Psychology in playing roulette

I believe that a good system should be simple while effective and can be learned by someone who isn’t “smart”. A system that is too advanced and needs too much brainpower is considered to be ineffective because although the advantage can increase, the player would not be able to focus for a long time and that overcomplicating things is a risky investment that if it fails, a lot of time would have been wasted.

“Smart people learn from their mistakes. But the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others.”
― Brandon Mull

I would like to share my way of practicing and playing which is easy to gain progress while having a “stop loss”

  1. I would definitely use the MyRulet Computer as my main tool in playing before I am only allowed to play in countries where electronic devices are illegal. There are so many casinos around the casino and even if you get banned in half of them, it will take more than 20 years.
  2. I would target casinos where they will allow your action in betting a decent amount of money. (I would not choose casino that has a 25 dollars maximum bet.)
  3. I would actually spend time to travel around the world and not forgetting to enjoy the life at the same time. The more places I travel, there is a higher chance that I will find an easily beatable wheel instead of spending time on researching on something that is not guaranteed to work.
  4. If wheels are getting harder, just like casinos replaced hand shuffle blackjack tables with continuous shuffle machine, I would probably spend time on other field which has a higher risk to reward ratio.

Please feel free to share thoughts about this as I might be wrong, or I know too little to give such conclusions.

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That is not logical… absolute. Let’s take chess. Players are many, but only a few can live from that, let’s say they are grandmasters and up :

How much do chess grandmasters make? Chess grandmasters earn variable amounts of money, but generally, an experienced grandmaster can earn between $2,500 and $3,000 USD per month from various sources. The most common means of earning revenue as a chess grandmaster is by playing in tournaments.
wikipedia …

Did you know? About 70% of the adult population (US, UK, Germany, Russia, India) has played chess at some point in their lives, 605 million adults play chess regularly.

How much are Grand Masters? about 1700… 1700/605000000 = very small number :slight_smile:

Ok, the person who can learn how to win roulette, maybe can’t become a chess master, but the same chess master maybe can’t find a way how to beat roulette, but anyway, efforts that they must use for reaching their goal lie in the same shelf.

Why do you think that roulette is easy to win? And that for winning not need to be smart? If that will be true logical to think that will be plenty of players who win in casinos and casinos will be closed. But such are not the - casinos work ad get big profits from players …what say that players - not wins, maybe they are then not enough smarts? :slight_smile:

So i remebered laurance scott once said on a podcast that “roulette is probably is hardest way to make money” and it would be even smarter if you person develope a method that anyone would be able to master at roulette just like Edward Thorp who wrote the book beat the dealer in blackjack.

The thing that i admire Edward Thorp is that he developed a system for blackjack which literally anyone who doesnt need a good education can be a good blackjack player.

Edward Thorp once published a book called a man for all market. He is a person that i admire becasue when he knows blackjack could not make him big money, he switched to inventing the first roulettet computer and use it to make money. After successfully beating roulette, he realized that you can only win so much from what the casino allows you to. After roulette, he moved to stock market where there is no limit to how much you can win and you won’t get banned.

1.The top blackjack player can make multi-million
2.The top roulette player can make multi hundred million
3. The top trader can make multi-billion
4. The top investor like warren buffet can make 100 billion

But what is relationship between

The top player, trader, investor…


can be learned by someone who isn’t “smart”.

Top is on one side , but isn’t “smart” is absolutely on another side…

As I read about Torp then what he has done can’t be named as successfully beating… Looks like if they won really not much if at all won in total…
Plus Torp was making experiments and roulette not was his aim…The same with Blackjack

Here is how to understand education, at least you must agree that good memory that anyone needs :slight_smile:
And at all ability to win an hour or a day is one, the ability to win several or say many years are absolutely other - but that is part of professionalism …

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The relationship between top blackjack player, roulette player, trader, investor is that one knows his stregth and weakness and would likely not to target something that is not suitable for him. Edward thorp is smart and he can certainly beat roulette wheel if he has the time and technology. Computer were not very good at the 70s.

The top people also has the ability to win in different games and take leonardo da vici as an example, he is good at basically everthing and he didnt do it for making money. However, if your goal is to make big money, then time is precious and you need to find a game that uses the least time to make the most money while having a controllable risk.

And logically thinking, what game you target also depends on what card have in your hand, if you are already a millionaire and annual income 6 figures, you are unlikely to play blackjack. If you are a billionaire already and has annual income over 100 million, you would certainly not target roulette. Warren buffet would certainly not spend time trading , playing roulette or blackjack.

I asked not what the relationship between top players or traders but about the

relationship between them and who isn’t “smart”.

Maybe he could beat it, but in his time that has done many…
If…has time and technology … :slight_smile: The player must be able to beat without if… :slight_smile:

By the way quite interesting podcast with Ed Torph.

So, skills is definitely a key factor in beating roulette. Going back to the actual psychology part, I still have some aspects to improve from, and they are usally

  1. I have noticed that some ap attracts more heat than the others and those factors might be age, gender, race and these are facts that you cannot change. However, a young white male playing big might attract more heat in asians casinos while a white, older male might last longer playing in european casino. What you wear also is a factor in how much heat you get as a person who wears a formal suit might attract less heat (i might be wrong becasue i have not seen an ap wears suit).

  2. I have noticed that those ap players attract more heat are those who appeared to be more nervous, focus on the wheel too much and not talk to people.
    If you act naturally, don’t appeared to be focusing on the wheel too much and bet naturally, those are the people who last longer.

  3. I have also noticed that those players who can be spotted by another players and bet the most out of his advantage attracts the most heat. Those players who sometimes place some decoy bets or bet different amount of unit and act more like a high bankroll gambler last longer although their variance is increased.

  4. I have noticed that those who have a larger bankroll naturally act less nervous, and tend to last longer.

  5. I have also noticed that whether friends and famlily are supportive also plays a great part in the psychology of a roulette player.

But that is in all spheres - job, science, research.
The main factor does not play higher than you can allow for himself, usually problems with psychology start when a player risks money which to risk he simply can’t.
But overall knowing what a player must do so skills and abilities are the main factor and that is near to 99% of success.
In case when you have a 40% edge psychology do far not main influence… :slight_smile:

Roulette is not easy to beat nowadays you can beat but requires more than one person and study. You can have luck if you find an easier roulette but is not the usual.vb was good 20/30 years ago.

I very often heard something similar… :slight_smile:

I even a few times thought about that and discussed it with several players…and I can say that can be that reality is slightly other and elementary - these players- winners who say such are simply 20-30 years older and here is the main reason, why for them is harder to win :slight_smile:

Unexpected though :slight_smile: …but I think with the big probability that is right…
The question is only why not appears new young players - winners, with more abilities and more enthusiasm…I think - for them will work also that, what worked well 20-30 years back…

I have not really seen an ap playing roulette which is a good thing that there is no competitor in the casino i am playing. However, i also question whether the wheel is a good wheel.

You speak or write too much , and you are not " the player" , maybe you have only resentment and envy.

Yes, honestly i have not been able to money by playing roulette and that is probably the reason i write so much. I sometimes doubt whether it “can” be beatable although i strongly believe it can be but i really dont have a mentor who is succesfull already to teach me.

Here is a very easy way to know who can be a player and who is not…This game needs some knowledge and abilities from players.
The fact that speaks much nothing say about is player or not …

Here is no way to check how well somebody measures time in the head, but very easy to understand if a person has knowledge that a player must use every day in play.

Simply - can you solve some specific task, or not…in a negative case - no chance to calculate what you need. How then is possible to be a player? I think such logic is simple and usually says true.

Want to test himself?

Bla bla bla all you wrote nothing, but you are a winner congratulations, knowledge who say that you are better than other ? You are a joke.

So be brave and show how smart you are :slight_smile:
All is clear that nobody here knows how to play - only you - then show that :slight_smile:

What is the difference for you who here are winners? How does that affect your life or your play results?

Honestly, i think the purpose of this group is to exchange information. I certainly think humble is the key to acheive. I dont mind to share everything i got to other players. However, there are just some people who think they are above everyone and refuse to share information or share false information. They honestly think by sharing too much information would affect their game. However, the world is fair and that keeping secret would not increase their profit but in fact more encourage other players to beat the game just like the recent movie oppenheimer, us delveloped atomic bomb and although they keep it as a secret, other countries just can keep up and it makes other country hate USA. I also have to state that casinos are not stupid and they probably know what you have been doing as it is 2023 and they have cameras which they can always give videos to detective companies which can analyze how they play the game. You just cannot hide everthing, it is just a cat and mouse game. There is no game that is beatable forever.

Oh no … :slight_smile:
For some people, it’s much more important to call someone a non-player and reproach them for talking or writing too much … :slight_smile:

Yes, exactly, i just don’t understand why they are so afraid that words spread. If someone is to do something, they can just send an email to casinos and wheel manufactures, it is probaly easier to make a wheel unbeatable than finding a wheel is beatable. However, i bet that casinos obviously know that wheels are beatable and they probably have the knowledge if they really want but they dont give a shit. As long as there is a balance, an ap does not win too much a time and they cannot track your winnings, usually that is not a problem.