Cammegh Roulette Random rotor deceleration


In 200 years, the basic game of roulette has not changed; however with the advances in mobile hand held technology, there is a growing threat to the traditional live game. The Mercury 360 RRC (Random Rotor Control) is an innovation to counter this.

There have been a number of high profile cases of ‘advantage play’, whereby players using mobile handheld electronic devises’lock’ the ball and rotor speeds to predict either the winning or losing sectors of a roulette wheel, thus obtaining a significant advantage over the house.
To address this potential security risk, the Random Rotor Control (RRC) feature, also used in our automatic wheel; Slingshot 2, randomly changes the speed of the rotor during the game, thus changing one of the variables the electronic devices use to predict the game outcome.
Video Demonstration

The videos below show the Random Rotor Control feature in action - both for rotor deceleration and “acceleration”. In each video, the same wheel is spun twice at 20 rpm. The RRC feature is switched off for the left-hand spin and switched on for the right. As a result, the RRC-enabled wheel has a different outcome to what it would otherwise have been. In the deceleration example (left video), the ball lands in pocket 20 where it would have landed in pocket 4. In the acceleration video (right), it lands in pocket 9 where it would have landed in pocket 36. This imperceptible change to the rotor speed introduces an unprecedented layer of security, neutralizing the growing advances in mobile technology and, in this case, removing the security risk to the live game of roulette.


The patented RRC innovation is designed specifically for the On-Line Gaming sector where a growing number of on-line casinos are using live roulette wheels with live video feeds of the game. Unsupervised on-line players are free to use whatever electronic devises they may have to predict the outcome of the game. To counter this, on-line casinos often call ‘no more bets’ at ball launch, cutting into their productivity. With RRC running, they are free to call ‘no more bets’ at the normal time, thus increasing the number of bets received during a game and in turn dramatically improving productivity - in the case of our customer, Evolution Gaming, by 20%.
Moreover, a number of on-line casino providers are inviting casinos to adopt their live gaming facilities as part of their on-line gaming offer. The concept being that live casinos can retain their player activity when the player has left the casino and returned home. The player can continue to play at the same casino table, but now in the comfort of their own home. In this case, where the casino is concurrently serving their live and on-line customers, it would be sensible that the live casino use Mercury 360 RRC wheels on their live tables.


The Mercury 360 RRC looks identical to the standard Mercury 360 wheel.
The RRC mechanism is totally discreet; inaudible with imperceptible changes in rotor speeds.
The wheel bearing is maintenance free for life.

Supplied by Duffy

So alternative type play will be the way to go!


that is shit。。。。

“randomly changes the speed of the rotor during the game, thus changing one of the variables the …”

  • I doubt wheather this is allowed. It would be the same, when a dealer changes by hand, DURING the spin,
    the speed of the rotor.

And one oft the international regulations declares: After releasing the ball, nobody or nothing may influence the run of the ball. Otherwise pittbos must interupt and say loud and clearly: NO SPIN!

Which means player is allowed to redraw his bets, and bet again or not to bet.

What do you think?

Nice one Brian

Here its law! At point when ball has impact with rotor,speed of rotor must be at a minumum of 10 PKts/sec ( Fact/period)


The more bad press we can give this the better ,Im used to seeing this in EU all over with airball/slingshot for the obviuos reasons

We got to use scare tactics here ,like,ahh so if a section of the wheel is heavy with bets casino could try to steer rotor away from this section

OOh COME ON CRUOPIER/PITBOSS IT COULD BE PROGRAMMED TO DO SO,eh well what you think(as the table is packed full with punters


Hell its why dont you save the money and let the cruopier do it by hand

Ohhhhhhhh it would LOOK like cheating to the public ,I , supose

actually Im very surprised this coming out or being thought of ,the casino industry in the past have made (over a long period of time) some sudtle changes as theyre awair of general publics responce to big changes in rules ,look on layout ,even calling NMBs earlier and there paranoia too!!!

I think honestly it might come(in LV where it would be probaly marketed to the publics taste,sort of hollywood style) but in the very far future an AP is here to stay but will be ever have an increasingly dificult hobby/job to pursue

Ok let have a look at this for what it really is

  1. packed table
  2. Your with Secman N, Co (yes ,the quiete shy guy from foresters forum,cough)
    3 Just before NMbs comes the BIG CALL on 7 2 2 @ HMax
  3. Right from the back ,pushing through,making himselfed noticed saying out loud ,hell let me through I got ta see this
  4. ball strikes zeeero
  5. Secman shouts out ,DID YOU SEE THAT , COME ON YOU ALL MUST OF SAW THAT , SECMANs team memebers say ,hell we saw that all right ,public shout what what???
    DINT YOU SEE THAT, the wheela Actually speeded up!!!
  6. Pitboss/cruopier/sceptical member of the public say ,LOL you got to be kiding ,why n the hell would the casion= want to do that???;REPLY YOU WANT TO BET!!! on that Mister ,get the video rewound and lets ALL have a loook!!!
    Ok I think you get the picture

The thing is theses BXXXXXs are seriuos ,do they honestly think the public would allow this for 5 mins

pheew after reading my own post ,it has actually cammeigmned me down quite quickly

Ok thy for posting that Duffy

can we catch up on msn??? and when we going to meet in xxxxxxxx


I play since about 33 yrs., in fact I don’t believe that above artificial randomized random will assert itselve. atleast not in landcasino’s. in my whole gambling carreer i’ve seen it twice that a pittboss calls NO SPIN. one time the dealer slipped the bal out of his hand, so that was very slow ball wich would of had made only 5 rotations. whole table was protesting, and pit boss called no more bets :D, I tell you that was chaos. I estimated the turnover on that table at round about 5K.
second time ball was thrown to wild, which resulted that the ball jumped out of it and landed in front of my shoes.
Same chaos as above. Interesting was that they publicly announced to take out the ball and two people brought in a new ball, which was demontratively held under the black light and was confirmed by two pitt bosses that the ball was okay.
Just wanted to outline how sensible casino’s over act ,when they have the feeling if there might come up suspicion from the public. I think that secman’s initiatif with the press or perhaps posting in some particular forum will give cammeigh the rest

I do not know how it is done. If it can be operator controlled it might be illegal.

Interesting is that first person ever start talking about it on forums was Mark Howe, 3 years ago.

If I remember well there was talk that it’s his patent which he sold to casinos.
People were joking as casino bought it to protect them from his RC.

What do you expect? Everyone shouldn’t be too shocked. Afterall, we talk about VB in the open where everyone can read about it.

Step back and slow the world down though, because in some places, like the US, this wheel would not be tolerated. People are very superstitious about the wheels. They already hate the Starburst wheel here in the US because it looks like a cheaply made stamped hubcap, and because they don’t think it’s fair due to the long bounce. The Slingshot is in many ways just like the Starburst only with a servo motor. Such a wheel here would convince the average player of what they already suspected, that the casino must cheat to win. (By the way, those wheels sound like a maintenance nightmare for staff.)

In the US, the casinos that have changed to the Starburst design have seen their roulette business drop off dramatically because the players don’t like them. If the casino is dumb enough to install the slingshots, then they’ll see the rest of the roulette business evaporate all together.

Unfortunately, wheel designers tend to overlook what people would like to play when creating a new design. If a company came out with an attractive roulette wheel that looked like an actual “roulette wheel” with beautiful wood, then the players would flock to play it instead of the aluminum stamped hubcap!

(By the way, I really like the Starbursts for other reasons. They are cheap wheels that are poorly assembled. It seems like everytime they redesign the wheel they introduce new problems into it. :slight_smile: Thank god!)


@ snowman:
"(By the way, I really like the Starbursts for other reasons. They are cheap wheels that are poorly assembled. It seems like everytime they redesign the wheel they introduce new problems into it. :slight_smile: Thank god!)"

Do you mind telling us more about your above mentioned experiences?
I can imagine, you do mind, anyhow, it’s worth a try to ask you. Perhaps in our restricted section?



Why not ask him for his credit card number while your at it!

@Davey Jones,

"Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.

  • George S.Patton"

you`re right!

history gave us a couple of samples about people, who told other people what to do:

  • world war I
  • world war II
  • Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Balkan
  • Iran
  • Afghanistan etc

ref. to yr credit card question:

I thought Forester`s intention for this forum was made to learn from eachother, and to share experiences. So that A- player can avoid damages, develop skills and learn something from eachother.
Davey, I cannot learn from a creditcard number how to be a solid AP.
Can you? if yes, pls be so kind to share your outrageous experiences with us. ;D

Thank you in advance!


I’d love to share with you. When is the next time you go to Vegas?

shar with me in europe…


You have a ton of europeans “pros” at your disposal who all swear by computers on a public forum!!! Then you complain because the casino are introducing countermeasures. The simple solution would be to stay less public in my opinion, BUT NO!!! You’d rather the americans post publicly their exploits. Like I said. Why not ask him for his credit card number while you are at it.

Davey we’re losing thread now. I`m sorry I wasn’t able to get you in line in a pedagogicall way :(.
Have a nice day! :slight_smile:


I’ve spoken to a number of people over the last year. Most if not all just want a free hand out. I’m sure you know that you can’t teach a person who is unwilling to be taught. Personally, I’ve pretty well given up trying to “Teach” via the internet. All I get stuck with are the same basic questions rehashed over and over by the same people. They obviously don’t want to learn or aren’t putting in the effort, they would just prefer the hand out. Maybe I just suck at explaining things, but I doubt it. Nothing in life ever comes easy. It just doesn’t work that way but hey, maybe I’m just cynical. Perhaps Kelly and Snow won’t mind posting ALL their secrets to the world and ask for nothing in return. I know I wouldn’t, not on the internet anyway.

pls read read pm

Do you require any weapons?

I’d like a 5.0 Sniper rifle with explosive heads please…