Roulette Coaching for free after paying 4000usd for a course and my countless time on research

I have not developed something new but have spent countless hours in researching for existing systems, refining it, improving it and making everyone possible to make money. A 20hours training course through skype on visual ballistic for $0.

My ultimate goal is to creat a team. Develope a platform for advantage players to earn income at home, by using a live video feed and communication system to make money in real casino for literally anyone. I would charge 25% for the platform fee and advantage player can get 15% of player’s winning. Team members would need to pass a test first for a wheel that i have taken and is beatable in a real casino. This can work even for biased wheel! This communication system require a program to be paid and it cost around 50k usd base on a quotation and i will pay out of my own pocket from my winnings in casino and governemt funding schemes for startups.

Package you will receive

  1. FFV by Myrulet
  2. Software used to analyse scatter of a specific wheel under different conditions such as type of spins, dealer, air pressure, etc
  3. Training videos of over 2000spins
  4. A timetable routine for training.
  5. Information on how to beat bias wheel.
  6. Information on visual ballistic without roulette computer.
  7. How to combine visual ballistic and bias wheel at the same time.
  8. A concealed video recorder which is used by law enforcement agencies to take data of the wheel with 100% accuracy and no chance of being detected by the casino.


  1. Why do you need to coach when you can beat roulette in casinos?
    I want to build a community for players who actually go out to casinos and make money! This can also benefit me as players or members can bring up questions and answers to something which I have not even think about before! It is also important that and anyone can reach out to me and make money together with a 3 win situation except the casino.

  2. After taking the course, would you be able to help me analysing wheel in a casino?
    Yes and this is the most important thing. I can easily help you to analyse the data if you send me the videos which you have recorded using the spy video recorder with 100% accuracy and no human error factor. I also can answer your questions if you encounter any problem you have within 1 year’s time.

Content of the course

  1. How to use FFV (although it comes with a manual, it is easier if someone teaches you than you read it yourself.
  2. How to take data for different wheels such as wheel speeds, dealers, air pressure, scatter distance and calculate advantage. This can be assisted by using the conceal camera.
  3. How to input collected data into a software which can calculate advantage and tell you where to bet.
  4. How to bet and actually make money in casino.
  5. Problems encounter in live playing sessions and how to solve them.

Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.

Anyone willing to spend 20k on material offered on this and other forums for free is fucking insane.

For that price, you should be flying to people in person, and throwing in a handjob or two. And who uses skype anymore?

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  1. As i have said, there is a 2 hour free demo/tutorial.
  2. 20k is really not a lot if money when i can make that in 2 hours in my local casinos. Betting 200usd for 5 numbers, with an edge of 20%. I don’t really care if they pay for it or not, it is just for their benefit. I already have customers approached me and they are happy to my service. I have paid 2000gbp to john jafco and it is not worth it. If i am travelling to them, it would cost me even more base on my ability to win money myself and the time needed to travel!
  3. Payments are paid in 4 installments, are i do offer refund if you think you can’t win.

I might charge nothing if i think you can help me!

I don’t think you understand the idea of risk free money comaparing to risky money.

You were literally asking how to do VB a few months ago and now you are charging 20k for your new found knowledge? And you are charging based on the assumption that you actually know what you are talking about. You’re just parroting what you’ve read, and pawning it off as your own. That’s Scamming 101.

What happened? You get banned by being too obvious? Selling other’s people’s work is the only way to make a buck now?

And you say you won’t charge if I can help you? You’re charging 20k, but somehow would waive the charge if someone else can help you? That doesn’t exactly exude confidence.

Ok looks like my business model doesnt work, i am changing to a workable one. Have you heard of propriety trading? I am using reference from this business model. Basically, the gambler acquire my communication system with a conceal live video device, advantage playee can use that video to make a prediction and send winning numbers to the customers. Customers win, advatange players who use the platform win, me as a platform provider wins.

This business model can be used by all types of advnatage play including roulette, blackjack, slots, horse racing, football games, stock/crypto trading, etc.

My goal is to make money without taking much risks, as simple as that.

Let’s talk a bit about scamming. It is actually a business if it works and is not if it does not. I know a friend who actually scam the government through funding scheme governmet releases new funding/loaning schemes when the economy is bad, or existing schemes. The key to success in this business is to bribe those in charge of approving the scheme, bankers, and make it a workable business and everyone wins.He is a billionaire! I also have an uncle who hoist online loiteries, he made 100 million as his tactics is not to pay out the big winnings but only the small one. Finally, he got busted but the key is to find someone to admit that by paying him a hefty amount and he can get away!

Nice of you to edit out the 20k price tag from your original post. lol

Quoting before you edit this one too. You are a self admitted associate with scammers. Anyone willing to interact in a financial arrangement does so at their own peril.

Ever since you came on the scene you have been begging people to Please help you.
I would be very surprised if you made a single $ playing roulette , which is why you are the last of all on here who can act like an expert.
But being a sell out of info that others have given you in good faith is simply shameless.
You won’t be a proper help to anyone but you sure can harm the community like you have done already.
If it wasn’t so easy to sign up under a different name I would call for you to be banned straight away.
Anyone sharing any info with you at this point is just feeding a leech

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You seem so smart! I am actually trying to create a platform that allows peole to make money without me actually playing! And i am tyring to create the next Uber/deliveroo where i can make money without working!

I of course can beat roulette but there are conditions to how i can beat it and there are limitations.

Don’t worry about people telling me stuff becasue i am pretty sure they aren’t telling me the real deal but i have to figure it all out myself. What I have gained most is by actually paying for the books/device, instead of asking questions on the forum and expect to get an answer!

You just cannot resist the temptation of money as just paying 200usd, you can get any book/dark secret you want. There was a guy on this forum selling books lol. I also think the author does hide some stuff but i guess one can figure it out if they actually play the game.

Content deleted due to obvious reason. Players should help other. Although i strongly think not by charging money lol.

So, you admit you have learned it for free. Yet you try charge 20k. Tough decision.

No, i learned it for 4000usd. I also paid 500 usd for books on bias wheels, vb. Now i am charging 0 and aim to build a platform to make money in a win win win situation. I dont charge any money now as i dont think anyone would pay for it and only after people actually win money.

Thanks for pointing out charging for a course where you can find free information on the forum is a scam

Oh, he has been literally charging people 4k usd for a course. Btw, i am the guy who told him roulette works after i have read the eudaemonic pie and a man for all markets and he still charged me 4k. Not sure if he charge 10k for other peole or even more.

What A C.U.N.T. I dont want to use that word at all. I barley post any thread here any more , simply I just wanted to focus my own game. Upon reviewing the content of the threads you posted, most of them dont reflect the reality accurately enough and most importantly, any public arguments sharing other people’s personal information or data without a lawful basis is unlawful!!! Certain forum members here we all know your name.

Come on we all know how it started, how it ended, why I blocked you, at least i still have all the conversations saved in my phone. Whatever the issues between you and me, just do show some respects to the people who shared the pertinent details with you. Like Forester, Laurence ,Caleb, even Davey and others.

Oh you finally replied! What a scammer! I also know your name too! Are you sure you have not been breaking the law in casinos and in scamming? What you have done is a very serious crime! I also have evidence of that too!

Oh, you think by sharing details can gurantee someone make money? I don’t think so especailly when it is not for free. I also found out you had charged me a lot of money for an ffz and it is also a worn and a very old one when i can directly buy it from forester for a lower price which is 879AUD. Dont get me wrong, it is a good machine.

Please don’t challenge my patience anymore. I have done pretty much everything I could have, shared anything i know with you when we were still ‘friends’. I figured that
no point spending more time on you, i have other things can keep me busy. Sorry im I’m being negative, it just completely waste my time here to argue with you. I can only wish you all the best