Has anyone bought Jafco's system?


Ok you lose the argument because i’ve shown and proved that Mark has the exact same wheel as Jafco therefore your only defense consists in saying that i have mental problems. Wow, what a genuine guy, exactly the same excuse as Stefano after i’ve proven from A to Z that he is a scammer.

I really wish you believe it is not Mark’s affiliate though, there is a sucker born every minute in this world lucky strike and you are one of them for the scammer’s benefit, this way you will buy his PDA for 2K sterling and then we will see who is the retard when you will realize the device sucks like the one who purchased it.

Get a life.



Bago maby u don t know but…

one VB system tells if it is ok if u can predict every time the right number under the DD!!!

now if the scater is managable…then u can play money!


What you are telling me is written in the first paragraph of my website.




Bago i did not know that you could write and skip low life words
Well there is no worrys from my part regarding this

I have a life and enjoy it and now i can here the sound from Grandmaster Flash
All good on my part

Now about your statment and your two images that you show us
What are they about

How are you going to show us that John is a scammer and should be in the same group as Mark and Stefano
Regarding John
Is hes VIBE a scam?
Is hes RC a scam?

And don’t worry Bago where i spend my money because you will never save me from any-thing

Cheers LS


so u know !!!

so now know that Johns System can easyly predict that…not only predict but with the most accurate and easy and fast way !!!

Please Bago and LS there is no need to fight!!!

we are all alies here


@lucky strike

No need to start becoming ironical because i’ve proven you were wrong. I thought you would be man enough to acknowledge Jafco’s wheel is indeed Mark’s wheel, but you seem to be too cocky to admit it.

So it does not take a genius to realize that they are affiliated and therefore the same products sold by another man won’t change a scam into a working product, but it seems to be a real challenge for you.

If your goal is to use his VIBE or Roulette computer on his ball and wheel videos, then no it is not a scam because a VB method with a thumper will bring you an edge against those easy conditions.

If you had more experience in the real Casinos, you would realize VB alone is very often not enough to beat a modern wheel and ball, especially the balls used that have nothing to do with the videos we see on the scammer’s websites. Bias is the only solution to overcome the “unpredictable” ball scatter on modern wheels.

And yes i know that i can’t change a stupid man, this type of people sadly stay uneducated for the rest of their life.

Best Regards,



Bago do u know that if u can t win a tilted weel with VB then u can t win it with RC too>???


John is ok and he is an gentleman and the image that Bago post is not Johns wheel and i will show it.

Bago wheel that he claims is Marks and the same as Jefcos wheel

Jefco wheel that Bago say is the same as the wheel above

Now when i show a members true colours i would not call him to be a moron or an idiot but i would say he is an big lie…



Yes it is.
You are saying they are different because the wheel base is of another colour. But it does not take a genius to see that the wheel base has been renovated, sanded and repainted. The wheel base has no scratches at all which is impossible for a wheel like this which must have at least 10 years old.


Get a life.
It is not the same wheel and if you stand with bouth feet on the ground you would know that.
But if you are around the planet pluto and thinks that the hole world is against you then there is not much to say.

How do you get pass an old girl friend -lol- you should get pass Stefano and Mark and don’t make it a boring life time task to talk about them all the time.

It like you need more wood to the fire because you have been around for so long now talking about Stefano and Mark so now you need some one new to jump all over.

I will not let you talk down or offend John if you can’t put up and i will show you that empty statments will get you no where as long as i am moderator on this board.

Open you mind and you eyes and take an real good look again dear Bago Hunter.

Bago wheel that he claims is Marks and the same as Jefcos wheel

Jefco wheel that Bago say is the same as the wheel above

Cheers LS


Sorry if you feel offended but you need education on the matter:

Here is a 10+ years old wheel without maintenance:

Now the same wheel after maintenance:

Microprocessor Roulette Computer | Casino Cheating Device

But for little mind and naive Lucky strike in his head they are different wheels because they do not have the same colours.
LoL, fucking amateur and idiot you are.


This weel that bago shows is Jafcos weel!

Now i don t know if Jafco is Mark…abd i don t care…as long as his sysem works perfect and he is a true gentelman as LS say!!!


Dear Bago i would not use low life words like moron or idiot when i talk to you because i think you are below that.

Regarding this topic you have not show any one that John is a scammer or that hes wheel is the same wheel that Mark have or hade.

This will be a never ending story.

  1. You will claim with out put up with any-thing else then empty statments
  2. I will not let you to call some one a scammer if you can’t show us that it is true

Keep on going with your life time task to hunt Stefano and Mark maybe it will save some poor soul from spending hes money in the wrong place

Cheers LS


Mamma Mia!

Are we in kid garden and i feel like i am an parent that want you to behave!

Cheers LS


Of course it is. But the guy showing a demonstration of the PDA’s computer is NOT Mark because the hand is very different and the guy is slim and Mark is not.

And Lucky Strike just said in earlier posts that Yous told him Jafco rented some of Mark’s wheels.

So the odds that it is Mark’s wheel renovated are just outstanding. Moreover they are both from the UK so it would not have been a problem to travel the wheel.

This scalloped wheel is second hand, and it is nearly impossible that this guy could have recently bought ANOTHER scalloped wheel with the exact same rotor and pockets. Back in the 80’s he would have been able to buy one, but certainly not today, unless he got it from Mark and that’s my point of view.

Mark have a very bad reputation now, just as Stefano. An affiliate would be the solution to continue marketing his products.

Lucky Strike, if i want to talk about Stefano and Mark, i just do it. Who are you to tell me what i’ve to do or talk about?.

Moreover, i’ve no advices or orders to get from a guy like you who not long time ago was trying to beat Roulette with even chances system at VLS roulette forum. So, if there is an idiot here, you are indicated well.

Best Regards,


And Lucky Strike just said in earlier posts that Yous told him Jafco rented some of Mark's wheels.

hehehe yes i did say that Yous told me that John rent wheels but i did never say he rent wheels from Mark hahaha

Bago i have to admit that you are funny some times…

Cheers LS


Bago: Someone will have to explain how come Jafco uses Mark’s scallopped wheel in his demonstrations.

Lucky: Well i talk to Yous a long time ago and if i remeber it correct he rent some of hes wheels.

his wheels, means Mark’s wheels.

Sorry if you don’t know what you are writing…


Its ok Bago english and the gramma is not the very best when i type so i admit that was wrong by me and i will fix it.
Yous told me that John rent wheels.

Well back to topic when will we see hard core proff and not just a feel about this and that?
You assume very much and have very littel to show!

And who cares what you think about my past and present time, get a life.

Cheers LS


Correct me if i’m wrong but renting wheels offices do not supply such old wheels. You can even pay for a dealer if you want to play roulette for fun with friends at home.

It’s simply impossible he could rent this wheel from a renting office. This wheel is from Mark, get real, it is very uncommon design nowadays and Jafco appeared only recently, i’ve visited hundred of Casinos in Europe i never encountered such a wheel.


Well i have no clue where he rent and what kind of wheels he rent but i do know that you are the one ho claims that John is a scam and use the same wheel as Mark with out showing us that this is the case.

You just assume and feel this and that and make empty statments.
Get real and give us some hard core facts to look at.

I will have an open mind but it hard when there just is an never ending story with claims with nothing to back them up with.
Regarding your hunting Stefano and Mark and try to save the world and poor sould not to lose there money, well that is your life task keep going buddy…

Cheers LS