Has anyone bought Mastersroulette system, review


I create a solution toward this method and others …

- The Rotating Flexibility Cross -

Solution 1 out 2

This method pin point out your offset with out using any advance calculation, with a clever charting method.
The charting method calibrate scatter overlaps using 2 to 3 pin game (semi tilted wheels).

You just write down four key numbers and one mark to get distance/yardage with plottering peaks.
The manageable patterns will emerge and you can place your bets.

Solution 2 out 2

This method help you to build your own “clocking pattern” to adjust with different rotor speeds with out using any advance calculation.
When you have collected data with The Rotating Flexibility Cross you just have to change your observation point to adjust with different rotor speeds.


This method works with all known visual ballistic methods and advance wheel signatures.


Cool! I have thought about overlapping scatter patterns too. Just haven’t implemented it.


They only manifest using the Norm or the Sweet speed …


Hello people, I used mastersroulette system last night on my first outing. In all honesty it is a very intelligent visual system, very accurate and without doubt, as mentioned here before, you can gain a long term edge using this system. It took me about a day to understand the concept of how the system works and a few more days to home the skills required to perform the tasks involved in the prediction process. Not as difficult as I first thought. I ended up winning at the end of the night after a slight struggle. I know I’d made a few mistakes that can be corrected with a little more practice at home. Im glad I’ve discovered this forum.

The system can hope with 2-3 pin bias wheel at all speeds. Having looked at the level wheel game it also offers, there is a margin to be gained from it but the margin is lower as expected, nevertheless, the level wheel game is workable. But when there’s plenty of 2-3 pin wheels around why bother with it.

If anyone is interested in the latest mastersroulette system (they updated it last week) just PM me, I will sell mine at a reduced price (half price). I’ve already ascertained all the information I need from it.

Good luck to you all.


I bought the masters true skill system. I’m trying to understand it. The level of writing is dreadful. Obviously it’s not the author’s first language, but hey he could have hired someone to edit the text. It’s very user UN-friendly and at times I nearly threw it in the trash!


And people scoff at the price of Scott’s material! At least you can read the stuff! lol


In his books I never find something that needs correction.


Yes, I did.
First, I have to say that I’m not the professional roulette player but, I’m really love this game. I’ve been played for just 1 year with mathematics method, my own startegies, and also just come up with any lucky numbers and always end up with lose all the money.
One day, I search on internet to find something that can predict the number. At that time, I was so surprised that there were many website sell the roulette system or roulette computer. For me, Roulette computer’s too expensive and a bit risky in case of been caught by casino. Another reason that’s why I’m choosing “Mastersroulette” because of the explaination on the website is intersting. And I also like when he took off the rotor at the end of every sample video to show that there’s nothing underneat.

I received the manual DVD and the mini charts 4 weeks ago.
Due to my English and reading skill suck, then it took me around 1 week or a bit more to understand the system.
Fortunately, I also got some advice from Mr. Che that make things heap easier.
I keep practice by look at the Practice Roulette Spin DVD for around 2 weeks.
Last week, I went to casino to observe the pin bias, practice to find the rotor speed and last ball revolution, and tried to predict the number.

Then last night I went to casino spent 1 hour to collect the information and played for 1-2 hours with 50$ budget (on the 5$ minimum bet table).
With the new method, make it easy to predict the last 9 ball revolutions. After I got the prediction number, I also got enough time to place some bets before dealer call “No More Bet”.
I ended up with 1000$ profit but now I’m still doubt that “I did it” or “I’m just lucky”!!!
I’ll go back tonight and let’s see how’s gonna work.

Conclusion : I’m very happy with that. :slight_smile:

played for 1-2 hours with 50$ budget (on the 5$ minimum bet table)
This I like :o


I know! So MUCH of it is believable! :smiley:


I recommend you have a bankroll of at least 200 times the minimum bet and that you split your total play into 3 sessions. In each session you only gamble with a small part of your total bankroll and that you set yourself realistic targets and stop loss points, of around 30%.
Otherwise you’ll lose it ALL (not just the 2.7%) because of the natural variance you experience during the game. Do a search on the internet on money management systems.


So for the min 5$ table I should have the bankroll around 1000$, isn’t it.
I would love to ;D but my wife gonna kill me if I bring that much to casino :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, There’s one table that using real dealer but I have to bet on the machine.
I love this machine because, the minimun bet is just 1$ and I don’t have to fight with other player for placing bet plus there’s many function that easy to place bet .
The problem is sometime the dealer call “No More Bet” before spin the ball. That’s suck.

Anyway Thanks for your advice :-*


Sorry that’s the way it is!
I would never go to a casino with less money. Please note that you will NOT gamble all of it, but only a small part of it, but you must have it, as backup. Gambling means sometimes you up and at other times you’re down, EVEN if you’re playing with an edge, if you’re an expert vb player.
I never play online, or any form of electronic game, they are all simply RIGGED!
What one could do, in a brick and mortar casino, on a live game, is gamble using the roulette computer terminals. But as you say often they say NMB much quicker than when you’re at the table, which means you can’t really use VB. You might just try for a type of “dealer Signature” game.


Tiggerkidz, remember one thing. IT’S YOUR DAMN MONEY! You can bring as much or as little as you damn well please. Just because some guy tells you you need to bring 1K to the casino doesn’t mean you should. I tend to take forum goer’s advice with a grain of salt, especially when they have someone like Lee Tutor in their signature. But that’s just me.

If you want to just bring $200, that’s 40 bets of five numbers with $1 each flat betting. If you lose all 40 spins, there is something seriously freaking wrong with what you are doing, and the last thing you want to do is have another $800 in your pocket and think you win it all back by jumping your bets. Yet, people do just that. When I go to the casino, I never bring my entire bankroll. That’s just ridiculous. There is never anything that amazing that happens at the casino that would justify it. At least where I am.

If your wife will kill you for losing 1K, then DON’T BRING 1K. Not saying you are going to lose, but so many of the guys on these forums are so full of crap when it comes to how successful they are that they are the LAST people you should be taking financial advice from. Well, dealer’s are bigger idiots, but some forum members aren’t that far behind. BTW, I am not just referring to this forum, roulette forums in general are full of posers.

Anyone who tells you how much to bring to a casino without even asking what your edge on a specific wheel, what kind of conditions you have, etc. is quite frankly an idiot. I never advise people to place a single bet until they are sure they have an edge over a specific wheel and have measured and calculated that edge. And then, you should never bet any higher than a Kelly bet. Personally, I bet much less than a full kelly. You’d be surprised how much money you can make with just a buy in of a couple hundred bucks. Don’t believe some guy, with 3 posts, tell you “That’s just the way it is”. I am assuming you are a grown man, and can make your own judgement as to how much you need to bring to a casino. There is no shame in not placing a single bet if you can’t afford it, and you certainly should place a single bet unless you are sure you have an edge.

If you were fortunate to take $50 bucks and run it up to $1000 in one night and not have any problems doing it? Why the hell would you think you needed to bring $1000 when $50 seemed to do just fine. Not sure how the hell you did it without any problems, but you get my point! lol.

Anyway, good luck nonetheless.


:smiley: Honestly Davey,

One gets those days where you turn 50 bucks into a 1000. (I have gone numerous times with 200 and turned it to a 1000) But obviously not always… and some days like you mention with changing conditions you could walk in with a 1000 on the same wheel and get whacked. I agree that there are a helluva lot of pretenders around. To play roulette professionally (in other words making a living off of it is one of the hardest things to do.) That dream I have given up on a long time ago. I do still play for fun though and if I win a little bit more than loose over the longrun using advantage techniques, hell, why not! ;D

I agree fully with what you have written though.



Yeah tiggerkidz and Davey-Jones, I must be full of it …
Take $50 or $200 to the casino and gradually bring down the house! Go get’em boys! You go!go! :slight_smile:

Yes, as far as books go The Roulette Winner is the bees’ knees. (you can read a lot of it for free on Kindle and it has fantastic diagrams for both mechanical and advantage players) It’s not a system, but one of the most complete and sensible books I’ve read on roulette.
The VB Lawrance books are also great. But, he also explains that even with an edge you might still lose…(what an idiot he must be…)

Because hey, you don’t need either of those books!
I mean, Lee Tutor would tell you that with $50 you’d do very well to end up winning $15, $30, or even $40, and if you won $50, or more you must have had an exceptional day.
But since YOU can win 1,000%, 1,500% or 2,000% and more of your bankroll, you’ll be millionaires in no time at all!!!

So glad to have read such… pearls of wisdom. I prostrate myself in front of such masters. I’ve never turned $50 or $200 into $1000.
I just win about 7 out of 10 sessions, but you don’t won’t to hear any more of me, I completely understand.

So, Fantastic!!! :o Don’t mind me.
Why not also take your wife with you to the casino, to see how with the $1000 you won, you can now turn it into $10,000 or even $20,000. Anyone would be impressed with that :smiley:


[quote=“purple, post:36, topic:721”]The VB Lawrance books are also great. But, he also explains that even with an edge you might still lose…(what an idiot he must be…)

Because hey, you don’t need either of those books![/quote]

Maybe you do not need books but then don’t call an idiot someone who’s work you have problem understanding.

Imagine you track one wheel for 6 months and number 35 in average hits every 33 spins.

If you constantly placing bets on the number 35 you would be winning for 6 months.
If one day you come and number 35 didn’t hit for 200 spins you may lose but you are still playing with an advantage since you know that number 35 is coming more often than what it should. If you play 7 days a week 200 spins it is very likely that 2-3 days you may walk home with losses.

I suggest you join VLS forum or some other system forums. What you doing here is as if you explaining to you your father how to make kids.


I was being sarcastic. Don’t you get it? Of course I know what you’re talking about! They don’t.
And excuse me … are you supposed to be my father … in roulette …???

ha! :stuck_out_tongue:
Too much VB tires the eyes and the brain. Get a rest man, you’re deluded, heavily!


:frowning: What a f*cking idiot. Purple balls and all. Now that is the type of person that one should give a proper beating because reasoning just won’t do. He is as dense as concrete… His 1 brain cell is devided in two and the one half is just as dumb as the first half. He is definately an old poster because that last phrase “too much vb tires the eyes and the brain” I’ve seen before.

He SHOULD go join VLS … or the luny bin. Then again I guess they are the same thing.


ha! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
So much verbiage, and not a single argument.
Yes thanks toxic and the same to you too!
Anyway there’s no point carrying on this … obviously you don’t have much to say. I gave some facts and figures to support my arguments, but you don’t like them . Too bad.
Good luck to you. You’ll need it!