Roulette can be Beaten

Hi all,
I am new to this forum but not new to Roulette
I am not here to buy or sell anything, just to exchange ideas

I would just like to say that, roulette can definitely be beaten

Yes indeed, by visual ballistic , that’s my job. :-* :stuck_out_tongue:

But be careful , not every combo.


I know nothing about bots or ball prediction so on that area I cannot comment
What I do know about is calculations, and before everyone leaps on me and kicks
me around the room consider this. If the Martingale system did not work then
there would be no need for table limits,
Everyone knows that if you had unlimited resources and a table with no limits
then you would win, unfortinately none of us has either
But with the right calculations roulette can be beaten consistently

I’ll bite. Enlighten me.

I am not fishing for bites, merely suggesting a way that roulette can be beaten

With the Martingale system there are obvious flaws that everyone is aware of. Besides the table limits
and unlimited funds, there is no safety net, it is a single track with no escape route, on the 10th bet (starting
with a single unit of 1) you will be laying 512 and already down 511, and this is to get your intial 1 unit back
At this point there are two options, quit and say goodbye to your 511 or make more bets and hope, which is a risky operation considering your odds are less than evens and your bets are going up faster than the space shuttle

I have spent a long time trying different methods. I have spent countless hours playing the wheels
I do not play RNG wheels I prefer real wheels with balls.

I have devised a spreadsheet to record everything and it also works out my next bet
I only play on Dozens and Columns
I return 4 units per spin of the wheel

The problem with all systems is how do you prove they work without giving all the secrets away
and finding it all over the internet by the time you have logged off

Will have to consider that one

[quote=“Dragen, post:5, topic:920”]The problem with all systems is how do you prove they work without giving all the secrets away
and finding it all over the internet by the time you have logged off

Will have to consider that one[/quote]

Yeah. That’s a problem specific to systems. It wouldn’t be a problem though if they didn’t claim to be winners all the goddamned time. You are saying that your method of betting will win 4 units per spin of the wheel. You didn’t even safely say “Per bet”. No, you said per spin. That means you win 4 units, even when the zero hits! A mighty bold claim. And yes, I would be interested to know how you manage to accomplish such a feat. Of course, no one ever said you had to post if publicly. But I am, nonetheless, curious.

Your example of the martingale is highly unrealistic though. I mean, suppose the table had no limit, and I had billions of dollars to burn. Rather than betting a martingale, I would rather BUY the casino. Or put that money in a basic savings account and win more than my one unit. Way less risky and the return is higher. Just saying.

Use an example that is realistic. The table has a limit. If you find a way to beat it consistently without bumping into the table max, then that is something to be proud of. But if it works consistently, then there is a REASON why it works. These reasons can be measured and proven. We know why rain falls, we can prove that. We know how babies are made! We know how gravity, ballistics and the forces of physics work. So saying you have a system that works, but having no definitive proof for why it works, is akin to preaching religion to a room of skeptics. I am amazed that no system players say, “Well, it must be God.” At least that is an explanation, even a reasonable one to some people.

Getting an explanation for why the system works is 10x harder than getting the actual system from the player. I just want the explanation! I couldn’t give a crap about how many units you have to bet where and when. I just want to know that it has a method to the madness.

The reason my system works is because it is flexible,
Playing Dozens and Columns means I do not have to double my bet each time as the odds are 2:1
I play all of them together and I also bet on zero every spin
Playing Dozens and Columns allows me to split my bet at a predetermined point




The bet is still the same value but the odds have altered in my favour
Betting one column the odds are 2:1 against you, betting two columns the odds are 2:1 in your favour

Simply, if you put a bet on one column there are 12 numbers in your favour and 25 against you (including zero)
If you bet two columns then there are 24 numbers in your favour and 13 against you

This is a very simplistic outline of my system, but I assure you it works

100 spins of the wheel would return 400 units

Okay,we all know that each and every bet on a random roulette wheel carries a positive edge for the casino (negative for the player).
Now if we arrange all bets from a progression(it doesn’t matter what kind of progression) rows in a table like this for instance:

1 , 2 , 4 , 8 , 16 , 32 , 64

1 , 2 , 4 , 8 , 16 , 32 , 64

1 , 2 , 4 , 8 , 16 , 32 , 64

1 , 2 , 4 , 8 , 16 , 32 , 64

we’ll notice that while the rows are representing progressive increasing of the stake,the columns however are a string of bets of the same value.Thus we can think of any progression as a sum of flat stakes of different bet sizes.

And since each and every bet in every column has negative EV then the summary result at the end of each column is also negative(the sum of all bets multiplied by the edge of the casino(2.7% or 5.26 %) is giving our expected loss).

Sure,one can win from time to time or even be at the positive side of the variance for a bit longer.But it will be just luck,gambling chance,whatever.There is no mathematical logic behind any progression system - its with the same EV as any random,flat betting.

I am not explaining this very well
I am trying to prove a system without giving everything away

Columns and Dozens are not the same bet value with my system
This is purely for demonstration and nowhere near reality

Dozens initial bet would be say 4 on 1st Dozen, 2 on 2nd Dozen, 1 on 3rd Dozen
Columns would be the same 4 on 1st Column, 2 on 2nd Column, 1 on 3rd Column
1 unit on zero total bet is 15



      4    2   1

If number 1,4,7 or 10 came up return woulld be 4+43 = 24 profit 9
If number 2,5,8 or 11 came up return would be 4+2
3 =18 profit 3
If number 27.30,33 or 36 came up return would be 1+1*3 = 6 loss of 9

Pretend 14 came up which is the middle of both

return would be 2+2*3 = 12 loss of 3

next bet would be



8  1  4

1 on zero = 27

1st doz +1st column returns 8+8*3 48
1st doz + 2nd column returns 8 +1 *3 27

if for instance 1st Doz and 3rd column won, return would be 8+4 *3 = 36

then the next bet would be



  16   2   1

this is only an example so please don’t try it
without the proper progressin stake it will bust you in minutes

as I said, I use a spreadsheet to do all the calculations

and yes it does work

Is Pascal your friend?

Who is Pascal ???

A Math guy

I assume he was joking with forum member pascal. >:(

Read Pascal

He is a far superior intelligence than I will ever be
My system is just basic maths calculations and probabilities

Using an “up as you lose progression system” is futile. It’s kind of like trying to reach zero by repeatedly dividing any whole number by two. You’ll get really close, but you’ll never quite get there. You will never find “just the right progression” to make your “up as you lose system” work, since randomness can reach out towards infinity.


Obviously from the feedback I have received my system cannot possibly work, so This will be my last post on this subject.
I just thought I would share the results of my last plays with you

I play at because the wheels are televised real time with multiple players, so I feel a little
safer playing there

These are the results of my last 9 sessions

Day number of spins of the wheel biggest bet made profit

Mon 33 239 293
Tues 57 142 221
Thur 220 124 910
Fri 240 142 1059
Sat 128 266 507
Sun 254 373 1108
Mon 66 164 286
Tues 87 122 380
Wed 117 192 520
so 1202 spins gave a profit of 4984…Biggest bet made was 373 and the table limit is 1000, so nowhere
near hitting the table limit, and this is using a loss progression system

So yes roulette can be beaten and I can prove everything I have posted in my topic

"So yes roulette can be beaten and I can prove everything I have posted in my topic."

No you can’t. And yes, the gaming device can be defeated, but not with your system.

Good Luck,


seeing as Snowman has basically called me a liar I thought I would add a final comment
I thought forums were for the exchange of ideas, not for self opinionated narrow minded individuals
to dismiss everyone elses ideas and systems with a view to promoting their own

I outlined my system and psted some results
As i said earlier, I use an excel spreadsheet to record every spin of every wheel while I am playing it
I have done this for the time it has taken me to develop the system over the last four to five years

So in response to Snowmans comment that I cannot do what I say

I would like to say, I can prove my system works,I can guarantee that it works

I am sure Snowman can make the same claims for his system

It would just have been nice for him to give me the benefit of the doubt and ask how it worked
Instead of just dismissing it and implying I am a liar

Send it to Snowman he will test it.

It could be tested right here
someone hooks up to a wheel of thier choice…I post what to bet…they post the winning number

I post the next bet

easy enough to prove whether my system works or not

anyone else brave enough to have their system tested for all to see