Cammegh Mercury roulette wheel ball jumps chart

Data for 118 spins Cammegh Mercury wheel, ~19mm lightweight ball.

x = rotor dspeed
y = amount of pockets jump

The data is sorted by ball amount of ball jumps.
We can see most hits at 18 pockets and 6 pockets but next to 18 there is also a significant amount of hits at 15 pockets.

Here is the same data sorted by rotor speed in pockets per second.
We can see the same results at 7 and 8 p/s but for faster and slower rotor speeds we would need more data.

Roulette%20basll%20jumps%20low%20tide )

For someone who is looking for low and high tide effects on the ball jump the data was taken at times marked in red from 2 same kind of wheels.

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all of this have a ball jump between 5 and 15 pockets .