Roulette Coaching for free after paying 4000usd for a course and my countless time on research

Haha, ‘friends’ means charging 4000usd. I get that now. As Davey has said, i can get those information on the forum for free. Also charging 4000usd i do expect something more than repeating the books from caleb and larry. Even other system sellers offer a 1 year after sale service.

If you had been a winner, you woud not have done this :rofl:according to the logic of other forum members which i think is true!

You had been charging ‘not friends’ 20k?

I have also learned from you charging 20k for a course. After Davey has reminded me, i now charge 0 and maybe share profit only after they win. I dont really care about money as i have told you my family background. I can easily put you in jail if i wanted to too as i have told you i have restaurants operating in some of the casinos in london. What i have to do is tell them your name and what you have done! I also have connections with the metropolitan police and can start an investigation too! However, i have not done such thing yet. For other peole who had been scammed, they would have revenged

If you offered a refund which i had ask you, it would have been over. Now, at least i can beat roulette not becasue of you but my effort and time spent on it.

I only joined the forum after you have scammed me!

OMG how low can you sink !!!
In what sense of your definition of “PROFESSIONAL” do we ever dox other players ??
You kidding me ?
There is numerous ppl on here that know your real name and no one ever doxed you even after all your nonesense.
I’m contemplating to make an exception for you, but then again are you worth to break my standards??!

As for Lyeboyn. You have nothing on him.
One of the great players out there and not just roulette!

You are sickening

Threatening actual players on here is really the way to go to make ppl want to join your “team”. If it wasn’t so sad you would be joke.

Lyeboyn really wasted his time on you.

One of the greatest player? Not sure, one of a scammer i think and definitely not one of the greatest. Btw, do you even think i care you know my name or not? I have not done unlawful things like lyeboyn. Please, have some legal knowledge on what is legal and what is not. A lawyer would help you!

As i have said, he won’t be an assest to any team. He overcomplicates things and uses systemc that is impractical to use. His earnings show it all, and by charging people money for knowledge.

I won in roulette not becasue of him but by myself refining existing knowledge and spend time and effort on roulette, while providing free knowledge to other people and they come up with problems and i help them solve especially when analysing data.

Hi, just wanna give you my thoughts on how a business works, it might not be right and it is just my logical thinking,

  1. This forum probably requires a server which needed monthly expenses and is funded by sales of FF computers and donations. I am pretty sure those professional players already possess one and has no intention to buy new FFs. Some even claim they can beat roulette without using a FF.
  2. Based on the above, sales of FFs are probably funded by new players who want to learn about roulette. The truth is these players have no idea of what works and what doesn’t, they probably have heard of people like Laurence Scott and Edward Thorp on Youtube. What I am trying to do is to boost sales of FFs and benefiting the economy of this forum.
  3. I have no problem donating money to this forum or help boost sales of FFs which is how to economy here works so that people can keep commenting.
  4. Believe it or not, burning the game is not by writing on the forum but to beat casino after casino and a lot of money such that the griffins would look into it. I am pretty sure how the real world works, the game of roulette exist for a reason and you can take blackjack as a reference, it still exists for well over 60 years after the book Beat the Dealer was published in 1962. As long as there are gamblers giving free money to the casino much more than professional player wins, this game will continue to exist. Thinking the game will vanish in the near future is just like thinking the U.S. dollar will collapse as most experts had predicted after president Nixon announces to suspend the convertibility of the dollar into gold or other reserve assets. The U.S. had been printing money for over 50 years and it is still the world’s currency. Also don’t get too greedy is also the key for the game to last.
  5. A Conspiracy theory is that wheel manufacturers don’t improve their wheel for a long time until something happens big and is on the news or all over the country is because people or people connected to the wheel manufacturers do routinely go to casino and make money so does some shareholders of a casino.

I thought I had told you changing name is easy on your I.D. and you just have to pay 48.32 pounds! It is not worth the risk to use someone’s ID or use a fake ID! If you send my name to the casinos, I will send yours too! You think you are so smart but you can’t think of changing your name! I did change my name BTW and paid 48 pounds and i can play in the casino I was banned !

A person found guilty of possession of counterfeit ID identified by this act shall be liable to a fine of up to £5000 and/or imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years.

Please, it is not worth breaking the law just to make money. Even if you do, dont’t leave evidence for others! What you have done is really stupid. Changing name is not an offense and why not change your (real) name!

I have forgive you for scamming my money because i am such a nice person even if you dont refund my hard earned money, i also routinely donate money to the charity to help those in needs. My advice is please stop scamming other people and stop breaking the law!