Has anyone bought Jafco's system?

One question about VB2. When the wheel is kicked up and the ball is spun. How early in the spin do you make your prediction. 3rd,4th,5th revolution? Also your reference point. (Where your timing starts ) Would that be the DD?

Vb2 predicts at any rotation, in usual 10-5 before then bal drops.
Vb2 uses constant reference point, that can be changed base don rotor speed.
E2 can be started at any position and you do nto have to use zero but any number.

For VB2 timer with switcvh is suitable because we need to start tiem at aprticular mo ment based on ball postion.
For E2 it can be at any time.

FFZ has a tiumer bult in.


I tried VB2 last night at the casino. Or should I say my interpretation of VB2. Yes, I agree that counting manually is difficult and accuracy then suffers a bit. I still came out well ahead though. But my sectors were quite a bit larger than normal.

Do I use the DD as my static point?

Thanx for all the great info and help.

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I would like to ask some basic question - did you use the race-track or do you know the wheel - the number rings layout ?
You see no matter if you use an RC or VB2 it is for sure a good thing to master - if you are serios …

Cheers …


Hi LS,

I am very serious indeed. I played this weekend in the casino and tried VB2 the way I interpret it. I played using the race track. I do however know the wheel pretty well but the racetrack does make it a bit quicker.

I did ok. But I also did cover bigger areas than what was most probably neccessary.
A question though. Why did I predict pretty accurate for a period of time. Then it changed to exactly opposite my prediction on the wheel. So if my prediction was 0 then the result was 5. This lasted for quite a long time. Obviously I just changed to opposite my prediction.

Later it changed back to my prediction area. Am I doing something wrong?


Hi Toxic

This watch might be an alternative.

Yamaha ME-120BK Digital Quartz Metronome / Wristwatch / Stopwatch / Timer /Calorie Counter
I am not a seller of those , it is just that i didnt find quickly another source where to get.
So just take a look…maybe it will suit you better.



Thanx Qido.

I wil have a look at it.

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Why did I predict pretty accurate for a period of time. Then it changed to exactly opposite my prediction on the wheel. So if my prediction was 0 then the result was 5. This lasted for quite a long time. Obviously I just changed to opposite my prediction.

This is very interesting.
Most people trying to hide it but it is reality and you spotted it very well.
It is nothing to do with any system.
Things on wheel change. Last rotation is very sensitive, only small differences may cause one extra rotation or not. Even FFA can’t do it right all the time.
What people are talking is more a theory under perfect conditions.

You also could have some otherproblems.
With VB2 you must be careful to not make to late predictions.
After ball speed drops about 1s per rotation vb2 start losing linearity therefore if after some time you start predicting when ball speed is more like 1.4 s it can happen.
But can be many other things.

Did your drop point shift or it was final result, because the ball was jumping differently? Did you make proper rotor adjustments?

In usual people say oh it is so easy, rotor is constant.
Reality is not like that. Observing rotor change in 1.2 sec or 2 sec especially when counting is not very accurate. One pockets difference in observation may cause 10 pockets difference to the end if prediction is early.
Of course if you predicting 5 sec before then the ball drops it is easier( as in Jafco’s system) , but you lose on flexibility there is a big difference to predict 5 or 15 sec before then ball drops.


Hi Forester,

You mentioned that if the ball is too slow it looses accuracy. I think that might be what happened in my case. The particular dealer had a pretty weak spin.

More directly though I think it might of been because I didn’t play it 100% correctly. Next time I will! I did check the rotor speed often and that did seem to be pretty consistant. As far as scatter goes. It did not scatter that much and actually kicked back more often than not.

I’m no expert with types of wheels but I do know that it was a Huxley I played and that it has wooden track. Not sure what model it is though.

Thanking your for all the help.

Kind regards


Before then you apply VB2, you observe rotor.
I target about 12 sec before then ball drops.
And my time is about 1.7 s

In same time I observe rotor as well.

First few spins I do not know much.
But I start adjusting for rotor for each mark in between diamonds about 12 pockets.
{From diamond to diamond we have 9 pockets, in between is H diamond (4.5 pockets) and in between is colored marks (2.25 pockets)} As on this picture

Avoid playing if rotor changes by more then 6 pockets.


I know this might sound stupid. If however we played a wheel that was heavily bias in two areas. From 0 to 6 and from 9 to 5 (numbers on wheel). This particular wheel (Huxley Mk3) has a definate one pin dropzone as well. (7/10 this diamond is hit)

So my question is. If a wheel is bias then will VB2 work? I mean I might get prediction for for number 28. But because of bias it will drop in one of the above two areas.

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Bias is always less then prediction.
Sometimes I believe 22,31,9 are biased, when prediction is there I place more on that numbers, even if prediction is 1,20 or 29.


Thanks. That is what I thought. There is one specific wheel that is really incredibly bias. The smallish casino do not seem to care too much and I guess the general lack of knowledge from the more than average players is causing them not to notice what is going on. The casino staff actually levels the wheel often…(wonder why often?) It was clear to me when I was there that there is a problem with the pockets. Especially 0 - 6. Numbers 25, 21 and 34 are very hot and when the ball goes there it drops dead. No real scatter as on the rest of the wheel.

The wheel is 900km away from me but my friend read me numbers again last night and the two sectors mentioned never missed more than 3 spins. This has been going on for more than a month!

I’m really jelous because he said he was going to nail it this week with heavy betting. Whish i could teleport there in a second or two!


I may not be correct, because with bias the ball most likely stops there when it is jumping all over the place. I only said the way how I do it.
22,31,9 may not be biased , it could be only numbers that I always notice.

Keep good work :wink:


Hi all, i managed to predict the numbers/ position which jafco placed the poker on the rotor 9 times out of 10 times with simple physics/ math calculation…

Am i heading the correct direction?

jafco placed the poker on the rotor 9 times out of 10 times with simple physics
not sure what do you mean


what’s is jafco’s system… I only know of “Martingale System”! but many players also told me that its a game of luck, there is no system that can accurately predict a roulette spin.


;D My dear girl… I think most advantage players will get a heart attack if you mention their work in the same sentence as Martingale!!! :o


I believe he made a post only to make links.
In usual I do not care for links if they are useful, but his ones I changed.


Lol and there I thought a nice girl was joining the forum. Oh well … :stuck_out_tongue:



I bought the system JAFCO.
In the video that shows using the system is gained.
Now I see it is impractical to work in reality.
The problem is to detect the revolution 4 without the use of technology.