Predict roulette, Mark Howe's computer that never arrives

it use to be 2000£ ???

Ok, this will be new forum look.
I didn’t want to use dark colors, they look nice but harder to read.

[quote=“myrulet, post:22, topic:196”]Ok, this will be new forum look.
I didn’t want to use dark colors, they look nice but harder to read.[/quote]

And… it now works on my pda again… also entering a post is much easier to read as you type… It’s more practical…


Where is the support forum?
For me it has disapered. Maybe beacuse i’m not allowed to post in that one.

I got new email from mark howe this is a copy:

On 5/2/08, mark anthony [email protected] wrote:
further more sam

It is not opened for discussion with your new found friends, its between me and you, thats the other condition!

If i recieve any more emails from Forester or Stefano concerning this, the refund is void!

The matertial is to be removed for a total of 6 months, if it stays removed, you have my guarantee that you get a full refund.

You ask them to remove the info, otherwise you will not get a refund from me, its that plain and simple!

If any mail conversations are given to them, you nee to ask them to delete, plain and simple.

Now, lets see if you can correct what you have done wrong and get a refund.

Mark …

he also told me that he sell 200 of his unit a week what a lier my respond to him if you make soo much money from your products why did you steal my money its only 600 pound, i learn one thing about this guy he is big lier and a full of shit

He is stupid.
First he makes you wait 2 months, and then he complains because you complained and use it as excuse. If you ever receive it let me know so we can add it here.
I prefer to write something positive then this but what can i do if there isn’t anything good to write about Mark Howe.

mark this is for you i promise you if you send me my product i will post it here that i got it otherwise i will keep telling everyone how you scam me.

That is more crime then a scam.
If you received his computer you would be scammed.
This way you are really robbed.

At least he stopped sending me emails how good his computer is.

@ Sam

“Where is the support forum?
For me it has disapered. Maybe beacuse i’m not allowed to post in that one.”

To display it as it use to be I need modification which can’t be done right now.
But soon I will do it.

Hi guys,
Is been 4 months now, and still no product from mark howe “the thief” does anyone know if this guy still selling his scam product

I do not know, he did not send me any of his abusing emails for long time.
Send him an email from different address and you will find the answer.

you live and you learn.

The lesson here is “once a crook always a crook”.

[quote=“Dr.Spock, post:17, topic:196”]I think it’s time for Mark Howe to start looking for a new line of work. At this rate - - - HE’S GOING TO END UP DEAD OR IN JAIL.

He has made a big spectacle out of himself and has been nothing but a big embarrassment to the entire roulette community. [/quote]

this is an embarrassment to the professional roulette community for real. i could not agree more.

Something is happening to him.
he doesnt send me emails any more, and for few weeks, his sites are down .

Who knows, maybe he is working on new roulette computer :slight_smile:

I think he has surrender, because he is not selling any computers any more= no computers sold, no money can’t get site going. Or he is doing something else, a long vacation maybe.

The other day, I saw someone that looked just like spitting image of Mark Howe Holding a window washer in the middle of the street, that was dressed very poorly and smelled very bad. I was sitting in my car waiting for the red light to change and this guy walks up to my window, and asks can he clean my car window for 1 dollar. I said no thanks - MY WINDOWS ARE ALL READY CLEAN, and reached in my pocket and pulled out a dollar bill and handed it to him and said here’s a dollar for you. KEEP IT!!! AND I RAN THE RED LIGHT AND DROVE OFF BECAUSE I COULD NO LONGER BARE THE SMELL COMING FROM MR. HOWEY… :o

As seen on tv.

Was watching advertisement, for car products.
It looks amazing, after car washing there was no water drops on the car.
I decided to try it.
I was pleasantly surprised with product.
Especially with coat that is applied on windscreen. It could rain I did not have to have wipers on. Simply all water runs away and it vas easy to drive.
Somewhere on the trip similar guy just jumped to my windscreen and wash it without even asking. All protection coat from windscreen was washed away.