First video proof for Acrobat FF4


Does validity of data points( jump) related to ball speed expire?
Rotor speed ball jump is a good idea…


Yes. The problem is not to soon, and if to soon then it doesn’t adopt to change and not enough data.


“Too soon”, wouldn’t be a problem at all… if wheel exibit high frequencies of repetition in ball jump, that is exactly " the problem" player wold like to have.
“Too late” on other hand, can be very damaging ( just my humble opinion ).


You get information about ball travel on top about ball jump.
Not enough data can not define it well.
One spin you may have 6.500 rotations predicted end at 6.500 + one jump, next spin 6510 may end at 6750 but different jump. If jumps are reasonably constant it is ok but if not then it gets messy it needs lot of spins. Then it comes change on the wheel and say 6500 starts dropping after 7,000 rotations, nothing matches. Now with creating new set spin after each spin we trying to bring stability so the spin 6.500 gets predicted ads 7.000.