Winning big at roulette, who wins the most?

Few months there was a post about some guy form EU who was winning and asking how to carry cash money across the border.

I’ve seen the post caused debate at VLS someone is trying to make it as bullshit story.

“telden” There is no such person in here or anybody who complained or called FF roulette computer a scam. I do not ban people at this forum, if i do in usual it’s only for few days because of abusive language. People are free to talk about problems they have and I always encourage them since I believe it is the only way for progress. On the other side I noticed at VLS Stefano banned all people in the thread who stand and explained which nonsense he talks. It doesn’t take long to understand who the “telden” really is.

FF is good device and there is no reason why someone wouldn’t be able to make money with it. This particular guy who is winning nice money is also a skilled VB player he uses the system without ever asking me questions how to apply it. But this thread is not about the FF, who said what or what scammers are doing or talking, does someone believe it or not.

It thread is about success.

Recently I talked with guy who bought every roulette computers I made, he made some money with it but in recent 6 months he won at roulette more than I did in 5 years. When I met him few years ago he didn’t know anything about roulette, he asked me thousands of questions, he spent time learning, practising also talking with all other people who know something. With all his skills, knowledge and opportunities he finds, he become a pro roulette player. From been scared to place $5 on a table he plays few hundred dollars per spin.

He is not the only one, there are few others I know, but what he said is something that surprised me.

Imagine this conversation.

On MSN chat I was sharing his happiness with him about success and told him that he won in 6 months about same as I did in 5 years.

Next he told me; but there is a guy at forum that made at least 10 times more than he did.

What! Do I know him?

Sure you do.

Who? (In my thoughts I start thinking about Snowman but as he could read my mind he said)

I am not talking about Snowman but someone else it’s xxxxxxxx

Geee, but he always asks silly questions.

Yes but about 12 months ago he start playing seriously found great opportunities, made teams and start winning big.

Often people think I am the one of the most skilled players. But if you read all posts you will find out that I never said that. You would also find that my play is limited due to fact that my name is on casinos black list, and I really have no intention to use RC in other countries where I may get stuck. I am doing fine and it doesn’t bother me if some people do better. I am happy that we share knowledge and learn together and that was always the main objective of my site.

Knowing many success stories, I come in to conclusion, amount of success is individual.
As I always say two tradesmen may buy same hammer, few years later one may have much more money than the other one even they used same tool.

Information to learn roulette is everywhere, often the best information is for free. It is up to you how you going to process and where to apply it, to be an advantage player.

There is no magic turn around key, there is no I’ll pay you teach me there is only you your understanding how advantage can be created and your opportunity in front of the wheel you chose. It’s not hard, it only takes all you got :D.

Final word.
I do not want anybody understand this wrongly or to be used as promotion for products. Do not think aha… if I buy FF people at forum will tell me all secrets they know and I will win millions. People at forums most likely will tell you everything for free regardless did you buy the FF or not, some do not like to make posts or to be active at forum but there is many with a good knowledge who will. One is for sure nobody will do it for you.

Often people ask me for online live roulette wheels, do people win, which online casino how, what is scatter, did anybody found bias, where…etc.

Such things do not expect from anybody to tell you except if you are very close with someone sharing same information. Nobody is stupid to spend hours, days, months to analyse wheels for you, if he finds something he uses it for himself and kips going until it works. Less people know about it, it would work for longer.

The best players are not necessarily the players that have won the most. There are a lot of great players on this forum.

Yes there is.
Some people do great and never asked anything, when we they simply know everything.