Determining bias?

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Im just starting to get into VB and so far so good. I understand how a computer system made for a biased wheel will not work on a level wheel and visa versa, and the same with a non computer VB method.

However I cant seem to find any information on how to determine if the wheel is biased or not. I what COULD make it biased but im not sure how to actually determine it.

I did read somewhere that is a ball dropped at a certain diamond 8+ times out of 20 spins it means its biased? But im not sure if thats accurate and would like to know what the experts think.

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Ah, sorry, I ment to say TILTED wheel, not biased. So for example is I wanted to use VB2 or E2. One of level and one for titled. What is the best way to determine what the wheel is.

It is a distribution off ball hits in between vertical diamonds.

Levelled wheel would get close to 25% on each. (if we have 4 vertical diamonds as in usual).
What we call tilted wheel would have that balance distorted.

For example one diamond may have 50% of hits while remaining 5 is distributed in between remaining 3 diamonds.
The best is to observe, you can track 4 wheels at same time and write diamond hits on card.

Also take data separately for clock or antilock ball direction spins because it may be different.
And finally when find some tilt then observe if it is changing based on amount of people and pressure they make on table.

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So how many spins would be enough to be able to determine if there is a DD?

…So I assume, before you use any system of any computer you need to monitor wheel first to determine if its tilted or level?

..So I assume, before you use any system of any computer you need to monitor wheel first to determine if its tilted or level?

Of course you have to, because everything is different.
If we play tilted wheel we assume that each spin ball will hit particular diamond.
For example 1000ms per rotation ball and 1080ms may make same amount of rotation and drop at same place. But that is not the case with levelled wheel 1000ms/r ball is faster, it will travel for longer and drop at different place.

Levelled wheel you can’t predict without roulette computer, or perhaps E2 visual prediction with accurate electronics timer.

So how many spins would be enough to be able to determine if there is a DD?
As many that makes you happy. Point is if you observe 15-20 spins and if they are hitting at all sides there is no point of observing it more. If you find one then observe for more spins, in usual it can stay tilted for long time even if casinos are levelling them every day.

So it seems to be about 20 spins that ive seen to determine if there is a tilt.

So what kind of ratios are we looking for?

Would it need to be a third of the spins landing at 1 diamond? Or half of the spins need to land on 1 diamond?
Basically is there any clear rules for determining the tilt / dominant diamond?

…So then if we find a wheel that could be tilted we observe for some more spins so ensure that the wheel is titled and we have chosen the correct DD?

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My advice is to never sit alone at a table, especially when the tables open. The more crowded the table is, and the later you’re playing, the best it is to find a good tilted wheel. Reason is people tend to push down the betting table and it of course affects also the table the wheel is on, IF both are linked. It is not always the case in some Casinos, because they know the trick, so they are using steel feets and special crews so that the table and feet do not move 1 millimeter.

It changes a great deal to play a tilted wheel against a level wheel. Some frauds are promoting their devices as obtaining a 1 in 10 on tilted wheels and 1 in 16 on level wheels.(Stefano hourmouzis). More garbage than that, you die. Truth is you can obtain like a 1 in 28 hit rate on a single number on a good tilted wheel and 1 in 37 hit rate on a level wheel.

Better if you come accross a tilted wheel with an heavy ball. A tilted wheel with an heavy ball which strikes the dominant diamond at his bottom part would be the dream (1 in 20 hit rate) with VB.

When the table is crowed, i often stand my ace off the chair and i pull all my weight with my arms on the table extremity (where you can place glasses of beer). The goal is to move, push this fucking betting table.

This is for affecting the tilt of a wheel.

If you wanna affect the bias of a wheel, you can drop a glass of coca cola inside the roulette wheel. This way, you will certainly obtain sticky areas on the Cone thanks to the sugar contained, and then you can apply Caleb (Snowman) Strategy on temporary bias play.

If you wanna affect the bias of a wheel, you can drop a glass of coca cola inside the roulette wheel.

I recommend Pepsi!

Orangina may be a better idea since you have to shake the bottle to remove the pulp from the bottom.
Casino managers won’t be suspicious if you actually water the wheel with it.


Wondering if we got anything here

Kelly, All, care to comment ,maybe an idea to make private section for this subject as to much info seems availible on the net in general

Anyone any comments on that???

Your Secman :-* :-*

AP 7th sept -6th nov CW 2010.txt (2.57 KB)

AP 7th sept - 5th nov ACW 2010.txt (2.58 KB)

AP 7th full file sept 2010.txt (5.12 KB)

7th - 6 Nov CW
Single numbers: you got # 28 as the best number with 2.54 SD and #33 second with a 2.31 SD.

Looking at 3, 5, 7, 10 and 12 pocket sectors, the best bet is at 3 pocket sectors is at #1 with a 2.31 SD for 3 pockets with 1 in center. All sector sizes above that is below 2 SD and is flattening as the sector size grow.

7th Sept - 5th Nov ACW
Single numbers: 17 with a 2.75 SD

Sectors: Best bet is a 5 pocket sector with #2 as center with 2.56 SD The rest is around 2 SD. Slightly above or below.

The full file
Single numbers: #17 with 3.25 SD the rest is at 2SD or below

Sectors; 3 number sectors with #12 in the center and 2.52 SD or a 5 pocket sector with #2 as center with a 2.47SD.

I cant make any conclusions, but 17 seems to have had some hits in both directions. Try look a little closer in the 17 area. #13 and # 34 has some negative SD and could be donating a little bit to 17 but it could also be a pocket bias in #17 if it is not just a coincidence. 1400 spins is not extremely high. Take a closer look at the ball action and if possible, see if you can hear a difference when the ball hits the bottom of the 17 pocket. Dont try to sector bet 17, the SD drops rapidly around 17 and pulls the 3 and 5 pocket (with 17 as center) down at 1.3 SD or below.

Thx for that Kelly

Pleaes find attached the full file from above with a block of 500 spins added

Interesting is the block matches/closely hand spins

was betting 20 1 33 in CW direction and 2 21 4 in ACW direction with some succes but last session was miserable (last 220 spins~)

betting on a single number (17) just makes me plain nervous and susspicious ,but looks the way to go,I may well bet slightly less CW direction for 17 and by the look of it 12 28 seems to be pretty even both direction

any idea BR procent to bet .when to sit back and wait if they sleep etc

ok men look forward to any replys ,espicialy from Kelly and Snowy

AP block 500 5th nov sept 2010.txt (6.95 KB)

If you wanna save some bets you could apply some VB. You will then place your bias bet in all spins where the biased number is NOT in the low probability zone. You just change your reading spot from the high probability area to the low, if there is a significant low area that is. Or play with minimum wager on all bets and add another 2 - 3 chips to the bet if 17 is not in the low prob. zone.

For some reason i cant run the number strenght excel sheet at the moment, my computer simply freezes the sheet so i cant really see the cycles. You can check it manually though by making all cells with 17 green and then see how many hits you have in the last 100 spins. You then move your “100 spin frame” downwards cell by cell and note how many hits you have in the last 100 spins, should be easy if the 17 cells are all green. You can also choose a 200 or 300 or higher spin frame. Its a bit like if you make a rolling budget for a business for the last 12 months. You only see the last 12 months. From October 2009 to October 2010, next month its from November 2009 to November 2010.

That is basicly what the number strenght sheet does automaticly.

Hi kelly

lost a small fortune weekend ,and did all wrong by trying to chase back my losses ,man I played like a real amatuer,raising rather than sitting back and waiting til sector/number had hit again

CW I played28 12 17 33 ( I never did like playing a single number bias)
ACW I played 17( 2 units) and as 35 was hitting I played 12 28 35

ok heres last 200 spins

thx again for your time and advice ,maybe you could advise me on how would you bet here with theses stats if youd bet at all considering that the sector 12 28 35 3 only started to take shape about a third way into the sample

as youll see 17 was never really in the game

ok cya :-* :-* :-*

file AC is actually CW direction

AP ACW CW 13 nov 2010.txt (762 Bytes)

AP ACW 13th nov 2010.txt (367 Bytes)

AP AC 13th nov 2010.txt (380 Bytes)

Why are you trying to play on so few spins?

i don’t have any more eggs

Any advice would be welcome .but some of you profis are not the easiest to get a hold of ,and sometimes a reply can be a long wait (Poland cough) (geeeeez where did he come from )

this is the first time i thought id play according to my data and not the last 500 from the board as i dont trust them buggers unitl at least 23.00

I also played it slightly wrong and relised that when it was to late. but even then had the data had stayed acording to the last 500 also and to my data I should have come out ok say in the next 100 spins but time was appresing (Family )

Overall im still up about 15 % on my origanal BR

Snowy ,did you look at the block of 500 also for me ,If you you can see something I cant or got some advice I would sure be gratefull before my next visit

If your to busy …I understand

If I remebr correctly Chi was at 75~ and i had 3-4 sector at nearly 4 or was it 17 Ill have to look ,that is actually the basis for betting tab le minimum

I was more confused than finaicially hurt ,but then youll probably say thats not hard fro me to get ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

:-* :-*secman

My advices would be these :

1)Before real play record at least 3.000 spins data.
2)Input the data in a program that is telling you a lot of statistics and not just the chi square.
3)Before you play check that the bias will gone.

Bias has a lot more inside exept a simple spin data.
Now lets see what the professionals have to say about ur questions :slight_smile:


If you don’t believe me, then ask Oldtimer :-\ :-*

:o, i don’t have any more eggs