Everyone has a story, how did you found myrulet.com, reviews


…well it is true you can’t in the long run beat the odds, however, if you know not only what, where, and when to bet, and of equal importance when not to bet as well, one can beat the game while still only getting what the odds say one will…


Ya. So my friend brought me to the casino one day and i got hooked on roulette. Primarily because its so easy to play. I started to come up with systems increase my chance of making money (martingale variant) but i know they dont work ITLR. So every session i would pray i dont hit X losses straight. At the same time, im looking for better ways to play the game.
Long story short, found SH website. Bought his basic package and received a bunch of methods that is … basic. DS, crossover, strobing. (I dont mind sharing it ). It technically works but its not very informative in reality. All “advanced” methods need to give him more money.
So after searching abit more and filtering all SH garbage website (that guy is a master marketer i swear. He has presence all over google and quora), i found this place.
What caught me at first is all the basic info i bought from SH was explained better, for free. I read the ‘evolution of roulette advantage play’ & the vb2 pdf many times over and still have many questions. As of now i am just waiting for someone to grant me access to private forum so i came here to write this.


Welcome to the forum.

With “Evolution of roulette advantage play” during forum software change we lost many pictures.


Ah yes. Thanks for the reply. Hope i can contribute to the community.