Would you visit Croatia for holiday?

Croatian Dalmatia at Adriatic coast.

Nice video but nothing about casinos.

It is beautiful! !! Does it have casinos?

HI Guys

My 30yo Grandson and his girl friend are in Zagreb today and heading for the Croatian coast and on down to Split before flying home to Sydney at the weekend.

I look forward to their reports on the last few weeks in Europe and especially Croatia.



Not so nice over there in November, but they may get better service.

By the way, last year form 4 horses you gave me 3 come first, this year none :(.

Hey Forester woulod I do that to you? Never…

My best bets for the day are

NR4 Shebringsclass 1st $3.90 $1.60
SR3 Ziggy Willie 2nd $1.90
NR7 Berry Delicious 2nd $1.50

Not bad not as good as last year!

Keep winning


I played only for Melbourne Cup, even for that I had trouble to find how to do it.

I only play roulette ;D

Just as well that are one of the best roulette players in the world?

;D ;D ;D