at that point the english language started to suffer again. I can only recommend when you are in a different country: Speak the native language AT ALL TIME and try to stay away from your own native language. That way it becomes a natural and your nightly dreams is starting to be in english instead of your own language.

Nowegian: Du svarede ikke p ¥ om det var Nok eller N ¸k computer og hvem der var bag. (Og hvad st ¥r N ¸k for)??

No… this name is not familiar to me… the only Johansen I ever came across… was a veteran criminal that operated in Melbourne (Australia) 30 years ago… and he was certainly not a ‘Professor’… and he only spoke two languages… one was english and the other was extreme violence… I was however amused to notice how Nowegian concludes that knowledge leads to wealth and wealth is proof of knowledge… if that were the case than the wealthiest people would be the ‘professors’ of this world… in my experience most of these learned men and women are not usually very wealthy… I was also amused to notice how he praises Mr Howe for being ‘the only one’ to have noticed Stephano’s video trick… my observation is that Mr Howe is the only one who bothers to spend time analysing Stephano’s every burp and fart… and then go to the trouble of publishing his findings… also Mr Howe is the only person who boasts wealth from roulette winnings… hhhmmm… strange about that… anyway I think we have all got better things to do… for instance persue a viable method of gaining a consistent edge playing this incredible game Roulette… and sharing that knowledge with others who enjoy the challenge of the game.


Stefano from selling his computers and paper system made enough for Ferrari. So he must be right and we all are wrong, especially me. OMG.

"IQE 100 for sale, makes you $100 000 in 60 minutes, hit rate 1:1guaranteed , it is accurate because I use special numbers from nature, voodoo black magic, white magic, And all the other known and unknown roulette systems. Hurry because I will negotiate with casinos and Bill Gates to buy it from me for ½ of Microsoft. "

PJ check your status nedt to your name. :slight_smile:

I will PM you info about that name.

if you cannot see this, you know very little on roulette prediction. You think that a slight hiccup can cause maceive difference in judgement on level wheel, this is why your device in not as accurate as others, main component is missing in your predictions.

Nowegian this does not make any sense. What I think about dealer signature definitely has nothing to do with system accuracy. If you must discredit other people to look smart or for any other reason you are not welcome here.

In regards to Stefano’ you constantly saying that his system will work if he finds right dealer, and I do not agree with that. Full stop. His paper system with dealer signature will not even work on tilted wheel. His custom version has a chance but it is very slim. To hide that he made imposable requirements. Collecting so many spins sending him data, failing, then he asks you to collect more. It means additional month of 8 hours per day standing next to the wheel. On the end people simply give up.

PJ and Mikemc, someone emailed me to saying you work for the casinos, is this true?

This may explain your desire to discredit information regards dealer signature and poke fun but what is your knowledge on roulette computers?

Where did you see they discredit roulette computers, or dealer signature?
So you better pick up yourself and think before then you write something.

Now instead of only promising can you provide some evidence?
For example which system of mine do you have? How it is activated how it is set?