I want to buy roulette computer but

With this post I will try make some things clear.

  1. The FF system price is not negotiable. Save your and my time so you do not get disappointed.
  2. If you are skeptical about system please read forum and use it to ask questions.
  3. If you are coming from Stefano’s site and if he pumped you with his reviews of my system, use forum for discussion.

I will copy some emails that I recently received. I hope it will help you to understand.

Hi Forester,

I would really like to buy a FF Audio-computer
but cannot offer u more than 1000 AUD (just
because I m not very rich).

So that’s my offer.

Hope to hear from you.

Sorry Xxxx, but I do not feel making them even for current price.
The FFA is not mobile phone simply loaded with Java program.
I build all hardware and software, just parts cost ~$600 and it takes some time to build it excluding software development.
I do not profit from selling systems so I can’t help you.
Best regards / Forester

OK thanks anyway

I maybe will concider the zap of vibration version.
Which one is best according to you?

FF ZAP roulette computer is the best.

According to this review I found on internet, my offer was not so bad after all!

Despite Forester’s claims, this device is extremely simplistic, and anyone can build one for about $25 with off the shelf components. The algorithms (mathematics) are not without some merit though. It uses a known time and distance to make calculations. If you were to do the same without this device, you’d basically observe a point in the spin when the ball is at the same speed. This is simple visual ballistics.

And you believe to scammer.

If you read it and try to understand then you will see that it doesn’t make any sense.

I do not blame you since many people wouldn’t understand.

  1. Nobody can build it since it uses especially developed software programmed in to the chip which measures and calculates 1000 times faster and more accurate then his mobile phone.

2 “It uses known time and distance to make calculation” How time and distance can be known?
FF measures and well corrects errors in clocking to be able to calculate. It measures speeds, and ball deceleration to calculate distance and time when and where the ball will drop.

3 " If you were to do the same without this device, you’d basically observe a point in the spin when the ball is at the same speed. "

Wondering how will someone detect when the ball is exactly the same speed. To predict leveled wheel he needs accuracy better then 10ms per ball rotation. Only Stefano can believe that he can estimate ball speed and have prediction on leveled wheel.

If you would like to discuss system on this way further, please use forum.

If you want to have idea how the FF roulette computer works

[glow=red,2,300]Best regards / Forester[/glow]

Found your site doing some research on roulette computers. Watched video a couple times and looks like you can accurately predict where the ball is going to hit. When your computer is purchased, do you then teach how to tie this where the ball is going to land?

I teach and explain everything I know, but it is a common since.
Once you know where it will hit rotor, next is to define how much in average the ball jumps and adjust computer offset.

It also appeared from the video you had very little time from when it told you the # and then the ball landed. How much time do you have?

The system can predict at different times. On that video it was set for the latest prediction. Computer doesn’t set by remaining time but by ball specification. On that particular wheel we can have 4 settings where predictions will be something as 6,8,10,12 sec to the end.
But on the different wheel it may be 8,10,12,14 or 10,12,14,16.
The computer is very accurate, but still I found out that is hard to get advantage if prediction is earlier then 12 sec to the end (on leveled wheel).

The reason is that ball of particular speed doesn’t travel all the time same distance. Earlier we measure the speed errors are greater. Of course we can predict only by defined and measured parameters, we can’t know for example will the ball of 1000ms per rotation go 6 rotations to the end of spin or next time 6.5 rotations.

On tilted wheel we can, because real change is only rotor change since the ball is expected to drop all the time at same place.

Some wheels have ball that jumps almost randomly. Then there is no point to predict where it will hit rotor. We simply can’t have advantage on such wheels or it will not be recognizable for practical play.

Lastly, are the computer and calculations the same for the FFA and FFZ - with the only difference being the audible vs. the zap?

Almost, FFA does independent data collection for CW and ACW spins and the offset can be adjusted for each. FFZ doesn’t, so if we adjust offset to match CW, if we play ACW spins as well we must add offset manually if it is not same as for CW direction. It is harder to notice zap but FFZ is more practical to use. The ball can be clocked at any place it doesn’t have to be clocked at same place as rotor. Also the system doesn’t have to calculate rotor movement from time we clock rotor to time we end up ball clocking. That saves us from some possible errors if rotor is not clocked perfectly.

Thanks for the quick reply. You were highly recommended by Mark Anthony.

Not really, maybe you found it at old pages where he did not managed to update context. I was ok with him until few people did not purchase my and his computer and compared it. Then he started to be naughty.

With a paid subscription to your site - is there a message board that is dedicated to these devices I would have access to?

No, paid subscription is only for ROULETTE SYSTEM REVIEWS.
Stefano always winging about it so I made it private section.
Anyway you can access it for free after few posts made at forum.

Suport section is for people who own one of my systems.
Only they have access and few more who helped me.

What kind of edge do you think i can get from the wheels in Xxxxx, realisticly??

5-10% max i would think? but that would be plenty of an edge for me anyway, i just need a way to go about it now.

I do not know, I know some people play there with good results but I do not know how good it is.
A guy from Croatia few months ago took half million in dollars, somewhere in Xxxxx. He played only VB but he played big money so i can only asume that there is some good wheels over there.

Do you have anything i can read about Visual ballistics?

No i do not have more then explanations what VB is.
I do have my own VB which for now i did not decided to share with anybody except few people that i know well.
I noticed more and more people are pushing for VB to be discussed in details , so maybe i do saomething about it in near future.

Also, do you have computers and other systems for sale? Can you do demonstrations.?

I do not do presentations, I am a player.
However 2 days ago I did have video conference with Bago, (read at forum about him)
He did have MH and Stefano’s computer earlier so he is very sceptical.
During video I showed him how the FF predicts, and showed him any test he wanted to see.
It’s still not prove that computer works but at least in one hour he could see and understand what I was talking about. I am not sure that I would do video conferences as that any more, it takes my time.

If I am not happy with your computer can I sell it, or is it code and time protected?

Of course you can, and I will help new person as much as I can.

I encourage people to share my device, as long as they do not ask me to make them one for testing purposes.

If I am making big profits on computers then I would consider that option. For example if FFA price is $5000 then I wouldn’t mind building them for $1500 with limited time to play so if someone wants more he needs to pay full price. But since the price is low I would probably be able only to reduce it by few hundreds for testing purposes which is really pointless.

It would be different story if building system is only loading program to mobile phone. Then the price could be only the cost of mobile phone and postage expenses. But I can not load program to mobile since mobiles can’t measure time with good enough accuracy.

I would like to purchase your computer for roulette this month, but I would like to know what is the best and what do you have to offer as FFA?
What is IQE7 or something as that that I come across. Bottom line is I would like to buy the best.

When I was designing FFA I had to change some parts of the program, so I thought to change name from IQE6 to IQE7, on the end I decided to keep it as IQE6 but different revision. It is because principles of prediction are same as before.

I do not know what is the best, FFZ or FFA.
The FFA is easier to use since it talks but FFZ has more flexibility and it may be more powerful tool with more experience.

FF systems consist of

IQE6 is name for program for leveled wheel prediction where the system learns the wheel while we play. It has specially developed intelligent parts of program for reducing errors in ball clocking

Tilt 2 is program for predicting tilted wheel.
It I very unique, because it uses error correction same as in IQE6 therefore is capable of predicting in any of targeted 2 rotations and knowing how to avoid spins that will not hit dominant diamond. It is unique because no other computer could come even close to that.
It is because most of them are built on OS platform which doesn’t have needed accuracy, but also and approach how to predict is different.

For example classic approach to tilted wheel prediction would be Michael Barnett with his computer sets time window in between 1000 an 1200 ms and clocks the ball until it comes within that range. But 200 ms difference in measured ball speed can be 5 or 6 rotations to the end and in between some speeds may not hit dominant diamond. Hardly that it will produce any advantage. Sure after trying and trying he can reduce width of time window and position it to catch only one rotation. It is hard and long process, (been there) never adjusted 100% and too many unpredicted spins. Also after some time due to parameters changes it needs to be readjusted. Tilt 2 system because it measures more accurate time and because it can correct ball speeds can adjust it with one click. Then only bad spins where the ball will not hit dominant diamond will not be predicted.

Can your computer predict any roulette wheel?

No, how it can predict something that is imposable.

I know there are some advertising miracles but it is a scam, their computers can’t do even basics, so one or 2 more false statements don’t make any difference.

Objective of computer is to by physical measurements of ball and rotor calculate where the ball will drop. What is the point of knowing at which number the ball will drop if after that ball bouncing almost randomly where house edge can not be passed? The FF will definitely as much as it is possible most accurately predict point on rotor but it cannot predict randomness of ball bouncing. This means that even if we have accuracy of single pocket in prediction we still can’t have an advantage.

The other problem is that on some wheels due to deformations or particular design we can’t even predict where the ball will drop. There is no point of measuring ball speed if once ball of 1000ms per rotation travels 5 rotations to the end and next time ball with same speed travels 6 rotations or anything in between.

Perhaps some of explained wheels can be predicted by collecting thousands of spins and looking for bias on some numbers but then we do not need computer and ball measurements. If computer is used as help then definitely data shouldn’t be predicted number and final number but it needs to have in addition and rotor speed, direction, point of impact with rotor etc.

Can single program predict tilted and leveled wheel?

Definitly not.

First of all calculation is completely different. Computer by measured ball speed can not define if the wheel is tilted or not and definitely wouldn’t know how much the wheel is tilted. When we clocking the ball we do it at single point and all we get is time that ball takes to make each rotation.
Computer can not do it even by comparing final results with measured ball speed because results are mixed with randomness of ball bouncing and it will need thousands of spins to define something reasonably accurate.

Some roulette computer sellers after all kind of not successful attempts to predict leveled wheel start using tilted wheel approach. Believing that every wheel has some kind tilt and that it will give them slight advantage. They start copying principles of FF ball clocking without full understanding. Slightly tilted wheel where tilt hardly can be noticed will not produce advantage if tilted wheel calculation is applied. It needs completely different algorithms.

Some problems that Bago have.

Yes, i don't know why but it is probably with position of the ear canal compared to position of the earpiece that makes the sound higer or lower depending of how you position your head. I had the same problem when i had Stefano's computer. I do not know if it is the earpiece, or any earpiece would do the same problem.

It is problem with induction, it is as TV antenna, the signal is polarized, turn TV antenna 90 deg. And you will receive nothing. It is same with induction.

Concerning your computer accuracy, i get an edge on Stefano's videos on his john huxley wheel, and for sure it is better than Stefano's device.

I love this statement, but then again should I be proud that FFA is better then something that doesn’t work at all, and you know it.

But now i would like to test it on harder condition, when the wheel is not rotating consistently at 6 seconds/revolution. I have to fix the sound problem to know if it would be accurate against different wheels and different conditions.

The FF will predict any wheel where Physical advantage is possible.
I do not claim same as Stefano, because for me if I get one extra hit on rotor in 100 spins is not advantage. With FF within few spins you can clearly see do you have advantage on that wheel or not. If you get something as 70% of spins ending up on 9 pockets on rotor, and if ball scatter is reasonable as on Stefano’s wheel, it is worth playing. It is always players decision what he will do on particular wheel. For example he may get worst predictions but if ball scatter is better it could be better to play. On some wheels I get great prediction where and when the ball will drop, but I still do not play them because ball jumping is close to random. The FF will tune to any wheel where the difference in between rotations is within 70-392ms (I havn’t seen any wheel outside that parameters). That doesn’t mean that it will produce enough of advantage on every wheel with that specification, as you know that can be many reasons for that.

Yes it seems that with the earphones, the sound is higher and the voice is faster, but still i can know which predictions are announced.

At least you can test FF for performance. I do not know what has happened, Marcello connects it to some kind of machine, driving a relay and controlled by recorded waveform. From 110 spins he got only 3 spins predicted.
It also could be that in transport one component got lose. If you want you can remove top board and check all 2 mm components. If that is ok then it must be something with memory chip. You can compare you sound with sound on video http://rouletteplace.com/index.php/topic,456.0.html.

By the way, what is the code you posted on your message board called: ffvR2? Is it the software contained in the FFA?

Just the program update. When I build FFA program I liked some changes so I decided to change it that way and for FFZ/ FFV.
It is 80% same program, the difference comes on the end, where FFA pronounces number but FFZ/V calculates additional parameters, to define when the ball of particular speed will meet with predicted number so the system gives zap at that moment.

You can imagine which kind of accuracy in calculation is required to achieve something as that.
Get clocked ball data with errors, get ball deceleration with errors, get current ball speed with errors, and get rotor speed with errors and from all of that produce when 2 decelerating objects will meet at point which system predicts. That is why single spin test is so important for FFZ. It clearly demonstrates systems capability of performing complex calculations.

Why do you calculate the fall off point of the ball with only ONE spin? Don’t you think it would be more precise and accurate to determine the right deceleration of the ball with several spins of the same direction? Let’s say 10 spins of the same direction to know the accurate average ball deceleration and final fall off point. Indeed with only one spin, we cannot for sure know if it is the average deceleration, it could be a spin not
“orthodox” with all the future spins, therefore, future predictions would not be accurate.

It is because FF do only what is important to do and where benefits can be achieved with smallest compromise on losing on practicability.
The system doesn’t learn ball deceleration on that spin but from few spins. And it is independent for CW and ACW ball direction. You can test it, if you start FF from start on single spin you may get first spin after set up predicted 31, next time 7 next 28 next 26 next 0, next 3. So system is learning and tuning itself. After few spins prediction get stable and stops shifting, because the system learned enough.
If you do not want to set it on first spin you can just do not press the last click.
Wait 16 sec and you will be at start. It may be slightly better because identification of ball drop point will be more inline with actual ball dropping.
Such process was more important with tilt system on older FFZ’s.
With introducing “point set” feature it is not so important.

I do not use few spins to do last click because benefits will be small and not worth bothering with it. If you do not like what you get, if you go back to many and select again IQE6 you can readjust it, because this time the system will go from curve that was formatted in game you previously played, it will allow you to set again and it will extend limits so even curve can be readjusted in higher steps.

Also, why using the same reference spin for both directions, since it is different and the “clock SET” spin is done with one direction?. It is ok if we predict only one direction, but when you play BOTH directions, it uses the same deceleration scheme, not good!.

FFA doesn’t use same deceleration, for CW and ACW,

I can use same spin because I accept that offsets for CW and ACW can be different and that I will play it that way. FF uses ball deceleration on different way than what you think, that is why it is not so important. I will not explain how it is done.

Only once I explained it partly to Michael Barnett, and after that he asked me did you do it all by yourself. I said yes. He said I will never bother you again. And that is what he did.

It could happen that “NOW” which indicate that ball will drop at that moment for one ball direction is perfect but for the other one is let say 0.5 sec earlier. It will not upset systems performance, and you will get “NOW” always 0.5 sec earlier.
With huge rotor speed changes you may get some errors. For example if rotor changes from 10 p/s to 15p/s you will get 2.5 pockets error. But with such changes you should review all your game including ball scatter.

I understand you point, and many people asked me that. I go my way because I want FF to be dynamic system. I do not want to spend 2 hours just tuning it, to acheave only slightly better benefits which can be lost after 30 minutes.

I start feeling a bit frustrated.
I have few guys who were waiting for system for 30 days.
I am always trying to send system ASAP, but this was extraordinary situation.
So, my apology to them.

In addition I do not know what is going on.
Suddenly everybody wants my system and ordering it.
I simply can not handle it since I am not comfortable building so many systems, and I do not have so many components and free time with me that I can deliver it on time as it’s expected. So guys who just ordered it please be patient for few days, until I put everything under control.

For every system I build all electronics hardware. It is not so much work but sometimes I run out of some components, and I need to find time to go and get it or order it and to build the system.

Sometimes I can send the system on same day but sometimes it may take 2 weeks.
So please accept it as it is and try to understand that I am doing my best.

all i can say is you better wait. The ffa should be priced at 5000.00 or more. It is unbelievable hardware and software. yet so simple to use. if you want junk don’t wait go to Howe or homo what ever his name is from Australia. if you want to win wait as long as foster needs you too. they are hand built to order. he is the only one not scamming.I had to wait and all i can say is he is the roulette profit from heaven. I am so pleased with my ffa. I am planning on buying another one. in case foster dies or some thing and the ffa i have some thing happens to.

                                      PS    thanks foster i never dreamed some thing like this really worked.

One is for sure, roulette prediction based on physics, simply can’t go better then what FF will produce.

Wise man once say “never believe what is said about a seller or their competitor on their own site”. Sorry but the one thing that is a little off here is if it was as good as you say, you’d be shutting your mouth and playing, not advertising it. You should be keeping it to yourself. I am not being negative, just realistic.

Jaybird you could very easily be forester and if you arent, go out and make some money if its that good, instead of hanging on a silent forum promoting products. All just seems a little fishy for me.

I wonder if I’ll be banned for saying what I think…

Not jumping on Skimans band waggon, but I have been intrigued to know how much money each person here is taking from the casino each week?

If I had something that was able to generate an income from roulette, I would be taking about $1,000 per day five days a week from the casino.

I get the impression few, if any, are actually playing regulary and make substantial profits.

If I make it per week in average I consider myself lucky.

Its not that simple arnold. Knowing the tecknik or having the equipment and actually getting away with the game is 2 entirely different things.

Skiman I missed you post above.

"Wise man once say "never believe what is said about a seller or their competitor on their own site"

That I very truth. If you go back you will see that there is really not much of feedback on my system. Only past 2 weeks some people start writing more.
That surprises me since most of feedback I get from people by email. From 1000 sites about roulette/gambling, you will find one or 2 that are not scamming sites.

jaybird21 is new, I really do not know what made him to write post above, it really looks as it is me doing cheap scam, as a false review.

It is not me; I have only 2 names here (forester and myrulet). I think he just tried FFA and start understanding that he finally got something that really works, got a bit excited about it,and wants to show how much he appreciates it. Anyway if you spend some time here soon you will understand who is who or even make some friends.

No you will not be banned from saying anything, just try to avoid calling people by inappropriate names.

Hi mate

try it, with the knowledge or not

what do you think will happen, IE how do think the pit boss will react

but i can honestly say you will have an advantage

hey men PM me, we can talk or chat, its up to you, i understand your confusion

Regards securityman

You are fresh as well. I appreciate your help but please be careful.

You have over there golden mine so better do not talk too much.
Even to people who have FF because you can’t know who is who, since anybody could purchase the system. All i am saying is try to avoid to much personal details as your location.

I know its not simple Kelly, but playing 25 dollar chips you only have to win 40 units.
This can be done in 15 minutes, an hour, or possibly two if we struggle.

You just hit your target and walk out of the casino. Something not many people can do.

I actually know somebody that wins a lot more than what I am suggesting.

"Hello, I am intersted in buying your FF-Audio system. How can I proceed? I have bought two systems (one Australian and one English) and they were both scams. I would like to know how I can garentee my purchase with you. Is there a way to try your system out before I buy? Please, I would like to purchase your product but considering the bad experiences I've had in the past I'm a little wary. I just need to know that you are serious. Please advise, XXXXXX"

So Yousuf, do you feel better now, you see it could be worst. :-\