Looking For online Roulette Partners Profit Share 50%

Looking for online roulette partners willing to profit share 50%
Must be able to create accounts at online casinos and have bankroll for each account
Play time at least 15-20hrs per week
Learn and understand advantage roulette statistical analysis play
Fast computer with 2 x24 monitors recommended
Windows OS
I will teach you how to play
Msg me via this forum if interested

OK. I’m interested. Send your Skype.

So I need to set up the account, and bankroll it myself and give you 50% of my profit for your consultant fee?
Seems legit…

gday I don’t use messaging services email me at [email protected]
1.I will need your pc mac address to share software to use to collect data, analyse and bet
2.pc must be windows, win 7 recommended, if win8 or win 10 use win 7 theme
3.you must be able to create accounts on dublinbet.com, fairway, lots of casinos evolutiongaming platform, porto etc
4.you must profit share 50% each session to ecocard internal transfer account
5.you must keep ledger track of all accounts deposits, withdrawals, balances each day
6.I will teach how to collect data using software, and you must send me spins at least 60 spins each way to analyse on when where to bet for wheel, I will also advise on other procedures on what todo check wheel each time, countermeasures etc betting vs playing feeds etc
7.you should have 2 monitors connected to pc 24 inch min recommended
8 once you get software i can do teamveiwer and go thru details, as well as provide readme videos on how to setup bet etc using methods software etc as a baseline
see sample video on how collecting data betting etc
send me an email and we can go from there with above info confirmed etc
let me know who you are so i can correlate etc

let me know cheers

I’m gonna have to take a pass.

I asked some reasonable qwestions via this email… no answer. :frowning:

This is how software works Shotman as per email I sent you, let me know if interested in partnership send me info as per email to get access and confirm agreement to terms of partnership cheers

What if there is a loss? Is it also 50/50% ?

Say I play and win $1000, I pay you $500.

Next time I lose $2000 do you pay me back $1000?


All positions filled thanks

Than that can work only for you. If the best roulette players were giving to someone 50% of money they win and when they lose they pay, they all would be losers.

It is obvious your advantage cant be great if any and for that to work advantage must be huge.


please allow me to illustrate - all transactions are treated on a per session basis
player always starts with bankroll and only ever loses starting bankroll as per instructions for advantage play per wheel per session if that occurs
As far as whether player wants to use ones own profits to apply to starting bankroll up to player at their own discretion
Profit share is calculated after each session and shared, as players may not decide to continue on that wheel, casino or take breaks so on it keeps model simple

If you have any other wisdom on a more valid profit sharing model I’m all open please do
Thankyou for your insights thus far

Would you sell it to me that i can use it on my own.
send me a long Video of it working and i will send you amount x to your paypal as soon as you want.

Rules for Profit Sharing

  • Bankroll is used for betting only
  • Profit Sharing occurs at the end of every session each day
  • Players have the option to apply their profit sharing for bankroll usage on other accounts sessions at their own discretion
  • Using’s Casinos money to apply to bankrolls and winning is the best strategy

What would you like me to sell exactly ?

Is this what you want to buy ?

If so 100k. let me know

Ok, I have 100k ready to invest, but first there’s this Nigerian prince that needs my immediate help. So you’ll have to wait a week. Ok?