First video proof for Acrobat FF4

Hello dear Community!

Today I was able to find some time to make a video win proof of Acrobat FF4.
There are 39 spins shown in the footage.

As soon as possible I will upload this video to my Youtube channel and let you know.

Applied revision: FFZ4_Acrobat_4_R17.production_6
Link to the revision file: - and scroll down a bit.

It says I don’t have access to that link. How do I gain access please?

Please ask Forester over pm, I have no idea, sorry.

Can you post the video on YT?

Yeah please post it on youtube would be great :slight_smile:

Don’t panic, I will! :ok_hand:

Okay, the footage is finally done. Now it’s time for rendering. This procession takes a lot of time. Then after it will be uploaded to my YT channel. Later on I will post here a link and a description to this video.
All those who has subscribed to my channel will be let know.

I hope you like this video!

!!! The video is uploaded !!!

Have fun!
If you have some questions, feel free and ask me.

Hard to see because of very large scatter of ball jumps.

Would you have profit if pockets were covered?

Great video Donna.

Are you predicting the ball drop/fall off point or landing? As far I know the FF predicts where the ball falls off the track.

What do you think about the predictions? Could be human error or clocking error.

Yes, I always bet 3 numbers, the total profit was 99 units or $ or €.

The predictions are the final number - not the drop point.
Drop point doesn’t make a sense to me, because of simplicity. I only add feedback to FF, where the ball has landed (final number).

Predictions which were wrong depend on the ball jumps behavior (rotor speed is a common factor for).

Ok, if you will bet in opposite side 5 numbers - you will be in plus165. But anyway if to build chart from all hits as distances from predicted number - is absolute chaos, what not talk at all about advantage… plus predictions was made really quite late 3-4 rotations till end not real to place bets in real casino…
Ok , but all that talk, that wheel is maybe not easy and what is main - you not played , only betted what you says program. You must work with program , do adjustments corecttions and so on.
Simpliest what you could do - notice that opposite side is much better… or you done something like corrections shifting Dd and similar ?

In which way you added ? Similar that added in circular way, that is not good, when so long scatering…

After prediction I try to get the Rzap for the last rotation. When the ball has landed within a pocket (the RC is waiting for me to enter corrections) I press the button for amount of pckets divided by 3 and add from predicted number to the final number. Ball jumps will be skipped.

Yes, this wheel is very crappy!
Why do you think I do not think while playing? Of course, the main thing of a RC is to make the things easier!!! There is no doubt at all.
As you can see I add corrections, what the hell are you talking about?

From video is very hard to notice what you do, but then is even worse… that talks that corrections not helped and created two picks in opposite sides , what is always when predict one DD but ball with the same proportion hit to next or to previous DD

By the way, if you point final point in circular way like you done is better not do any correcttions for sample…

Why DD?
What is DD for you?
For me it means Dominant Diamond!

and your explanation!?

No matter what you get in final - program still firstly predict place where ball will drop then add offset.
DD can be understand as dominant diamond or drop diamond so that you must understand from contect.