Predict roulette, Mark Howe's computer that never arrives

I do not know what is worst?
To get computer which doesn’t work, or to pay for it and to never receive it.

A month ago I was approached from guy (XXX) who claimed that he bought Mark Howe’s roulette computer. He still did not receive it even he bough it 2 months ago.
He also expressed interest in FF. I recommend him to wait first to see if Mark improved anything. He was in similar situation as ABC’s who few months ago compared these computers.

Mr XXX told me it is hard to contact Mark because he is always to busy.
It was strange for me because Mark was at that time sending me emails every day, complaining that his computer is much better and making threats how he is paying private investigators to follow me, asking to remove all information bout him.
Mr. XXX sent to Mark email from different address and get instant response.
After embarrassment Mark told him that he sent the computer, of course he did not have any prove. In between MR XXX bought the FF received it in 3 days and told Mark about it. He also also asked me to talk with Mark.

I sent email to Mark and I received email from him, where he wants me to send him prove that MR. XXX bought and FF or he will never send his computer. (woo shouldn’t he already supply it after two months of time and since when someone must have the FF to receive Mark’s coputer)

Maybe Mark is right why to send computer if people will complain, so better don’t send anything.

Anyway it is too much for me and I do not want to spend time with sick people. Who wants to read there is already a lot of information?

But here are additional details about the case.

Mark, again you'll cry that I set you up, same as you did with ABC. Why you do it to yourself.

XXX bought your computer long time ago , he still did not receive it.
Do you know that there are courier services, which can deliver within few
I use them all the time. It costs a bit more but people are happy and $60 is
nothing for me.

XXX got sick of waiting, so he bought and the FF. It seams that he is very
happy with it.
Do you want another Mark Howe versus FF?
Last time you excuse was, as you loaded computer with wrong software.
How come if you promised to ABC that because of 2 months waiting you will
deliver the best.
What has happened this time?
Do not worry I am not interesting in comparing anything with the FF simply
because it is pointless.
The FF is the only one.
However XXX looks serious and I think he will not be easy going as ABC. Abc
with FF made much more then your computer is worth so he simply ignored you.
But XXX looks as someone who is after principles. He will make sure you
never sell any more computers. (I am not joking). You know that I like to
help people in trouble. So please do something.

Best regards / Forester

Mark Howe

you said XXX bought your device, prove it with paypal details showing dates and sam gets a refund!

If you are lying, *Sam gets nothing, for it proves then you are involved with him somehow!

No blackmail, this shows he purchased your device recently an is not linked to you!

If you cannot prove this, then you are making things up Forester and its obvious then you are linked somehow, so come on old boy, show the proof!


Make sure the time and dates add up, a print screen of the paypal account and public access would suffice Lol

And Mr. XXX

Forester , Thank you so much you are the best I swear man I love this email you send him I love your system every night I practice. I feel like you got magic in the system I always use 5 number sector and its great just give month to month and half and I am buyn the new system. anyway i told mark that he can keep the money and shuff it up his ace hes nothing but a thief i told him i have all the proof about the purchase and im also gone post my mobile number as well for anyone to call and hear about my story i said i will flood the net with my story im just gone do it

€¦€¦€¦please forester help me to put this guy out of business as you can
see you write better than me please write everything about what this
guy did to me and I will add more stuff on the forums

Hi to all,
I want to thanks forester for posting my story on his forum second my name is sam so now forester you can post my name instead of xxx. i got an email from mark howe about 4 days a ago stated that my device will arrive soon im still waiting is been 2 months this is the third time he said he send it this is the worst transaction i made on the net im still not sure if im gone recieve anything from this guy but still ill give him another chance and see what happen if i dont recieve it i will post it in every forum on the net including sstefano website i dont want no one to get ripp of from this guy again and if i recieve the device i will let everyone know that i have it. just want to say i recieve ff in 3 days i send the fund tuesday i got the device thursday thank you soo much forester. i test the ff im happy with the result its not 100% but you will win money.


Your actually better off in the long run that Howe never sent it to you. Otherwise, you would have been loosing a whole lot more than your initial investment.

Please tell me that you did not wire money directly to Howe? That you did pay by credit card. If that’s the case, than all you do is contact your credit card company for a 100% refund.

If you did wire money, than I guess you don’t know a whole lot about That’s the number 1 scam going around these days all over the internet, to get a buyer to wire funds directly to the seller - - -than the seller mysteriously dissappears. If these buyers that keep these scammers in business stop and think for a second and realize "that once you wire money to someone, that there is absolutely no recourse of action you can take to get you money back - - - and also ask themselves the question why this so called merchant do not accept credit cards in the first place, which should be the first red flag- - - because any legitimate merchant always accept credit cards since they have nothing to hide, and understand that the buyer can always get a refund through the credit card company if the seller tries to pull a fast one - - - LIKE HOWE PULLED A FAST ONE ON YOU.


I apologise if it seems like I am busting your bubble, but I am not. I just get upset knowing that all these scammers should have been out of business a VERY long time ago if buyers would SIMPLY start following ONE basic principle about buying online. NEVER WIRE MONEY DIRECTLY TO A SELLER.


Put it this way.

If he have made it to work properly, Mark would have many reasons to send it .
But if he didn’t, what would be his excuse this time why computer produces random results?

In past 3 years I didn’t find anybody who bought his computer that would say
" his roulette computer can work."
And now Mark comes to a point where he can’t even supply it.

In last of his emails he told me that his computer is much better so he can play with people and they still need him. (Nonsense)

It look like mark howe scam my money, he said 3 times that he send the product, funny how the system got lost 3 times, and now he said hes not gone sent it because i been talking to forester what a excuse i just want everyone to know that mark howe is a thief and a lier as soon as he recieve the money his attitude change he doesnt reply to emails anymore . he googlemap my address with a threat at first my respond to that i took a picture of my house and send it to him i told him when he google map my house it was off 2 houses he try to threat me about how he can hurt me if i post anything about him on the net what a joke anyway i just want to everyone know about this thief how he is runing his scam

WOOOO, he is selling it now 3 times much cheaper then before.

Sam, I received your confirmation of payment, but it doesn’t look as good copy.
I can add it as attachment but “paid to Mark Howe” doesn’t is hardly noticeable.

I am wondering what made you buy it, few days ago I visited his page, he still talks about me and satellite cards. It just doesn’t make any sense.

From your email I thought that Stefano doesn’t want to talk with you because you were talking with me.

Anyway, for me they all are silly people.

I think you should report it to UK scam board.
You are not complaining about functionality but about not receiving product.
I thought you will at least get phone and earpiece which you could se one day.

Looked at his site it was still 200£.

So why did Sam pay $1300?

Probably mark has few pages and he didn’t see $200 offer.

$200 is only for one month s mark say. Still it would be much better for Sam if he lost only $200.

Don’t ask me! Are you sure it was 1300$ not £?
If it was $ was it AUD or USD?

Here we go :wink:
[glow=red,2,300][font=Verdana]$1379.35 AU[/font][/glow][/font]

mark is lieyn about 200, when i told him i want to try the system first he refused he said he no longer give that option

It is only strategy to hook people.

Same as Stefano’s roulette conference.
Past 2 years he is talking about it but it never happened.
I think last one was scheduled for April but Stefano is still advertising it.
Now he is offering phone for “free” but whoever asked couldn’t get it including myself.
For that he wants me to remove from my page all negative about him. Yea right.
There is no logic in that.
If phone works as he claims of course I would remove it since I would want to use it.
Since he didn’t improve anything he knows there is no point of sending one.

mark is lieyn about 200, when i told him i want to try the system first he refused he said he no longer give that option

That is why you should do some research.
Anyway how did you find my site?

I know that you don’t asking me, but I need to reply.
I found your site at one of MH pages, think it was roule**
There i saw myrulet and thougt let’s give it a shoot and it problebly saved me from buying Mr.Howe comp.
So now i starting to learn the basics of roulette advantege play.

Good to know.
What he writes about me is really stupid, and I believe it doesn’t help him much.
Even Stefano’s RSR is good for me. ;D

Okay. So you can say that MH did own goal with his site. ;D

RSR is Stefano’s

Roulette system reviews site, where for 3 years he was pretending to be someone independent, who is reviewing roulette systems.

Only recently he admitted that it is his site because it was linked to his GW site.
When squeezed in corner he explained it as it is affiliated site to boost his sales.
If you didn’t know Stefano and Mark have many web sites. Mark pretends to be a professor from Norway, and he made similar site as Stefano.

By my opinion they both are sick minded.

I think it’s time for Mark Howe to start looking for a new line of work. At this rate - - - HE’S GOING TO END UP DEAD OR IN JAIL.

He has made a big spectacle out of himself and has been nothing but a big embarrassment to the entire roulette community.

Sorry guys I think I lost 1-2 posts when I was upgrading forum software.
It should be faster with some extra options.

[quote=“Forester, post:18, topic:196”]Sorry guys I think I lost 1-2 posts when I was upgrading forum software.
It should be faster with some extra options.[/quote]
Well I repost then. Stefano and MH has a lot if webpages and that is an indication of how desperate they are to sell thier so called roulette computers.

Well the price is now 1000£.