Aiming at a half wheel

Hi guys,

I would like your opinion on a simple question :
Do you think it is possible for a dealer to send the ball in a specific half of the wheel on a non-biaised wheel more than 50% of the time ? (or 52% mayb, I didn’t calculate the % to overcome the bank advantage)

I mean in theory, if he manage to launch the cylinder at always (nearly) the same speed and can make the ball do always the same number of turns, he should be able to hit a sector (a 18 numbers sector in my case).
and if the wheel is not too quick it should limit the scatters …

In these conditions, it doesn’t seem impossible to me to hit an half of the wheel.

What do you guys think ?

I am actually dealer, and if tonight there is not too many people, I will try to throw the ball for a same number of turns … I think this is the most difficult part to dominate.

I hope I can get a few answers, it really makes me crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

To hit sectors the wheel must be tilted.

u must always have the same drop point in order to manage ball speed and rotor and have a match…

But lets hear what the others will say.

You should contact jafco, cause he can throw, sectors and numbers, he has a very good dealer signature :).

yes thats right

but if u see he uses tilted wheel

U posted “”"“and if the wheel is not too quick it should limit the scatters …”"""

this is NOT a rule…it depends on the wheel the frets and the ball…

in some cases the opostite occurs

I saw his website with videos, I think like viper5 that the wheel must be tilted when he hits neighbours, I think this precision is a bit too much :slight_smile:
and the ball does either 14 or 15 turns on the video I counted and still falls on the same diamond, so it looks more like a tilt

in my question I was just talking about half the wheel, which is 3.5 times bigger than a neighbours zone, so it could still be working with a ball droping with + or - 1/4 of the wheel error (if you see what I mean :p)
plus it has to only work around 52% of the time

Did you guy already try to spin on a roulette ? and tried to have a consistent throw that gets the ball to make always the same distance ?

If anybody here has ever tried I would like to have his feedback :slight_smile:
I will try myself this week at work.

[quote=“viper5, post:5, topic:387”]U posted “”"“and if the wheel is not too quick it should limit the scatters …”"""

this is NOT a rule…it depends on the wheel the frets and the ball…

in some cases the opostite occurs[/quote]

hum yes ok
but anyway a slow wheel will make the targeted zone stay longer under the dropping point, so it might be benefic in this way at least :slight_smile:


in many wheels if the rotor is slow the ball jumps like crazy and maby end in the other part of the wheel instead of the drop point half of the wheel…

but if the rotor is faster then the ball sticks into the next pockets of the drop point…

observe it and u will see …

But all these as i told u depents on the type of the wheel of the ball and of the frets…

also see the post of Forester about scater paterns

ok, I will watch that :slight_smile:

Hi Bentaye,

I can see no reason that you cannot achieve this. However, I think it will take much practice.

You will have to practice turning the rotor at a specific speed of your choosing but, it must be very accurate.

Then practice rolling the ball at specific speeds without spin. You will have to hit the same diamond most of the time yout try to.

Once you can do this, you will have to match the wheel speed to the ball speed and see which sector you are hitting. In order to change where you hit the rotor I thinbk it would be easiest (and I say easiest, not easy!) to keep the ball speed constant and alter the rotor speed.

All of this would take many many many many many hours of practice.

And then of course…you’d need someone to bet on that sector for you…

;D ;D

There are many people here who have much more experience than me so take all comments seriously.


The human brain and body are wonderful things.

It is possible to train your brain and your body to co-ordinate and achieve wondrous results but I would suggest you forget about aiming for a specific half of the wheel and aim to hit a specific single number and then have your future accomplice bet a number of pockets either side of that depending on your skill development.

Always release the ball as the green zero passes behind the capstan in whichever direction you are most comfortable spinning it and observe the resulting numbers. Clockwise or Anticlockwise and that will vary depending whether you are on a righthanded or left handed table. Choose your most comfortable.

Then mentally select the number which appears to be central on average in your first 10 spins but only do this when you are spinning in your most comfortable direction on your most comfortable table.

After that it just a matter of hours and hours of training for your brain/body co-ordination always releasing the ball with the zero in the same position and always always always imagining it will land in your target number.

You will be amazed at the results after a few weeks of this training. Instead of your target number coming up 1 in 37 or 38 times you will find you can regularly achieve better than a 1 in 30 result.

You and your accomplice will then have to determine the size and frequency of your bets before the Casino realise the wheel is “biased” and pity help you both f they realise the bias or your accomplice is following you from table to table.


[quote=“mikemcbain, post:11, topic:387”]You and your accomplice will then have to determine the size and frequency of your bets before the Casino realise the wheel is “biased” and pity help you both f they realise the bias or your accomplice is following you from table to table.


ok let’s admit for the fun that I can hit a specific number :smiley:

so, let’s say if I release the ball when zero is at the reference point and I always hit 17 (zero+8), yes they might see a biais, but if I randomly change the reference number … they can’t see anything …

let’s say you take the number that hits 5 spins ago as reference … you accomplice know you hit the reference number + 8, so he knows the number you should hit …

and there is no biais

and I must be sure the ball does the same number of turns :slight_smile:
I will actually first try that, to see if I am able to have a ball doing always the same number of turns …

I think the ball part is clearly the most difficult
having the rotor at a specific speed doesn’t seem too hard.

I am very happy.
You do not need me on this forum. All answers are nice and accurate.

Viper for how long you are member, it wasn’t long time ago since you asked basic questions about advantage play.

Yes you would need a wheel with dominant drop.
I would say with reasonable ball consistency you will be close with ball traveling.
So you would need good rotor consistency.
Imagine rotor is not moving, and tilted wheel.
No matter how you throw the ball it always drops at same number.
But Mile is right, on most wheels you will still have ball scatter distribution which maks it harder.

If you have slow rotor and reasonable hit rate to targeted point it because of ball scatter it still leads you to ~1:30 on average wheel.
It would be as reverse process of predicting drop point.
If someone uses device or any technique to reasonably predict ball drop point, the ball final resting place still depends a lot on ball scatter.

Did you guy already try to spin on a roulette ? and tried to have a consistent throw that gets the ball to make always the same distance ?

Yes, when testing FF, many times I just got stuck in same area predictions until I deliberately change force on ball or wheel.

Hello bentaye
center a sector of 18 numbers? I know that the dealer can do it. (the dealer signature)

I think that tilted wheel are an essential prerogative (VB), but it is also a question of having a great experience.


tell me when and I’ll play at your table! ;D

so for you (if I understand crrectly), on a tilted wheel, it is possible to have 1:30 odds of hitting a specific number, but what about my initial question which was about hitting an half of the wheel ? :slight_smile:

and what about without a tilted wheel ?

well, I am more doing it to see if it is possible than for using it to get money.

I think you need to achieve a very great accuracy level for it to be worth something.
Because you can’t do it on every spin.

let’s say in one night you will spend 2h at the roulette, if you have 2 or 3 roulettes playing you will be on the one you use maybe 1h in the night, and then be throwing something like 40 spins … only half in the side you like … so 20 spins …

let’s say your accomplice is there everynight playing, he has to play too when it is other dealers for not looking suspicious … so on these spins he will loose the classic 2.7% on each spin …
now let’s say you can actually do your thing on 3/4 of the spins you throw because all the conditions are together

it leads us to 15 spins a night where you can get an advantage … well, if the advantage is just a few %, it won’t overcome the loss of playing against the other dealers, or very little …

you really need an overwhelming advantage … and you need that the accomplice make huge bets too at this moments … which actually would too look suspicious if he just plays big with you …

So targetting an half of the wheel would probably not be enough …
maybe if it is possible to target a 5 pockets sector with high accuracy like 75% … then it is interesting … but that looks like sci-fi to me :slight_smile:

that’s pretty interesting … how big an area ?

Hi bentaye

it, of course I was joking ;D

Let me tell you something that happened to me: once I stopped at a place for about 1 week. There was a small casino with dealers who have just left school dealers. So all young and inexperienced. Only one had about a 55 years.
One morning by chance I met him at a bar at the hour of the aperitif. I could not resist and asked him the same your question. He looked at me weird, then smiled incredulously and said: "I do this job for over 25 years and I am tired to do; come into the casino at 01:30, arrive at the table 2 and just watch my 18 shots. Look carefully at my throws, but if you dare to bet, shot after not win more! So you have one and only one shot!

Needless to tell you how it ended.
Just arrived at the table, I noticed the “trap” was a table by € 1 (now there are almost no more), the maximum bet was € 50.
But I do not know whether to trust or not of that dealer. I waited the entrance of his shift and after 3 rounds began to put the ball always only about 17 and 4 neighbours. after 5 rounds like that, I headed to the sixth won a nice full (played by 25 ), I smiled and dealer too.
Was it a coincidence?

I do not think so exercised and you will be able. is the same for me to VB, practice and i’ll be able ;D


My comments were in reference to a level wheel with no tilt no bias. With brain/body training you will hit your target number 1:30 and that is a huge advantage which will overcome any camouflage bets.

Imagine you hit your target number 1:30 and the numbers either side 1:32 and the next two numbers 1:35 you have a 5 number segment to cover and you have turned your advantage from -2.7% to +9.76% on a 37 pocket wheel.

I know a former young skilled croupier who could achieve even better than that and I have tracked many croupiers who have a dealer signature almost of that order and they don’t even know it!

But beware of croupiers who are short or fat or who are spinning with their non-preferred hand as they are always erratic. (Hope you are tall and thin and ambidextrous!)