Has anyone bought Mastersroulette system, review


Purple, I am not upset with you or completely against you. But you have to understand a couple of things about my point of view on this. I have been on a lot of roulette forums for about 4+ years now. There are not many things that really piss me off on forums, but by far the biggest one is armchair experts. What I mean is, roulette forums are filled with desperate people who come here looking for a holy grail type deal and then a bunch of people start giving advice saying things like, “This system is a guaranteed winner!” “Works every time!” “Never fails!” “Long term winner!” And they are all full of crap. Same thing goes with bankrolls. I have read people talking about 10K and 20K bankrolls! Sure, you can have bankrolls that large, but you don’t go telling people who just joined and are desperate that they need 20K to win. That’s a lot of money to a lot of people and gambler’s WILL mortgage their house if they believe they have something there. It’s just preying on desperation, and I think that it is no different than a casino operator. Scum.

Do you have any idea how many times I heard in the VLS chat from new people saying they tried some systems they found there, won a couple hundred and thought they had a holy grail, only to go on a lose a few thousand of their own money? It happens ALL the damn time. And I for one hate seeing it. Which is why I NEVER EVER tell someone how to bet their money. All I can do is educate them and hope they make a good decision.

Do I think that all you need is $50 to make $1000? Hell no. Is it impossible? Hell no. The point is, conditions are everything. How he could sit down with $50 and run it up into $1000 late betting and not run into any countermeasures makes me scratch my head. Does the casino care about 1K? No. Does a min wage dealer? Possibly. Dealers get kinda pissed watching people win and I see it happen lots where they try work against a player. Just the other night I watched a dealer sector shoot and try kill the entire table. It happens.

I don’t know how many people remember when Viper came on to the forum scene. He first popped onto VLS saying he was new and wanted help finding the Holy grail. About a week or two later he was saying that he had found the holy grail and began posting about this system and telling everyone how great it was and that it was the ONLY WAY to beat roulette. He then told newbies how great it was and they applauded him because they thought he was an expert even though he was only a month newer than they were. We warned him, and he argued that we were all wrong and jealous cause he found it first. A month or two later after it tanked, he then came onto the forums saying he found the holy grail, this time it was AP (Primarily VB) and it too was THE ONLY WAY! Then he became a self-proclaimed VB expert. Now, to be fair, Viper did learn a few things and I have to admit his VB videos weren’t bad. I was super biased against Viper too, but I have to admit that he did learn a few things. Would I make a tutorial video in my first month or two of VB, No I wouldn’t. But I applaud the guy for at least learning a few things and trying to share his knowledge. After a few months, Viper realized, “Holy shit! VB is a lot tougher than I thought!” Then he went on to post about how VB is dead and there are no beatable wheels out there and that the ONLY WAY to beat roulette was with the FFA for leveled wheels. All his VB and RC posts are on this forum. I doubt you will find the system posts on VLS because he had been banned a number of times there, but you get the idea. Here’s a guy, who goes from nobody, to system expert, to AP expert, to Roulette Computer Expert all within the space of a year. And the whole way, he is trying hard to teach new people. I am all for helping others, but when you truly still have no clue what you are talking about, I hate the idea of you giving advice, especially bad advice, to vulnerable people.

So, in conclusion. Purple, do I think you have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to AP? Honestly, I have no idea. You only have 6 posts here… Who knows, we might actually become good friends. But you have to understand that I can’t stand when people tell people HOW to bet their money. It’s THEIR hard earned money! Do I think $1000 is an unreasonable bankroll? Absolutely not. I think that is a perfect sized bankroll, but I do NOT think that a new player to VB should take $1000 to a casino when he is playing for his first few times. It’s just a set up for disaster. If Laurance Scott can still have losing days, then what could a new player expect? And no one on the roulette forums ever really seems to talk about LOSING. They are ALL winners. And a new forum member only can believe what they read.

I honestly believe, if you can’t make a profit with $200 flat betting 5 numbers at $1 a piece, then it’s pretty unlikely that you will be able to do a whole lot better with $800 more. You are best off cutting your losses at $200 and walking away. And it takes a long damn time for a person to learn to cut their losses and have the discipline to walk away. Just bringing less to the casino kills the temptation. That’s all I am saying.

Too much VB does tire the eyes and the brain, I agree. Which is why you should only play when you are alert, awake, and focused. I haven’t seen much talk about that on the forums. You should also know how to spot good playing conditions, I also haven’t seen much talk about that on the forums. You should know how to measure and calculate your edge correctly, again, not much to read about in regards to that on the forums. But there are no shortage of threads when it comes to talking about wins, spending won money on escorts, or bankrolls, or anything else that is pretty well useless to a new player trying to learn something. Just my opinion.

As for Roulette books, Barnhart’s book is good and Scott’s VB material is good. Personally I think that Sharpshooter’s book is the least expensive and the best book for a beginning roulette player to read. It was my first roulette book and I ended up buying many copies to share with people, I liked it that much. Do I use ONLY the methods in those books for my VB? Not at all. But they are great tools to help you develop as a player.

No hard feelings Purple, I was not making a personal attacks on just you. I read your post and you did say that he would not be gambling ALL of his $1000 bankroll which is something I completely agree with. My attitude is don’t bring money into a casino if you don’t plan on using it, especially if you are a new player. Breaking you total bankroll down into a buy in for the night is totally fine. I also think most people confuse the term Bankroll with Buy-in. They are completely different. Buy-in’s are determined by conditions, limits, and other strategic variables. A Bankroll is all your total money for playing roulette. In my opinion, no one should EVER take their entire bankroll to a casino. I understand that a new player has to start somewhere, but still taking an entire bankroll into a casino is a recipe for disaster. Again, just my opinion.

Good luck.


Thanks for your reply Davey-Jones,
Well now I can agree with most that you write.
First of all I’m not an armchair expert, (I’ve got over 15 years experience playing in real casinos in Europe, but I never play online with real money, and I never intend to either). Also I’m not selling anyone anything, and also I sincerely believe and will always shout out loud that there is NO mechanical system of Holy Grail to beat roulette, although one can take advantage of what is happening at the wheel from time to time. As far as roulette forums go, yes I know all of them almost, and I’m familiar with the usual rubbish that’s written. No surprises there either. Occasionally you learn something from someone who has experience and has done it for themselves!

Now as far as money management is concerned, and which is used not only in roulette, but also in poker, blackjack, sports-betting, those who gamble on the stock market, or anyone who runs a business for that matter, it is hugely important.
Here someone said that with a bankroll of $50 and a minimum bet of $5 within 1-2 hours he made a profit of $1000. Well OK if lady luck is by your side you don’t even need 2 hours, or 1 hour or even ten minutes. If you place the lot ($50) on one number and it wins you’ll get a payout of $1750 within 10 seconds or less! But this is hardly a strategy… $50 is equal to only 10 bets of $5 each. Even if you bet on black and red using parlays you’d have a very difficult time beating the variance of the game. Because in roulette, your bankroll is constantly going down or up, so you need a bankroll to carry you through the difficult times (which happen to anyone no matter how good they are).

If you watch what happens at a roulette table you’ll see some players betting $1000 a spin or more! I see it all the time, and some times they win big! But the casino doesn’t even bat an eyelid, because they have a HUGE bankroll and they know that eventually the 2.7% (5.6% in US) will carry them through the bad times and that they will eventually win, and make enough profit to pay their staff, pay the taxes, pay the rents, and maintain the luxurious lifestyle. All of that because of a tiny 2.7% profit (in the UK just 1.35%!!!). Amazing, how with such a small edge they can become so rich (OK other games have a much bigger casino edge than roulette, but I discount these for the moment).

BUT what is crucial for the casino to survive is that they also have a huge almost unlimited capital. Yet players hope to win thousands with a small bankroll of a few hundred dollars… No way! It’s much much harder!
So bankroll is vital and one must protect it at all costs irrespective of which method one uses.

So as someone said if you have an edge it is wise to use Kelly betting, or always bet a fixed percentage of one’s bankroll, or use some sensible system of money management. What I propose, (and this comes from Lee Tutor’s book, which has helped me personally to make money), is to have a bankroll of 200 times the minimum bet. Of course you DON’T bet all of it!
You divide it into say three parts to play in three sessions. In each session you have a win target or stop loss of about 25%-35%. Which means that with a bank o $1,000

Each session you play with approximately $300. Your win target is say 30% of that, which is $90 ($300x30%=$90) if you win all three sessions you will have won $270 ($90 x 3) OR LOST the same amount if you lose all three sessions. But as you can see even if you lose it all, $270 t is only 27% of your total capital of $1000. That is ONE way (there are others) of handling your bankroll!
Most of all you need DISCIPLINE and of course knowledge. (e.g. you can play with an edge, using your skill such as VB, DS, advantage play of sorts etc etc).

If one doesn’t have discipline one shouldn’t gamble AT ALL. I’m talking about playing roulette as investment, not fun.
of course how much people decide to gamble is their own business, that’s obvious, but as a long-term tactic I recommend the MM method I described above, and which has served me very well over the years. Take it or leave it folks!


Won many times 4-5k with only $50. Probably would win many more times if on the start I do not change more money to chips.
$50 is enough for 2-3 spins if get it right can rapidly increase bets with each significant win. If wins are happening more often the money exponentially grow. But this way there is a higher risk to lose.

It all depends how aggressive you want to play but without 1k I wouldn’t go to casino.


Its pretty easy to define if one is an advantageplayer. If you from your pre tracking sheet expect to get 30 playable rotor speed, spins within the next 100 spins you can either decide to go all the way and say that if you play 5 number sectors you are willing to lose 30 x 5 chips or a more conservative style, say that you will risk max 20 losing bets in a row = 100 units or 150 as a total if you get hits before you get to spin 20.


Yes Kelly, when I play inside numbers as neighbours, or sectors, betting 5 numbers or ten numbers at a time, because I believe I have an edge, its of course fantastic when one of these numbers wins, because you get a profit of 25 or 30 units. If you’re winning one every four spins you’re OK. But, if not … it’s very expensive on your bankroll. If the minimum bet is $5 or 5 Euros/5 pounds you’re talking about a wager of 25 or 50$/E/£ per spin! With lower limit tables things are a lot easier! So with higher limit tables you need to have a large bankroll to withstand the bad times. I prefer to target three numbers only or seven on opposite sides of the wheel e.g 26-0-32 and 23-24 split, & 5-10. Another cheaper way to target neighbours is through a combination of Line and street bets.

Just to add something else. Say you aim to win $1000 where the min bet is $5 on inside numbers. It means if you played 5 numbers straight-up with 5$/number (say a number and its neighbours) that is a total of $25 per wager. Everytime you win you’d get $155 profit (5x35=175-20=155)
So if you won 6 or 7 times on the trot you’d achieve this figure of $1000. But this is almost impossible!
If you’re really fantastic and have a great edge then you’d be winning once every four spins, that means 3 spins where you lose all of your wager (25$x3=75) and one spin where you win $155, in other words a net profit of $80 every four spins. So you’d need about 52 spins (approximately one and a half hours), where you’re winning every fourth spin to make $1000. In that time you will have placed a total of at least $1300 in wagers, lost $325 and won $975. Just a thought.
( to be winning every four spins you’d need to be a master at play! In reality I’m hapy to be winning every 6 or 7 spins, that 's why I need a large bankroll! Otherwise OUCH!!)


Its better to build the bankroll at tables that suits the bet size. But again, it depends on the wheel and maybe the wheel is at a table with high minimums. Again, make sure you know what your expectations are through the pretracking and lay the strategy after that. If your real play does not at all match the pre tracking just break up before time, but make sure you have enough slack build in to fight a negative fluctation. Its a sort of balance you have to figure out. 5£ tables i would consider a relative okay minimum size. If you are uncomfortable at 5 maybe only play 2£ minimums. If yi play 5 number sectors i would worry if i had no hits or close hits in 15 -20 spins.


And finally the other problem, that has to do with discipline, is that it’s very easy when you win, to place more wagers to increase the hit rate. But that’s a big mistake and very expensive when you lose. People say to increase your bets if you have a definite edge, OK but by how much? Remember in roulette NOTHING is certain. A bad scatter and you’re fried. So I prefer a steady way of play. Better to increase the size of wagers on say 3 or 5 numbers from $5 to $10, than place more $5 on more numbers. At least that’s what I have found out. Because if one of your numbers comes up you’ve doubled your take, because you’ve increased the wager from $5 to $10. Whereas if you simply play more numbers at $5 / number, you increase the winning proportion of the wheel, but it’s also costing you more of your bankroll to do that, and the take from a win will be less, because you’ve lost on so many more numbers.

But… hey everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to learn from yor mistakes, play often and survive. Then you learn to keep your profits and not recycle them until you lose them all.
There’s nothing worse than winning, making a decent profit, and then losing it all because of bad money-management in the heat of play. It’s purely a matter of discipline, and that 's the difference between playing and winning as a pro, and throwing away profits as a novice.


[quote=“tiggerkidz, post:32, topic:721”]So for the min 5$ table I should have the bankroll around 1000$, isn’t it.
I would love to ;D but my wife gonna kill me if I bring that much to casino :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, There’s one table that using real dealer but I have to bet on the machine.
I love this machine because, the minimun bet is just 1$ and I don’t have to fight with other player for placing bet plus there’s many function that easy to place bet .
The problem is sometime the dealer call “No More Bet” before spin the ball. That’s suck.

Anyway Thanks for your advice :-*[/quote]

The professionells say, you should have 20 plein for VB = 700 units.



[quote=“Elhombre, post:48, topic:721”]The professionells say, you should have 20 plein for VB = 700 units.


So there you have it folks! It doesn’t matter about the ball type, rotor speed, if the dealer only spins the ball for 3 revs, if the wheel is tilted or barely tilted or even level. None of it matters as long as you have 700 units, you are a sure winner. And that is what the pro’s say! ???

For what it’s worth, all the pros I have spoken to have never simplified VB like that in blanket terms like only needing 700 units. But then again, they are professionals.


Hey Davey,

Thanks for the book endorsement a few posts back on this link :D.
I consider you to be one of the senior members on this board (and I also believe this is one of the best roulette forums).
Happy to hear it helped to whet your appetite! :stuck_out_tongue:



[quote=“sharpshooter, post:50, topic:721”]Hey Davey,

Thanks for the book endorsement a few posts back on this link :D.
I consider you to be one of the senior members on this board (and I also believe this is one of the best roulette forums).
Happy to hear it helped to whet your appetite! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, the book was awesome when I was starting out. I have read a few cheap paperback roulette books and yours and Barnhart’s are the only ones that were profitable and informative. The other roulette books in the under $20 price range just don’t have that much to offer in terms of real value. Your chapter on Dealer Signature I thought was brilliantly written, at least when read it a few years back. I’m going to have to read it again pretty quick here! It’s actually kinda funny because I bought your book first and thought, “Wow, roulette books are really informative!” Then I went on to buy a few other paperbacks in the under $20 category by a few authors who will remain nameless and I was like ??? WTF!!! lol

As far as roulette forums go, I prefer this one over the others too. It’s not plagued by annoying pop-ups or adverts selling systems or computers. It’s also not affiliated with an online casino, which is another pet peeve I have with some gambling forums. Granted Forester does sell RC’s here, but I like that he let’s his computer’s speak for themselves. Most people have to ask how to buy it because Forester is never telling us to buy it every 15 seconds! I see him more as a tech support guy rather than a salesman. I cannot say the same for the other guys in the roulette computer sales department. So thanks Forester for being a great Roulette player/guru who also happens to sell good roulette computers! :smiley:


[quote=“Davey-Jones, post:49, topic:721”][quote=“Elhombre, post:48, topic:721”]The professionells say, you should have 20 plein for VB = 700 units.

So there you have it folks! It doesn’t matter about the ball type, rotor speed, if the dealer only spins the ball for 3 revs, if the wheel is tilted or barely tilted or even level. None of it matters as long as you have 700 units,
bull to simplify it this way, do you have a clue of successful wheelwatching ? I talk about successful wheelwatching not to be a winner only if someone has 700 units for that and no brain.
A bit more brain I expected from you.

Where do you live and where do you play ? Downunder ? For my information VB in Downunder is dead
since the "saxons " milked Perth.




I love R. Barnhart’s roulette books - what a story teller!

I agree, Forester is a problem solver, not a salesman.

PM me if you ever come down to the Detroit/ southern Ontario area. :slight_smile:


Thank you Davey, Purple and everone for your helpful information.

I’m just wanna update my recently experiences. Since last time I been.
I went back another 3 times with 200$ bankroll and spilt into 100$ each. First day I won around 200$, 2nd day I lost 40$ and the 3rd day (today). Luckly, today casino open a lot more table and reduce the minimun bet to 2.5$. So I can get double chips for practice and end up with 300$ profit.

However, the amount of money that I won doesn’t matter for me. I’m just the beginner for this road compare to all you guys in this forum. I belived that the more practice I do will lead me to the good player.

This forum is so helpful and heap of advice from professional players. I’m so lucky :slight_smile:

All the Best


[quote=“Elhombre, post:52, topic:721”]Where do you live and where do you play ? Downunder ? For my information VB in Downunder is dead
since the "saxons " milked Perth.[/quote]

I’m really not trying to sound like a dick. All I am saying is that there are a ton of variables that should determine your bankroll size. The greater your edge, the less money required for that edge to manifest itself. Am I personally a fan of taking only $50 to casino? No! For me, if I was playing seriously (meaning I intended on playing a decent VB session and not a hit an run), I would want to have about 1k. I firmly believe that you should be able to calculate your edge first and then figure out a proper staking plan. With a smaller edge, you need a larger bankroll because the fluctuations will be greater. But a lot of people say, “I want to play VB, how much money should I bring?” My answer is always, “Make sure you can play VB first and then figure out what your edge is.” That’s all I am saying. I am not insulting your intelligence or anything. There are very few idiots on this forum anyway. I’m just saying that there are other variables involved in VB that really should be respected rather than taken for granted. That’s all.

I live in Canada, and all my roulette playing is limited to Canada and the US. VB is tough anywhere you go. It’s not just “Downunder” or in Europe. So when people say VB is dead, I am not one to argue. That’s why I am such an advocate of confirming your edge before you ever place a bet. It’s easy to think you know what you are doing, until you get caught in a situation where you are more lost than ever before.


Thanks DJ.
It is not that I can’t be a skilled salesman. I simply do not believe that anyone should be encouraged to go in to gambling and buying roulette computers. Especially not with sweet words of promise or unrealistic videos.


Hi all, I bought this system recently and true to everyone’s feedback here mastersroulette is a genuinely workable system. I particularly like their advanced semiautomatic method that requires less of your visual skills to work the system which also eliminates human error. I find it can really cut down the time needed to learn a visual system. This has to be the closest thing to a roulette computer. I wouldn’t recommend anything else in terms of visual roulette. Also I’d like to mention the level wheel game is valid. You can definitely acquire a long term margin playing it and under certain circumstances it can be quite powerful.


Sounds like a desperate promotion…


Sounds like a desperate promotion…[/quote]l have had a chance to see it… my opinion. … l wouldnt use it! Vb2 rocks!!!


How can i contact you by email ?