Why I love to learn advantage play

heres an excerpt from an interview with steve forte to a gaming floor magazine:
he is responding to a question regarding advantage players making a hole in casino profits.

finally, let me respond to the original question, for which the short answer is yes, casinos will overcome the loss. In fact, whether it be poor management or marketing, counterproductive procedures and controls, weak operational philosophies, or an indifference to the importance of game protection, they overcome everything. Some clubs win the money over and over again, and still end up on top. There are not too many things stronger, in terms of making money, than casino games, and it’s easy for poor decisions to go unnoticed and completely absorbed by inevitable profit margins.

I LOVE this statement. 8)

And as always the counter-argument, which I think compliments the one above nicely… :slight_smile: (sir Hiram maxim 1904 lol)

"… the path through which the ball travels, from the time it leaves the croupiers hand until it finds a lodging-place in the roulette wheel, is so infinitely complicated and depends upon so many unknown and unknowable factors that no amount of skill on the part of the croupier can have the least particle of influence in guiding the ball into any particular pocket or group of pockets; it is simply and purely a matter of chance.