Better roulette computer testing

Any comments?


That link to your web site comes up very messy if viewed using Firefox browser but its OK using IE from Mr Gates.



Sorry Mike… I have to disagree… I use Firefox and the link works perfectly… in fact its the best layout for I have seen… maybe your screen settings need to be altered. Well done Forester… it is a huge improvement.


PJ & Co

Thanks for that heads up. I just went in and rechecked and you are right - it looks superb.

Don’t why I received it all distorted yesterday? Haven’t had any other problems.

Anyway Forester the web page looks good, doubt that Stefano will agree that the content does!


I did not used firefox so therefore I was not aware about problem. Mike thanks for letting me know.

There are still few problems. In usual pages were marked in numbers I tried to make it more friendly so search engine shows content titles. It looks to me that forum when accessed from home page works much slower. So better go straight to .
Additional problem is when registration picture with code for some reason is not showing.
I will try to fix it or I will disable it.
I am not web page designer, I am learning and open source software is full of trouble. :-[

Hi everybody,
I’m using Firefox too, yesterday I experienced same problems like Mikemcbain (text overlapping), today the link isn’t available at all (page not found…), sometimes the homepage look good (as actual is in the new look) sometimes look again with the old look, sometimes the it take a very long time to connect to the site and each browsing action is very slow, sometimes all work regularly, probably it’s still beta -condition effects ;D.
But anyway the forum and arguments are absolutely valid and interesting, the ones on the net IMHO.

best regards :wink:

Hello Briver,

Welcome to forum. I’ve seen you many times logged in but you never say hello.
I always thought you are Italian guy who sent me few emails and questions about some wheels in Italy, but your English is looks much better.

Forum will run faster if you do not connect from page but directly to . As i said I am trying to find what is the reason.

It must be some modifications that I did to show instead of numbers content titles as part of web address. It must be that everything gets converted and slowing down viewing.

I did some work on page so it could create interruptions. Sorry for that.

Hi Forester,
yes it’s me, you’ll right, I’m Italian (live near Venice) and we share some good email in the past week, thank you for your availability and patience.
I’m not posting so much (even very interested in IEQ6 and others argument) because how I told you I’m waiting to get the microcamera and portable digital recorder working, in order to capture some wheels clips to send you, I hope to be ready in a few days because I’m very interested in your IEQ6, but of course the quality and type of wheel how you said is determinant for compatibility with your system.
In the mean time I’m reading and reading and reading again all discussions found on various sections of your forum, and the more I read it trying to understand between the rows the more I see we have some in common, me too I’m an electronic engineer with a long experience in testing, start-up, maintenance. etc… of electronic devices (by the way in 1995 I’ve been 2 months in Sidney and Brisbane for job and what’s courious is that in Brisbane I’ve been my first casin ² experience, very positive, about 2.000 Au$ playing randomly! ;D), and so I’m very attracted by your way to see at roulette, by your skills and ability to master microcontrollers (I’ll put you some questions in the future about hardware and software aspects of PIC devices), by your attitude (very rare) to share your know-how and concepts, and the honest approach and support to people (this is also referred to the jungle of roulette-computers scammmers on the net) >:(.
Well, sorry if my message was OT and my english not so good, but I liked to answer directly to your post, have a nice week.


That is nice of you , thanks, I am trying the best I can.

I think you are different guy, the other Italian guy I hardly could understand from his emails. He sent me video files of his wheel; it is imposable to take any advantage on those wheels so I told him better not to invest in system.

  1. The ball decelerates to slow; after it reaches speed of 1 sec per rotation continues spinning for longer then 18 sec.
  2. Rotor is too small; therefore is harder to predict area.


I’ve gone to the casin ² a few times in the last 2 weeks not for play but exclusively to observe the wheels after reading your suggestions (also to see how it will be possible to capture video clips on the wheel) and what I’m sure about until now is that they use three different types of fair roulettes, one type is produced by Huxley and have a large rotor, (like in the picture below)

ball is light (it tend to bounce a little when hitting the rotor) but normally the behaviour is not so bad and also the diamonds impact in most cases don’t produce dramatic effects (I think that abnormal and umpredictable results happens in a range of 15-20 % max.); than there is another model produced by Abbiati (Torino-Italy) that is very similar to the Huxley, also the behaviour is quite the same, just some little difference in the pocket edges’s shape and hight (but very small, not influencig so much the ball stop).
After observing each ball’s trip I’ve seen that deceleration seems to be normal (not too slow not too fast), a medium spin last about 15-20 sec. (but may vary of course), normally all croupiers push the rotor at a not so fast speed (better) and much of them throw the ball also not too fast.
There is than another Huxley model, that I prefer to avoid because the shape of pockets is triangular with the narrow angle facing the center of rotor, this is terrible when the ball enter into the pocket because depending on the speed and angle of impact it rarely stop inside the pocket but often goes out (aided by rounded edges also) and continue the trip in a random way to an impredictable and casual end point.
Well, hope the description is a little helpfull and anyway is a starting point for better understanding all phenomens.



Welcome to the forum, Venice is one of my favourite places in the world.

You can see the different Huxley wheels on their web site and the “bad” one you mention is probably this Mark V11?

Forester will really enjoy sharing his electronics knowledge with you because there isn’t anyone else on the forum that can keep up with him in this area.

You mention a light ball that bounces and ball type has an effect on the degree of your success so it is important to observe if they occasionally use a different, size or composition ball.

I will be travelling Europe during July and will gather some more information on different Casino’s, wheels and balls to report on this forum.

Keep winning


I thought this is Abbiati.
Notice size of rotor and how small diameter of pocket rim is.


thank you for welcoming me to the site, about the “bad” roulette it’s exactly that horrible model showed in your picture, what happens in such type of wheels is unbelivable! ???
About the ball it seems that in Venice they don’t put particular care to change it randomly or like so, what is apparently clear is that it is not so heavy and occasionally it take some noisy trajectory compared to the average, sometimes (very few) the ball land regularly without touching the diamond but the incident angle is so “open” (in the sense of parallelism with rotor tangent) that instead to hit the rotor it prosecute the trip following the upper edge of rotor and completing some more rotations wich number is very unpredictable and out of normality; about the composition it seems balls are all the same, they sound in the same way, but this and others aspects has to be better checked next time i’ll go there, a good thing is that majority of croupiers say No More Bet very late on the spin (almost 1 or 2 rotation before spin end), some of them sometimes also forget to say it! :o


your picture is not so clear, but the Abbiati wheels in Venice all rotor’s pockets are full green color (same color of zero, no red and black alternate like in the external numbers ring), the size of rotor and diameter of pocket rim seems to be similar to Huxley model (you can see it in the picture, is exactly that model)

Shot at 1969-12-31
For sure when I’ll be ready to capture some clips all these shadows will be hilighted! he! he! ;D



I’ve a little doubt because Abbiati produce 2 very similar wheels which difference is very little and focused on the form of pockets edges how you can see in the following picture:

Shot at 1969-12-31

now I’m not sure if they are the first or the second model (but my remember is for the second also about the wood color that is more light than the first), anyway will check it better.


Abbiati also have wheels with the pockets coloured black & white like the Huxley wheels but they have more diamonds than Huxley’s. Forester & all, is there any evidence to suggest that the number and shape of diamonds makes one type of wheel more preferable to play than another, like we believe with pocket shapes?


Hi Mike

Personally i have found that the wheels with more diamonds does not produce as many rollers on the number ring as some other wheels.

The rollers has something to do with the angle the ball hits the rotor with. The flatter, the more likely it is to make a roller. Also, sometimes the wheel head hight is rised slightly above “flush”, so you get a third fret so to speak. Its usually flush, but if the wheel head rim, which is in soft metal has a slight dent, its sometimes set either slightly above flush or below flush.

If its above, it produces more rollers. If its below, the dent in the wheel head is not so visible.

But also, more diamonds will break the orbit and the ball will drop more straight on where a roller is not possible anymore.


Thanks for your observations and I will begin to take particular note of both difference in “rollers” versus number of diamonds and especially whether the wheel head is flush or not and its effect on ball behaviour.

Much appreciated


some wheels here have 50% rollers

you come next day they look ok.

Didn’t you say that you will look scatter on Stefano’s wheel.
Prediction vs rotor hit would be good.

I’ve taken some time to understand the above post, (english is not my language he! he!) but now I understand what Kelly means, and according with the concept I remember some years ago in Venice casin ² I observed a phenomen that had something like “Unbelievable”, croupier hit the ball, the ball had a medium speed and wheel also, than when ball started to land the trajectory angle was very flat and so the impact with rotor’s ring was almost tangent-like (syncronous) but opposite in directions (of course!) and this situation permitted to the ball to remains suspended on the upper edge of rotors for at least 10 more rotations, but the unbelievable was next to coming, when tha ball lost all his energy with general surprise it remained there! ??? exactly where it finished his race! ;D it didn’t fall down into the pocket! :o :smiley: the rotor was rotating with his typical speed and ball slightly rotating by the rotor influence on which it was suspended to, so very slowly moving into the same direction but without falling down! :’(
All players waiting for results and continuosly changing their hopes and humours (because the ball was continuosly moving very slowly on the upper rotor edge forced by the rotor movement and so facing all different numbers below it he! he! :o), croupier, employees and all table director and ispectors astonished, finally they decided to invalidate the spin and give back all wagered chips to the players.

Sometimes physics is hardly ass-kicked by casuality! he! he! :smiley:

Hi Briver, well i haven`t seen that before lol. Was ir riding on the “third fret” i was talking about ?

Shot at 2007-06-27

You see, if the wheel head is rised 1/2 mm above flush, there will a small edge to overcome and if the angle where the ball comes down is very flat, the ball will easyer produce rollers , because it will be lined out even flatter when it touches the slightly rised edge.

Forester, i did actually start out testing Stefanos demos, but i really dont wanna be a part in the ongoing wars between the sellers, so i quit it. I wouldnt pay for his device, i got that far though.

I think the reason the rollers sometimes is there and sometimes isn`t has something to do with maintenance. In the older days, the fluid you used for cleaning the wheels would cover the wheel with a micro thin layer that would slow the ball down and cause what bias spotters calls “The ball is on snow tyres”. It would cause the ball to drop more rapidly.

Lately there has come another new stuff (last 3-4 years) for cleaning, that causes the ball to “skid” faster over the surface for a while. It wears off in a day or two. I think maybe you would see more rollers just after cleaning with the new stuff.