Looking For online Roulette Partners Profit Share 50%



Please delete my account asap - msg sent to admin



Please don’t forget me. I’ve got several million coming from my Nigerian Prince friend just as soon as they can process my fund and release him from exile. I’m eager to invest.



Why Zorkmon idea of roulette profit splitting 50/50 is good only for him?

This is a simulation I did with MARPC. And it is one of the better ones for the player.

He can’t lose, on 100 attempts you would win 6212 units and pay him half of it with remaining 3106 units.
But you would lose 5618 and he would not pay for that.
Final result for you would be loss of 2512 units. If the chip you played is $5 that would be loss of $12560.
While you lose he still keeps his half each time you win but never compensates for losses.

Of course this approach even the dumbest would quit after few attempts so the only what he can get if someone by chance wins first few times pays him and when he loses few times he would quit.

What makes me puzzled is through how much effort some people go just to scam few $ from somebody.