ZERO scatter

I know a casino where they use very “home made” roulette wheels.
They are smaller than usual, they all have dominant drop points but mlst importantly, they have no scatter.
As soon as the ball hits the diamond it will fall inside a pocket without bouncing.
The bounce is literalky zero, every time.

I am willing to disclose the location of this casino in exchange for some tutoring in roulette advantage play.
Any of the experts here interested?

What do you want to know?
There is some free good public information.


Yes, I have done some reading on the subject.
What I really want is somebody to point me on the right direction and help me avoid the garbage.
I dont want to be spoon fed, Im willing to learn and put the hours.
But I feel I need mentor to put everything together, somebody I can chat with or mail with questions and doubts.

Sorry i can’t help you.
Why don’t you buy a Roulette Computer - Forester and Bebediktus are amzing players and you have great support from this site.

Then you can make Money in the same time you start to understand the game from one angle and would make it more easy to learn traditional Visual ballistics when you have some understanding about drop zone and timmings among other things.

Maybe use both.


I will do that.
What computer do you recommend I buy?

I not sure, better to PM Forester and ask …
But i will mention some things to get you going …

As i understand it so is FFZ great for Toe clicking which i belive is nessery as cover when using a Roulette Computer.
And you can buy a programmer kit as i understand it to your Roulette Computer where you can read input and output data, also use it to update to the latest software which some times is modified and updated, if i understand it correct.
You can also use your Roulette Computer as timmiing device taking lap and split times, which would be good knowledge for Visual ballistic approch.

But i am not expert on Roulette Computers … Better to ask Forester … Cheers