Everyone has a story, how did you found myrulet.com, reviews


ja sam sa zameta.vidim za igras u HL-u taj je rulet stvoren za ff.vidim da imas neki sistem o cemu se tu zapravo radi?
na ovom forumu sam oko 2 god i kad je forester izbacio ffa odlucio sam probat sa tim ali mjesec dana nakon sto sam ga dobio iskrsnuo mi je jedan drugi posao u drugoj drzavi tako da sam morao odustati od toga.pocetkom 10 mj sam se vratio i prije malo sam ponovno poceo vjezbati sa ff a drugi tjedan mi dolazi programer za ffa-u, a hr. lutrija mi je na piku ;)…

igras li sta u opatiji u hotelima?


Ciao Clon,
Igram već dugo u HR-lUTRIJI…i problem je u tome da me tamo kao smatraju/priće krupijera drugima /da sam jedini koji im uzimam,i u zadnje vrijeme vidim ne mogu dobiti na ono Å¡ta već par godina redovito dobijam,malo ali dobijao sam redovito.
0-3,corner=8/1----2 chips.
4-9,line=5/1-------3 chips
19-24,line 5/1 3 chips
25-30,line 5/1 3 chips
10-12,street 11/1 1 chip…vraća uloženo
sve drugo dobija 6 ćipova…ili gubi 12 čipova.
—Kladi se nakon Å¡ta su 2 puta izaÅ¡li 13-18 ili 31-36 lines.dok nisi 6 ćipova u plusu,i opet čeka da 2 puta izaÄ‘u
spomenute linije.
Ako ove izađu više od 2 puta samo se nastaviti kladiti dok ne dostigneš +6
Čitavo ljeto sam u Opatiji u Madone a vikendom u Adriatiku kad dođu talijani.
I vidim u HR-L u zadnje vrijeme nikako na zelenu granu,jer oni su ušli u plan moje igre i mislim da su poćeli muljati,jer ponekad ostanem sam za stolom,ali sam im trenutno dao paso,i isto igram na D-betu,depozitirao 500
eura i svaki dan uzmem 25-40 eura na ovo šta sam ti objasnio.Ajde pa se ćujemo,idem nešto uzeti vidim ima tamo kineza.Pozdrav,Boban


Hi there everybody!

a couple of months ago I was “googling” for pictures of Vegeta. Since by that time there were some pictures of the product at you forum, destiny brouht me to you.

I thank God, I’ve found you people.
You might have a small share in the sanitary recovery of me. So thank s a lot!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



Yes, there we have had discussion about Vegeta:-)


Dear Forester,
since I was aquinted with roulette by the time I became seventeen years old (now 52), as a doorman, roulette never left me.
I started to play actively roulette at the age 22 with the most “famous” martingale system. :wink:
It took me five years to find out that nothing can work permanently with classic skills. In spite of this knowledge, because of lack of knowledge, I developed by permanently visits/studying of casino’s for me the following facts:

  • Permanently you will always find repeating situations
    preceded and accompanied of tendential situations. So I started to collect such kind of situations in which I might to reconize a signal to play. I documentated about 300 situations which are worth for me to play. That means, if situation x appears, situation y will follow immediately or within a certain amount of coups. So I come in to the casino, I scan the tables, if there is something I reconize, I hit and run. It is like guerilla war. If there is nothing to reconize, I wait and continue scanninng. There are situations where I donot reconize at all, than I leave without playing. I don’t like to stay in the casino when there is nothing to do for me.
    I consider myselve as a disciplinated player, who is aware about the danger of gambling. In my country we say: " it’s better to have a pigeon in your hand, as 10 pigeons in the air"
    Most of the time I leave the casino with just a couple of pieces. It is no problem for me to win every day just a couple of pieces.
    In this context, stuff like dealer signatur and certain patterns of drop zone came to my attention about 10 years ago. So I started to study the behaviour, speed etc. of the ball and the speed of the wheel and so on. Lack of maths and physik didn’t made me make not to much progress. By that time I became also some serious health problems with several longer clinical treatments, and so I was not able to continue steadily what I was investigating. But all those years in hospital bed I was obsessed that roulette solution was in that corner.
    Since last year my constitution boosted, because of new treatment methods. My profession is chef, wich I cannot practice anymore, but in this consignance I was googling for Vegeta and stumbled about ypor sites. That’s why I meant: Thank God! All the time I couldn’t do the research job, because of ilness. And I thank God that somebody reliable has done the job. I’m very impressed for what you have done and thank you outstanding for the the availibilty. Within a couple of days I’ll be relaesed from the hospital. Untill than I will have day and nigt time to study your sites. Which I will do. Upto now it is very much material to study, but I’m confident to line it up.
    Please allow me following question. Your aproach is similar with mine, since your barycentre is also exact clock timing. The difference, you do it with device and I was trying to develop this manual. Not completely because I use a stopwatch in vibration modus. Allow me a question in this context:
    how do you consider/respect the reaction time. From the moment you see something and the moment of conclusion and following action. For example with your E2 method.
    I will be glad if I will be able to built confidence to you, so that a base for frank and open discussions can come up.

Thanks for your attention!



[quote=“vogy3, post:45, topic:223”]It took me five years to find out that nothing can work permanently with classic skills.


How come it took you 5 years to work that out ? It should have taken you 5 minutes.


some people are slower… :slight_smile:


that’s why your avatar says your’re an expert and mine say’s I’m a newbie :wink:
perhaps your are willing and able to support me to raise me on your level…


I’m not an expert at roulette by any means but I am aware that roulette cannot be beaten by any system other than clocking the wheel.

No mathematical progression is able to turn a negative expectation into a positive one. And that goes for any form of gambling. Just do as much reading as you can. And sensible stuff, not books like ‘13 against the bank’ and similar rubbish.


thank you drwho, thank you



any serious literaly suggestions. for example: what did you read?
I really apreciate your efforts to react on me



Some suggestions for reading:

‘The theory of gambling and statistical logic’ by Epstein
’Finding the edge’ by Vancura,Cornelius,Eadington
’Fooled by randomness’ by Taleb

That should keep you busy for a few days :slight_smile:
And you’ll have learned a lot


I would read this first. Secrets Of Winning Roulette, 2nd Edition Make sure you get 2nd edition

But I also recommend http://www.gamblersbook.com/product.php?productid=17203&cat=1149&page=1

http://www.gamblersbook.com a great site that delivers world wide.


Personally I wouldn’t suggest reading any book about roulette first.

You first need a solid understanding of the mathematics of gambling in general so you are able to separate the fact from the fiction.

Too many individuals look at specific games first without a thorough grasp of the concepts behind them.

If you don’t understand the mathematics of gambling you can spend hours believing much of the drivel that’s out there.

But, hey, its up to you if you want to take short cuts. But you’ll live and learn.


@drwho and @ fatgambler,

thank you both guys for taking care of me, I really appreciate!!


I think I didn’t pronounced myselve clear enough. I wrote in my 1st posting that I’ve already find out that nothing can work with classical systems on the long term. you only can stay in plus if you hit and run away, after thorougly observation. as I wrote like “guerilla war”.
the books you’ve mentioned are the theoretical confirmationa of the practice I’ve been throuh.
After 5 years from the beginning of my gambling carreer, I started to read books about how it cannot work, me idiot ;D.
I read Pierre Basieux, Claus Koken etc.
So why “put salt in the open wounds” I’m solidly aware about, “what is not going”. I’m more interested in what can go. Anyhow thanks!


I’ve ordered your recommendation.
Allow me an info from you in your status as moderator.
I’ve send 2 pm to securityman, the day before yesterday. There was no reaction.
Perhaps I did something wrong. I donnot find a confirmation that my pm were sended. Where do I find the outbox on the site?
If I click the button messages, I only find my inbox. Please help me to get clever on that subject.

Thanks in advance



Hi vogy3 and welcome

its good that youve seen your wrongs and willing to correct them

this forum is dedicated to Advatage Play,so looks like you landed in the right place

please look at foresters VB2 method,its free and if you care to subscribe youll get unlimited support and enjoy discussing the VB2 method at great lenghs with all mebers at the section,oh and dont forget forester himself will give also all the help you need and normally live (time permitting) on msn

if you where to buy a device all support sections and private sections on the forum including VB2 section become automatically free to you and also unlimted support

ok i hope ive helped you and i also pmd you

ok good luck and enjoy your time here

regards Securiyman


vogy did you finally bough it?

I was going through old posts. …
interesting interesting ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


Simply put,
I became a roulette dealer around 10 months ago,
In July I went to search online for a used modern cammegh or Huxley saturn wheel to practice DS.
At that time I saw the thread from GW site which SH had put for sale of roulette wheels.
Well I correspond with him and he promised to get whatever wheels I wanted.
Well to cut story short, after a long wait for 4 months, no modern cammegh, no Huxley saturn, instead I was offered an old cammegh with metal track and 16 diamonds which I refused.

Well, from GW, I saw Rcs, and the reviews
then the people like jafco, MH and forrester. I began my search on them.

To be honest, when I saw jafco and MH videos. I was not impressed as the ball virtually did not bounce. That will never happen on the modern cammegh and Huxley saturn with the ivorine ball that i used daily. No wonder It is so dead accurate

As for SH, his demo with the Huxley wheel shows that the ball does actually bounce a bit like what you see in the casino.

As for myrulet.com
Due to the bad reviews by SH on the Rcs like
unrealistic zapping, cheap material costs of $20, simple clocking machine etc…I decided to take do a search.

Well at least one thing i’m sure is that the bounce that I saw from those videos are quite realistic.

Right now i’m still exploring whether SH is lying, but seems to find out more about the feud between you guys.

Anyway, my main concern is to be a player. DS works for me sometimes but not all the time. even if i get some one to play at my table while i try DS, i do not feel secure nor too confident.

As for VB, it is new to me.
I believe modern wheels today are very difficult for VBers due to the bounce, they might have to buy maybe 10 numbers or more to cover the bounce zone.

Well, as for system, I had GW system (free from the net by some disgruntled GW owner), and some other systems, erm…my personal opinion is that they don’t work!

I believe there are only 3 ways to beat roulette.

  1. The dealer who master DS collaborate with you
  2. You found a biases wheel
  3. some device that can effectively calculate the drop zone

And that is why i’m here.
but like i had said, im still exploring… :smiley:


Thanks for the nice post, I really appreciate it.
Keep going with your research :smiley:

"Due to the bad reviews by SH on the Rcs like unrealistic zapping, cheap material costs of $20, simple clocking machine etc...I decided to take do a search."

It is lack of understanding. How much will cost for someone to develop custom hardware and to manufacture it in small quantity? (Circuit design, printed circuit board design, sourcing and purchasing components, assembling). That would be the cost. On top of that we can say software development is same with difference that for mobile phones slow Java programming is used, while for FF software needs to be developed especially according to hardware used, which is also specific programming but it results in the best and the most accurate timing application. Definitely FF will cost more per unit then Stefano mobile phone which can be bought for $30.
Only recently Stefano had to admit that RSR is actually his site, earlier he pretending to be someone else, giving the best reviews only to himself. Until the FF was tested by casinos consultant at RSR site the FF was reviewed as a scam.
RSR is a smart scamming site, from someone who likes reviewing others but in same time cries when people review his product.

"As for VB, it is new to me. I believe modern wheels today are very difficult for VBers due to the bounce, they might have to buy maybe 10 numbers or more to cover the bounce zone."

I agree, even with roulette computer is hard. Surely someone may argue it might be the FF’s problem, but according to member’s survey here, nobody found any better RC then FF. I sleep well knowing that rest is only dishonest marketing strategy with objective to convince people to buy.


I have always been interested to the gambling and the electronic technology applied to them.I had known that in the years '70 if I don’t remember badly there had been a technician that had built a computer for blackjack and then a RC.With these devices hidden on he succeeded in playing with advantage to the casino.

This way, after years of study with computer simulations to find a mathematical system to beat the roulette (my conclusion is that they don’t exist of it), I have decided to talk to one friend of mine engineer of the telecommunications to ask him if an electronic device could be built that allowed me to play with advantage to the roulette.

I was about to send him a mail when I have decided to see if in internet something existed of already realized.This way I have happened in the site of SH. I have read all of his beautiful words on his RC and the critiques that he has done on the products of his “adversaries”.This way I am said:now I go to see what the other products.

And so I have gone to see FF. (the idiots to the times serve to something) ;D ;D