Win3million blog

Hello for everyone. I’m from Madrid, Spain. I found on internet this blog about roulette This remember the spirit of WIN3MILLION promoted by Charles Hampshire. On this blog I found many links to others blog. I’m a little confused. This is Charles work? Anyone could help me to understand this strategy? Please see:
I love two things in my life: soccer and roulette. Everyday I learn something new about these fantastics games all over the world. If you have any information, you are free to contact me.
Thanks and muchas gracias, Eduardo Carontero

Should ask viper , he spent few months with it.
Aparently it is, searching for patterns.

win3million is a scam.Yes indeed I spent 4 months in it.It was a waste of time.
And this isn t a forum to speak about patterns.Its a forum about AP

For me reading it 10 min was enough.
Somewhere I found, Stefano genuine winner scammer was only one thing I liked.

When I go back in time I never tried to make a math system, never combined patterns or numbers.
Only once I did analyse how deep progression can go.

For example starting one unit on side bet, then progress until it makes sense, then change to dozens, streets, splits, and full numbers. That way progression level increases. Point that we do not bet same what we’ve bet at start is irrelevant anyway. (Did we bet 12 numbers column or 12 numbers dozen never has difference.)