Has anyone bought Jafco's system?


Lucky Strike,

The only solution to put an end to this story is to ask Jafco himself if he got the wheel from Mark. If he says he didn’t, then ask him the renting office he got the scalloped wheel. Then i will personaly call them and show them the picture of this wheel to get confirmation.
If they tell me it is one of their wheels, i will give you 1000$ and make my public apologies and never appear on message boards again.
If it is indeed Mark’s wheel or if Jafco does not provide the name of the renting office, you do the same.
I assume what i’m saying, will you do the same or back peddle? Let’s see.


The ball is yours not mine.
You claim this and that and have to put up.

If you want to send him an email about this be my guest.
I wont.

You just finich what you have started.
Don’t ask me to do the job for you.

Then reagrding the money you offer, well its a joke.
Why would i want your money if you are wrong?
Keep them.

Do what ever you want i don’t care.
I like John and he is an gentleman.

Cheers LS


I am doing it, just to give you a lesson little mind, after that i hope you won’t try again to be right when you’re very wrong about something.


Good now we are where we started at what i have told you that you should put up when you make an statment.



The bairgain is clearly in my favour from the start, but you are so uneducated and little mind that i’ve to give you the answer from the owner of the wheel. You already look stupid but you will feel even more when i will give you the answer from Jafco.




Dear Bago i will not feel stupid i will be happy for you that you learn how to be a man that put up and show where you are from.

We don’t want you to be one big lie.
How are we going to trust you when you talk about Stefano and Mark if you can’t put up when you make a claim.

I think this is a good experiense for a man like you that you have to bring evidence to the table.
So you can stop assume and feel this and that about things.

Don’t worry if you are right i will stand up and admit i was wrong because you did your job to show us that this was the case with evidence.

Forget to mention take all the time you need and try to be happy and don’t worry so much.
Well if you look at the image again you will see there i more then the wood that is not the same.

Cheers LS


Soon when Bago comes back he will claim they change the number ring also…

Jefco’s wheel that Bago claims is the same as Marks wheel below…

Marks number ring that Bago claims to be the same as Jefcos number ring above…

When some one makes claims make sure they give you hard core evidence…

Cheers LS


My turret is here:
Watch the video.

Is it John’s website? Oh yes…

Sorry to correct you once again.

Sorry to correct you once again.

So when are we going to see Mark with this wheel so we know that Jefco is Mark?
Do you have the link to Marks site where he use the same wheel?

If you are correct i will admit it but you just show us Jefco with that wheel so when are we going to see that Mark has been using the same wheel?

Cheers LS


I maintain that Jafco is affiliated with Mark and the last obviously supplied his wheels for the demonstrations of his computer. He did maintenance and swap some parts of the wheels to make it look as if they are different.
Mark has a lot of wheels, probably around eight.

I give you Jafco’s answer when i receive it, but i already know i won.



He did maintenance and swap some parts of the wheels to make it look as if they are different.

lol what do you get all your ideas from…
Well it will be intressting in to see what Jefco will tell you.

Well i look at Marks site and could not find that wheel there.
And if he got the wheel from Mark yes i will admit i was wrong.


Cheers LS


It would be hard to know if it is Mark’s wheel.
By pictures it doesn’t look as it is.

Is Jafco Mark or not it is irrelevant.
For few reasons I believe he is not.
Yous visited him.

One guy who u bought his Pred computer from Jafco after some negotiations managed to get his money back.
So that’s 100% prove that Jafco is not Mark.

On the other side it is very strange because Mark on his web site from start of Jafco’s page promoted it as something great. So it may be different person but affiliated with Mark.
I do not care for any of them since Jafco claims FF is a dinosaurs if compared to mobile phones. Maybe it is but it will kick ace of any mobile phone.

We can’t say his VB is scam. But together with promotion and amazing video defiantly is deceiving. Sure it will work as long as you can correctly estimate when the ball is 3 rotations before it drops.

Bago is also correct

"If you had more experience in the real Casinos, you would realize VB alone is very often not enough to beat a modern wheel and ball, especially the balls used that have nothing to do with the videos we see on the scammer's websites. Bias is the only solution to overcome the "unpredictable" ball scatter on modern wheels."

That also means even if you using better methods to identify particular ball rotation you may not be able to succeed.

So how someone can do it just by estimating when the ball is 3 rotations to the end?

but i already know i won.

[b]Lets see what your conlusion are…

  1. Jefco “John” is not Mark

  2. Jefco is not a scammer but show us an naive reality about VB

  3. It is not the same wheel ??

Then Bago have show nothing then give us and lesson that VB is hard to learn and use.[/b]

Cheers LS


Now Bago show us that he have change the wood layout and the low frets from spone so again number ring and wood…
I think it would be more cheap to get a new wheel -lol-

Jefco number ring and wood layout…

Marks number ring and wood layout…

Beleow you can see how Bago can’t see that the wheel-house is not the same.

Cheers LS


You can swap the pockets ring in 5 minutes. The numbers ring is the same, and you claim it is cheaper to buy another wheel? lol you need a serious course of wheel manufacturing.

This way you will know that, by default, the same wheels designed by a specific manufacturer always have the panel seams line up the same numbers.

Yet on my picture and on Jafco’s picture, the panel seams do not line up whereas they are the same wheel designs and manufacturer, it means clearly that it is indeed the same wheel but parts have been swapped and it has been modified, that’s why the panel is not at the same place.

I don’t blame you mate, like Forester said, i didn’t know all from the start. Hopefully, you will learn from your failure.


Stop adding stupid posts to smart forum.



YOU are the one making assumptions without knowing anything. You claim this guy John is genuine whereas someone already asked a refund for his 2,000£ PDA. So are you an affiliate too?.
No problem if you are not convinced by my website mate, a guy claiming being multi millionnaire, earning 30K alone with his system online, being an energy researcher, having a lot of profit split teams who operate his hybrid computer which is supposed to get a 1 in 10 hit rate, and living in a cheap and small house with no garden around.
You are one good joke strike.


Keep going trying to convince people that the system contained in your protected ebook with specific username and an 11 digits number password is not your system.
Also Mr Multimillionnaire, what do you know about wheel manufacturing and what is possible to do, you get only one 15 years old John Huxley wheel, and your millions could not afford you to buy another up to date wheel, you did maintenance on your old wheel. Lol what a fucking dumbass you look like. Can’t afford a jacket? No, Stefano prefers wearing his favourite green T shirt with white dragon at his Roulette conferences, for sleeping with his ugly wife and to make his roulette shit demonstrations.


You still have serious troubles to understand english, but i think it’s not only that, you are stupid. You claim that the scalloped wheel with spoon pockets are everywhere in Europe. Ok, it confirms what i thought about you, you do not travel farthest than the casino next to your house, you know the one with the starbust wheel.
Not to offense you but i have around 100 Casinos here in France who supply Roulette game, so i know the wheel designs running only here.
You have 6 Casinos in Denmark. And don’t tell me you travel, unless travelling means “surfing” on the web, yes i believe you do that much.


Problem here is that I like this thread, and you guys are abusing it.
So if you want to argue start new one.

Bago your page sucks!

It is only partly truth, since nowhere is written FF is the best.

2,000£ for PDA are you joking?


Sorry Forester but i am not a promotor for a living like Stefano. I am a scam reporter but not a system promotor ;o)

I’m not joking, this is the price. Oops, it is 1,950£ without the earpiece and loopset i think.

Also the small black earpiece looks like the one Mark supplies, but hey i stop, it’s just another coincidence.

Also i hope Kelly or Stefano will give me the address of the Casino in Europe where i can find the same wheel in the pictures displayed.
For them, it is very common, so they should reply me fast.


Also, i must be wrong by assuming this wheel:

And the wheel here are the same:


Too different, the wheel base and the cone colour is not the same. Yes, impossible that Mark succeed to remove parts and did maintenance on the grey metal spoon pockets wheel which can be purchased easily in Europe from tons of Casinos according to so called advantage players.