First video proof for Acrobat FF4


You ask why ? That is simple - scatering is very long and when you enter in circular way when +18 and -18 is the same 6 clicks all that simply create chaos… simple example say you enter +12 (4 clicks ), but that was not +12 but -24 ( the same position ) and say all next balls will fall betveen that first prediction and and that point where really landed ball so between -24 and 0 so really will be zone12-18-24-30-36 - but you will get prediction on 12 !!! when you really want it on 24 ( center of all next final numbers)


Not really sure if you are right at this point.
Why shouldn’ that be the final number?

You setup the system to a diamond (best seen diamond).
You play and make corrections to what you want, drop point or final number.


Remember, you can not lissen what i here talked and play in way which you like :slight_smile:
I always foregoth , that i must talk less :slight_smile:


BB, what do you think is a dominant diamond?
To me is a DD a diamond which is often hit than the others, it is not a drop diamond.
A drop diamond is diamond which was get hit. There is a huge difference between the terms. Don’t call a dominant diamond as drop diamond!

I think we should discuss it over pm.


I call like cal it most players :slight_smile:


But that is wrong!!!
Most players are gamblers and have no idea what they are talking about.

A Dominant diamond is a diamond which was get hit more than the other diamonds, this is due to tilt degree of the roulette wheel. This is very necessary for the statistics and will help you to make some decisions.


A drop diamond is a diamond which is hit by the ball in a game. This information is also necessary because it mustn’t be a dominant diamond. It could be each diamond.


Often just for any diamond I write DD.


So what video show? l understood nothing besides that there is no point to play such a wheel with rc. Strikes are non random and l clearly see bearing defect, rotor is titled and there is something really going on with that 12/35 fret.


I don’t like this wheel lol. The ball is bounce is very unpredictable. You would do better with VB.


No vb in the world will give you more edge on this wheel with this ball . Bias is just stronger. You could include some vb in your bias play to give it extra boost


There is in fact a lot of confusion about terminology. Should we develop vocabulary for roulette wich everyone understand? On other hand, confusion helps to filter lazy… :slight_smile:


What this video shows? It shows that the FF4 works.
You cannot make such conclusions by only 39 spins.

Strikes are non rondom? - WHY???

You can see clearly a bearing defect? - REALLY? WHAT DOES THIS EXPRESS???

Rotor is titled? - A rotor cannot be tilted! How do you come to this conclusion?

Something is really going on with that 12/35 fret! - What is going on with it??? And WHY?

All these things you said you couldn’t prove!!!

Awaiting your Explanation.


Do not talk for other VBs! Otherwise prove it.

Bias after 39 spins!? …okay!:thinking:

I see… You must be a passioned bias player.




Donamon, do you realise that your 2 hits extra on 3 numbers in 39 spins doesn’t show anything at all? I belive you should keep waiting for my “explanations” till second arrival of Christ. … your attitude demands it.
On other hand, no one stops you to take bearings out and check them for a tight fitt ( fearness), or plot strikes and see yourself if they are random.
You got a very good wheel wich can teach you a lot, but it has one huge deffect ( same as your ff)… they both are at the wrong hands.


He can not, it doesn’t apply to menu 3 he used because each prediction is associated with ball jump related to particular ball speed.


What do you mean he can not? He lost his video?
As l remember it is very good video and anyone can see where ball beat numbers.
And… why ball jump with ball speed? How these 2 are related?


That’s how menu 3 he used works.
For example 5.666 rotations prediction checks for previous corrections and applies result recorded with them. And the result is combined with ball jump as well.


So… ball jump and ball speed are considered related because it’s a function of ff’s menu 3 ?
Do other menu consider it as well, or it could be desabled?


Yes, it is optional but on a different way. It applies jumps data but mostly based on rotor speed and less on the ball speed.