Everyone has a story, how did you found myrulet.com, reviews


:wink: I use to be like Mr. J … many many moons ago.(not proud to say so) Then I saw the light from guys like Caleb, Davey Jones etc.

I found my way to Forester’s site, Miro helped me with VB2 and FFV and I have never looked back. Thanks guys.



Thanks guys.

I was about to send him a mail when I have decided to see if in internet something existed of already realized.This way I have happened in the site of SH. I have read all of his beautiful words on his RC and the critiques that he has done on the products of his "adversaries".This way I am said:now I go to see what the other products.

Did you know that at RSR Stefano was describing the FF as a scam? I laughed at him and told him it doesn’t work since people read it come to myrulet read what I write and find the truth. He then for about one year completely removed the review trying to prevent people for knowing about myrulet site.

When that didn’t works he created page roulette wars and placed back negative reviews at RSR. It was like that all the time until Barnett (casino consultant ) bought the FF’s and made a public report about FF roulette computers.


Hey everyone. This is my first post.

I am a web developer and a stone-cold researcher. Roulette has been a project of mine for the past year, and trust me guys. I learned alot.

Throughout my research, I found this site and Forester’s words and the others that are affiliated to hold the most credibility thus far.

Forester, I would like to purchase your FFZ computer. I will use it to further my thirst for knowledge and further my journey to roulette truth.

Plus I am still working on those questions for you and I will be in contact as I stated earlier.


hey all this is my first post, ive been reading through all the posts here now for a few days, and its all been an interesting read but anyways i found myrulet by googling up on GW system,

I was very very close too purchasing stefano’s 2500usd system, i was actually on the paypal page trying too purchase it but paypal wouldnt let me buy it without first confirming my identity… guess i caught a lucky break!
And its hear on this forum i realised just how stupid i was too think it was legit.
Its really hard too find anything negative about his genuinewinner.com on the web, It makes me sick that someone can be soo much of a pig too steal peoples money like that!.. anyways i am very grateful i came across you guys and this forum and want too thank you for showing me the scam artist lowlife he is before i became one of his victims!



It looks convincing isn’t it?

It's really hard to find anything negative about his genuinewinner.com

;D; if you do Google search you get first 20 pages he created,

When I search, I type

Stefano roulette scam

And get the page


but the site is not listed if I search genuine winner roulette scam


Yeah losting big amount on casino via martingale. :-\

Shit trick of internet…


Hi guys

after playing system after system and inventing a few along the way myself with no success I thinks its time for me to try a different approach.

so AP VB and RC I want to give them all a try,

any hints suggestions or good reading material I can find would be great if someone can point me in the right direction,




Read all the Topics in here and u will learn a lot.


Well Hello first of im new:)
I don’t own any roulette computer, a while ago about 5 years we were developing roulette machines when we stopped working with roulettes, one roulette was left in the office and about two years after that we started to developing are own app that would define where the ball will fall. But then our investor cutted the fundings and the project stopped.

Then few years later i decided to look up the net to see what was developing in that way.
I read about stefano system when we started developing roulette computer app for phone.

I tought it had some potential but when i read about him last days i see it’s a scam, the only place i found that seems to be genuine is this. So here i am hoping for some good community and some good roulette computer. As i never played roulette in my life in Casino i see from people that before i can win with or without computer i have to go and lose some money and learn to play :slight_smile:
Well will share my experiences with you.

Regards m0fo


Regarding roulette computers a new one is going to be out soon the Acrobat.

FF-Acrobat is software that is in development for the new generation of FF roulette computers.

[html] [/html]

It’s not only that it develops the ball deceleration curve but whole 3 dimensional area used for predicting.
It also keeps previous features of predicting any time and multiple times during the same spin.
All that in size less than a half of casino chip.


My story was that i have played roulette the first time when i was 16 years old on an electronic one - not a slot machine - (like a real table but without a croupier).My friend and i used to give like 5e each and win like 20e(try to double maybe triple it) and then go have a drink or eat…:smiley: life was tough and we were kids :D…but we didnt play all the time and every time i tried to find a betting system,either playing with a favorite and neighbours or vois de zero , 5/6 , like every noob.

Until i went were the actual croupier throws the ball for the first time and saw a guy in action…word was spread and rumors how he played by (-eye-sight-) , coming here i realized he didnt, he was just very very lucky and had lots of money to regain his losses.

So i started typing visual roulette prediction got here and got to vls but in a second i saw how it was a joke and funny it was compared to this site - with Foresters expertise and how his posts were so detailed… i chose and stayed here…
Anyone else wanna share?:smiley:


Originally i were looking for inputs to me and Martins “level wheel callibrator” back in 2005 - 2010 , but i think we are working different ways. Our device would be an extension for a “pulse watch” that would adapt the pulse so you would get the last pulse at the exact spot where you should read your outcome number on a semi tilted wheel. As it turned out it was possible to do the same thing in a different way if the head cout timings were perfected.


I became interested in the game of roulette about 5 years ago (2007), I tried all the mathematical approaches to beat it, realizing at last that it is not possible.
Once in 2009 on an Italian forum I read a post that spoke of a foolproof system of an Australian guy (S.H.)
Found the web site, I immediately knew that this was a scam for a number of reasons, first of all the appearance too commercial of the web site, and also 100% Money-back Guarantee.

But the site had a link to roulettecomputers.com. Not trusting the reliability of S.H., I tried to find competing sites, knowing so M.H.
I was scammed by him first with a pocket PC that generated truly random predictions (demonstrated by the fact that I did the tests on the same video spin and the results were always different), and then with a roulette pen advertised with the same functionality of the FFV (that he never sent to me, only stealing my money).
After that I had lost hope of finding a working product, got to the point of believing that the real RC were not on the market, and those who had kept them for himself.

Fortunately, shortly after a link brought me to this forum, and I knew immediately that this was different from others.
Most posts were very technical, I realized immediately it was a place where highly competent people (not scammers) exchanged ideas and experiences, and I’m still very happy for this.
Thanks to all! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the post rremoroulette! Sorry to hear about you getting ripped off.


Good that you brought it up…
Befor i came here i stumbled at - roulette wars - once also… but thought it to be a site against roulette.Telling people not to play,how the mathematical systems dont work because some scams were mentioned - didnt pay much attention and just scanned though it in a sec…

Afrer seeing some old posts I couldnt believe who made it and why LOL :-\

I know this is a closed subject and people dont want it brought up or mentioned anymore but i have to say what was on my mind.

Forester - “Smejao bi se ali je situacija zalosna” :slight_smile:

What im tying to say is - if a person told me that someone could actually be so sick to do all this and WASTE his time to make a site like roulette wars id say that person was lying - still cant believe - HOW SICK SOMEONE HAS TO BE TO DO ALL THIS - unbelieveable

THE GUY IS WORSE THAN THE CASINOS - because he steals money and makes you lose your money by actually HELPING THE CASINOS - ironically by selling shit to beat the casino…


Very strange mind, how strange it has to be for someone to be sentenced for two years jail for scam as he was. Or to make web site about himself to promote roulette systems explaining to people how he is a scientist developing an electronic kidney as well, when infect he has no formal qualification.

I suggest leave him alone, since whatever someone says he blames me and feels that he has to create more and more web pages about me.

Good thing is that you found this site by reading his site and made your own mind. So keep studding Bagun!

Even better thing is that I received an email from EU where the FFV already arrived.
Sent on Thursday, received on Monday. That’s was fast. ;D


How did you found myrulet.com or rouletteplace?


Not under my bed, lol.

By chance , I think the website was mentioned at gamingfloor.



Hello to everyone,

this is how I fond you here , Thank GOD !!!

I was eagerly trying to get hold of SH for weeks, because trying all systems, loosing here , loosing there I was fed up and wanted to try the Computer way.
As the site promisses so much I just had to see SH in person. Now, I tried to contact him for about 4 weeks. Thursdays. I stayed up till 4 am trying and trying. Always the same message : “Number does not exist” , tried with Skype… Same here…
Wrote emails to him, and all there was, was one sentence : “You definitely have the wrong number” , What !!! That shitty number I know by hart, trying so many times. Well Then I said I’ll give him the last chance today…

As luck should strike me I was skyping 2 days ago with a nice fellow from US and asked him what he thinks : Well , not much. Watch your Money, Credit Card… And!! He said, be carefull , he is dangerous.
OK, maybe he didn’t like him…

Yesterday, I skyped with another BotProgrammer from Europe and while chatting, I asked the same thing. And I got the same answer… But why cant I find anything negative about SH… Well , because he has men doing that…

So , after thinking allot that night , I searched the German Forum for roulettecomputers, and after all negative statement there was one little line that mentioned “myroulet.com

And believe me, I am so happy to be here. Cant imagine what would have happened when SH actually did return my call…

So this is my story how I got here.

Hopping for honest and reliable players here. The World outside is full of sick ones…



Hello Dreher,
Welcome to forum.

Many people come here finding first his sites.
He spams the net with his web pages, roulette forums, discrediting competitors and advertisements.
On the end it works well for us here. Bad competition is the best advertisement :wink: