Best Roulette Computer/Device?

Hey Guys,

I have been searching for a good device to buy but there seems to be a lot of sites that say one or other is a scam. Which is making hard for me to decide.

I found first Steve and watched a few of his demo videos and was ok. But the predictions take too long. By this time the bets have closed.

Now I found which is run by Forester. But I don’t know which one is good, I haven’t tested either of them.

I need honest feedback, please? Which device is the best to buy? I need something that gives predictions fast (can clock half rotor) and is accurate.

Welcome! This is the right place to get the right RC (Roulette Computer).

This site is owned by Forester, he sells it on but the forum is here. You can watch some RC-videos on his channel: Forester’s YouTube channel
For exercises you can join my YouTube channel: my channel

In my opinion is Forester’s RC the best one. It is really small and very handy, and the precision is good for me, if it is enough for you to bet x-1-1.
You have two options there. One is with an electrical zap (FFZ) and the other one is with vibration (FFV). Also there are updates of the device software for free. Once the update is online, you can download the file and upload it to your FFZ or FFV.

Soon I will start a video series with how do I use the device. This is very important to give a feedback to Forester about the usage of the RC.


Thanks for your feedback. How loud is the vibration in the FFV? And does it have different levels of vibration that can be controlled? Also can you clock half rotor speed with FFV?


The vibration isn’t loud at all, you wouldn’t be able to hear it even when you have it in your pocket.

I am not really sure but I know that only FFZ has this option, sorry. In my opinion FFV doesn’t need that kind of adjustment, it’s noticeable enough, you can feel a smooth vibration.

Yes! Even a quarter rotor clocking is possible.



Thanks. Where do you think is the best place to learn VB? Also would you recommend Jafco or Master Roulette?

Is Foresters VB2 still available?

I can say one - this forum is best for many years. Only if you are from casino side , or you want play systems , or want sell something what helps for casino make money - here will not be good for you.

In this forum are plenty good information, but who want use it must find it in forum, so will make some job. For some, that is simply - too hard. And in many places are arguing between several members and because of that for beginer not easy to detect what is good what is not. But are much and about for free - must only spent time reading and trying to understand. Some can that do some - not.

But main what you must know initially - that to win is very hard. Casino is very strong opponent and in the world only few can stabily win…

Hi bebediktus,

Thanks, I checked other sites and forums, and they are not good. So that is why I am posting on here.

I made 3k in online casino but lost it all. In real casino I have have been winning so far. But only $50 each sessions. But I don’t want to rely on luck so that is why I want to learn VB and maybe buy a RC. What do you recommend?

I think you can buy latest acrobat, but is one problem - with acrobat without knowing VB is quite hard to play , But all depends how much money you want to spent :slight_smile: . If you play high level and are rich man and want fast progress is one , if you are very poor, can be problems… you will spend much time and result is not known.

But is one, what is sure - RC can help you in learning VB.
I himself never tried talking computer - some say that it is better, not sure if Forester have such version of acrobat. But you can ask him. Talking RC is easier, than vibrating.

But at all you can look to RC as to device which will help you to understand VB… understand this is also very important…

The best place to learn VB is definitely at this forum, in my opinion.
There are so many topics loaded with VB stuff, and all you have to do is to read through them, which can take several months of reading time. :scream:
If you don’t have this time, so don’t waste your time and go on. This is a long-term learning process.

I don’t know how it works, but Iam convienced that Jafco’s wheel-ball-combination is not random.
I don’t know much about Masters Roulette, I know they are selling a VB method, no RC.
I think both are fine to test, but I would not do it until I have enough money to invest.

Here is the link:


Thanks for that.

I can’t access that link for VB2. “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”
How can I get access?


Yesterday when i had trouble clocking rotor even with FFZ where could clock rotor as soon as the dealer changes the wheel direction I was thinking how talking RC in most situations is useless rubbish.

Oh, right!
This topic is for FF-owner only. So, if you have bought a FFZ or FFV, or even a FFA then you will get all access. I think you can purchase it buy paying $50, which is a symbolic price. Ask him self.
Forester’s FFZ/FFV is worth it!

Read more on our forum and watch his videos on his YouTube channel. This is very important to get the right imagination.

Where are you from?

Forester, wrong topic!?:thinking:

Comment to an earlier post.

You should be OK now.

Hi Forester,

I am not able to download the documents. I tried to register on but it is not working. I cannot login, and I am not getting email, I check my spam folder but nothing. Please fix thanks. Or upload here.


I will buy Forester FFV. I am also looking for a good VB system, that can give prediction earliest possible. In my casino, I only have about 12 seconds before ‘no more bets’.

I will check out the VB2 system. What VB system do you use? and what do think is the best VB? I haven’t seen master roulette and jafco system.

Don’t worry about downloading the document, now you should be able to access the vb2 section everything is there.

You should read links added in this post, some pictures were lost when changing forums software but it is still OK to read.