Has anyone bought Jafco's system?


For same reason i play VB2 :smiley:



In the VB2 also need to know when you are missing a few laps.
The document VB2 say “Go 3-4 Earlier rotations in spin”.
Is correct?




No, VB2 is the only one visual prediction capable of predicting in any ball rotation.
With any I mean reasonable amount of rotations. For example you get good prediction in 6th or 7th ot …10. th rotation before the end of spin.
But still before that you would need good understanding of traditional VB as you may find in books you bought.


Hi Forester,
I do not understand how you can give the same result in a prediction on the 6th 7th and 10th revolution if the number under the ball after 1.2 s is always different.
Thanks for your answers!



All questions about VB2 are or will be answered only in forums VB2 section.


Hello Forester,

What is the cost to participate in the forum section VB2?







[quote=“Cripton, post:240, topic:303”]I bought the system JAFCO.
In the video that shows using the system is gained.
Now I see it is impractical to work in reality.
The problem is to detect the revolution 4 without the use of technology.



practice more on ball timing, there are ways of finding the final 4 revolutions without technology. (May be i find it easier as a dealer)
I memorized all of jafcos cards so i never found it impractical. However,you can memorize the main cards that you are going to use.
Remember, you dont have to get the last 4 revolutions exactly. As long as the ball travels from 3:25 to 4 you will be ok. 8)


Jafco Roulette system on eBay - “roulette system”


Last week I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days in London with “Jafco”. I was shown his visual ballistics system, his dealer signature method, and of course his pred7 computer.
I don’t want to give anything away about his methods, but just to say, for the benefit of all, that I was very impressed.
First of all the man is genuine, very passionate about roulette, an excellent teacher and was thoroughly professional in all his dealings with me. He not only answered all my questions, but he over delivered. By the end of my training, with his patient and expertly planned guidance, I could do everything that I had set out to learn. In fact to end the training we had a friendly competition using VB to guess where the ball will land next.I surprised my self and was actually not bad at VB prediction!
There will always be those who doubt, and so in case anyone is thinking that he is some kind of conjurer who can manipulate the results by expert throwing, or by using other cheap tricks with magnets etc, I want to say that this was impossible! In fact often it was me spinning the ball, and so I’m convinced that there was no under handed activity at all in any of these demonstrations. Everything was always above board.
“The proof is in the pudding” as they say, and I hope I’ll soon be able to make a lot of dough using what I’ve learnt from Jafco’s methods!


Nice for you …
I know John is a true gentleman …



In one of posts you said

Is it from materoulette.com ? It is strange that you didn’t like it.


Forester, u must to sell a visual system 8) low cost… Because nobody know apreciate the free information on forester forums… :stuck_out_tongue:

I know John is a true gentleman ...
Maybe he is gentelmen, but his video which he post in site and what is in real casino are very diferent things, especially when he say that is enough to clock one ball round in the begining - that is really nonsense.


;D, as if I care.
People will always believe they can buy a miracle. When a seller makes nice videos they believe even more.

Purple previously bought masterroulette system which is actually one step up form Jafco since masterroulette teaches and way how to identify particular ball rotation during the spin and explains the knee point. Rest is same as what Jafco explains about tilted wheel. While for some it may be simple to understand he had trouble so he started from the start. Step by step :D, it is always better when someone teaches you.


[quote=“bebediktus, post:254, topic:303”]

I know John is a true gentleman …

Maybe he is gentelmen, but his video which he post in site and what is in real casino are very diferent things, especially when he say that is enough to clock one ball round in the begining - that is really nonsense.[/quote]

Are you sure Jafco said that? Maybe you mixed with MH or Stefano. They were clocking a single ball rotation and claiming to predict leveled roulette wheel.


He writes that in his site

By avoiding the standard time correction methods we do not now require more than 1 ball revolution time to make a prediction, and not only that but you will see in the video that it can be the very first ball revolution ! No-one has shown that before.



With VB he removed method of identifying particular ball rotation and replaced it with guessing it.
With computer he removed algorithm to correct mistakes in timing that caused errors and replaced with errors with timing only a single ball rotation. His prove that it is the best solution in his videos.
I come across many people who bought his VB. Obviously people like entertaining videos. Everybody happy.


How about this year, has anyone tried Jafco’s system yet and how are the numbers?


hi. i bought the system last week. jafcos real name is john. he spent 5 hours training me. he decided on changing the way he shows people. he began with asking me to judge the remaining ball revolutions. then he asked me to look at a certain position and tell the number. my predictions got better and better. john was a very patient teacher. helpful and well mannered. a gentleman. i will go back to get some more advanced skills once i improve my vb. its been a week since the course and i have been practising daily. i am improving substantially. john and i had a little competition before the end of our session. 10 spins to see who could get the highest score. 3 points straight up. 2 points direct neighbour. 1 point outer neighbours. at the end of ny session i got mostly 1s and john got 2s. it was humid and sunny so the ball was misbehaving.
i have got back to john a few times and he is very supportive. he loves to teach and he does it well. personally i am having problems fighting the temptation to go to a casinso to try jafco vr for real. i will give it some more time before putting everything to a road test when vall conditions are good.
jafco is a southerner. mark howe is a northern man. these people are different. i am a northern man and can distinguish true manly nothern accents from posh southern ones…
i am not in a position to compare and contrast roulette methods as i am a complete beginner. i know nothing.i am nothing.