Has anyone bought Jafco's system?


I do not have anything against guy, if he wants to write article to my web page with his link it is ok with me.

He promotes advantage play and it is as forth dimension to someone who is searching for systems.

Once someone understands his work will also easier understand how I play without cards or how VB2 works. I think it is simple but as you can see even Kelly have problem understanding it. :-\


His system might be hard, or as people think, for me, i think is very different, because he trained me, i mean i go to his place every now and then and he trains me, so yeah i know exactly how it works.

But he didnt write any articles he updated his website and under roulette forums he gave a link to ur forum.

But he was a bit dissappointed, because we all know you that you are doing this out of good intentions and to help people but, the thing is not every bob, tom, or whoever can look into the subscribed forums.

It would be nice if you could move the system reviews to free forum.


Ok, I moved it to the other section, but I am not sure if it is good idea.


I met john today and i asked him for his opinion on the 3 pin game, specifically where forester and kelly had been having some heated argument/disagreement.

He said that unsurprisingly forester and kelly both were right and that the disagreement is simply down to the face that the visual system is always being updated and that there are several newly documented ways of playing the 3 pin game, specially in respect of having 2 seprated bet positions and playing slower wheels. This can be seen on some of the videos, though he explained how updating all the text can sometimes lag behind.

The 3 pin game can be applied in different ways and the choice would mainly depend on the wheel speeds.(and bounce)

He also pointed out that the cards were a great way of starting to play but not crucial in the long term.
He said that the vibration can also be replaced with good rhythm counting. To be fair, i have only ever seen him playin without the vibration and can easily notice his ability to count in rhythm.

me and him also had a prediction tournament, and the score was 6-0 to him, but then i beat with a exact Hit on 0. :smiley:

Then we played R/C car racing track and i beat him again as his car went over the track and crashed.



i think i would rather win at the prediction game then rc cars. yous you are lucky to have some one who has experence to train you. good luck keep us updated how the system is working. If you are winning with it and what not.


I can comment only what I have seen,what has been explained in his document. :-\


jaybird, if u ever do come to london yeah? u have to see jafco he is good at training and his rc car track is 60 FEET LONG!!, professional bro! heheh, i enjoy that,

As for training, ofcourse its good, i have a professional guy training me, and he has 2 wheels, he got a new london casino supply wheel, much like cammeghs. and he will post new videos with it.

Forester, i got his system, recently n he teaches me so yeah i have updated info, may be u shuld contact him.


Forester, I got his system, recently n he teaches me so yeah I have updated info, may be u should contact him.

Contact for what?

I am not interested to learn basic and estimated tilted wheel prediction. Since in real play even with calculated and defined prediction isn’t easy.

It only happened that I looked document for guy who couldn’t do anything with it on real casino wheel.

In previous posts I highlighted what I believe is wrong, explained why it is wrong and that’s all. If someone can prove me wrong I welcome it.

In respect to his work I moved the thread to private forum section but you asked me to return it back, so here it is. :slight_smile:


Well , thanks. and its all good, all your posts highlighted some good points and will deffinetly help people in the long term.

Thanks again.

All is good.


Hi Forester
I have seen your report VB2 roulett system
How I kan pay 40$ discussion


there are instructions just above menu, in small pint :wink:


I have Jafco’s VB system some months now.

Before that i have learned Laurence scot VB system.

Jafco’s system is a Very good solution to Rotor Speed calculation (with the watch and the cards!)

the deference between these 2 systems is that with Jafcos everything is Mechanical…so when u find the right observation point…there is nothing that u can do wrong!

also the 2 pin is very right(under the right sircomstances of cource!)

the proof is that i have applyed the 2 pin system in Jafcos weel but also at bob gordon 2 pin weel and when the ball is hitting the 2nd pin…the number is again under it!!!

My way of vb is the combination of these 2 systems!

I get the observation point with Laurence system and then i make the card (jafco system) according to it…
So i make a new card in every weel i play(but jafcos cards are very close to almost all weel values)
Then with the special jafcos way with watch i maisure the rotor move and i have the observation point moved according to this!


Someone will have to explain how come Jafco uses Mark’s scallopped wheel in his demonstrations.


Maybe it is a coincidence of same wheel.

Someone will have to explain how come Jafco uses Mark's scallopped wheel in his demonstrations.

Well i talk to Yous a long time ago and if i remeber it correct he rent wheels.
Then to make a statment that it is the same wheel you would need to have an id of some kind.



I just don’t believe in such a coincidence. Marketing a roulette system, a roulette computer with a scalloped wheel used by another roulette computer supplier.

Mark like Stefano are well known to be scam artists, so why would you do if you were in their shoes to continue the scam?.

Stefano’s excuse is the ebook protected with a special username and an eleven digit number password only him can generate is not his system.

Mark is a little cleverer and decided to continue his selling by using a partner who is not known.

The scalloped wheel is not the only coincidence, the computer Jafco sells is also the same as Mark’s.

The scalloped wheel is not the only coincidence, the computer Jafco sells is also the same as Mark's.

I am going to meat Jefco - John after my holiday trip do you want me to ask him some thing from the bottom of your heart?
I have talk to Yous and John and can’t grasp where you get all this kind of ideas from.

Say this say that is easy.
You show us where Mark with image where he has the same wheel as John.
Then we can compare and see if there is an id to talk about.
Empty statments will get you now where.

Regarding the RC that John sell is the same as Mark’s ?? well prove it!
If not then again you come with empty statments.

Get real.

Cheers LS


Friend Bago I don t care if Jafco is MARK…and the reason is couse HIS system really WORKS!



For me it is enough, but there will be always a moron like lucky strike who will say it is not the same wheel whereas he just acknowledged that Jafco rented some of Mark’s wheels.

Moreover i challenge anyone here who will be able to find for sale this scalloped wheel of this exact same design. You will struggle.
So lucky strike, will you acknowledge like a man that you were wrong and that this scalloped wheel is from Mark?. Probably not, you seem to be an idiot.


Good for you, then how come you spend your time here instead of making your first million at the roulette tables?.
If you would spend more time in the Casinos you would know a VB method works only if the Casino wants. They can make any VB method worthless.


Bago i know where you come from with low life words like that.
I think we all can understand that you did not get any antention from your parents as an kid.
Now you need it so bad when you are a grow up man so you need to use low life words like moron and idiot.

I still just se an empty statment.
I can see the wheel John use in hes videos at hes site and that is not the same wheel on the image you post or is it?
Regarding the pda some one would need to have bouth Johns and Marks to claim they sell the same RC wich i can’t see with the image you post above.