Why all gave up on Vb?

This question is maybe very important. What is reason ? If to look to peoples who where in this forum - almost nobody learned how to play Vb. About play with RC - is i think even worse, from mine experience mostly at all not understand what they do, what they measure and what means result, which try to show them Rc…

Some said to me that impossible to learn how to use RC if you not understand Vb , maybe that is right…, but question - why nobody learned Vb still without answer…

My opinion is that the main problem is amount of time, which you need to invest to earn your first money with VB. And all this learning time you need to be focused, super interested and humble. If you are not, you will loose money in learning process and posibility to give up is even bigger then. I think that a lot of people give up because they didnt find right conditions, and because of their lack of knowledge they dont know, that they didnt find right conditions first.

:slight_smile: Ok in simple words you say that peoples simply are lazy … Here i absolutely support.

But that is maybe main , but in mine understanding still must be some percent, who are not so lazy… because after learning possible to win really much. Ok, maybe not for fully professional life , but still.
Really question is not about becoming professionals in VB, but about simply understanding how and why it can work…

99% of roulette players are silly. I walked through casino and say there was 20
double zero wheels and 10 single zero. All double zero are full of people and
from single zero 5 are closed and on remaining 5 on 2 nobody plays. On remaining
3 tables only 1-2 person on each. It means that ~99% of people have no idea
about advantage difference on a single zero and double zero roulette wheels. It
looks as they simply like placing bets on 0 and 00.

Most wheels would be hard to play traditional VB, it is too
hard to identify particular ball rotation. For that reason VB explained on net
most likely will not help anyone without help of timer to identify particular
ball rotation.

With Myrtle VB2 don’t need to identify particular rotation
but counting for ball is also required. So again if the timer is not used keeping
the counted time accurate is hard and it would produce mistakes. In this case double
mistake because it uses 2 times. If
using at least timer as vibrating metronome application on the phone to clock
rotor is very helpful.


I agree but I do not call those players silly! They are stupid or dumb or crazy or ???

BB - the reason I have stopped playing VB is because my only local Casino has introduced the latest Cammegh very low fret wheel and small hard ball with stone tracks and is phasing out the John Huxley wheels. Now that doesn’t make VB more difficult but it does make the results less predictable even with the best VB. My Casino has also reduced the opening hours on the gaming tables and increased their income from the poker machines which are more suitable to Forester’s s—y and my s----d players.

I just find that there are now many more easier ways to make a little extra money on the Net?

Good luck if you still have good VB wheels.


I absolutely agree!
People need something colorful, something flashing with many different colors.
I see it daily on YouTube - the more colors, the more viewers.
Also the fact that most of players are idiots, it’s true.

I personally, have no time at all at the moment to go to a casino. Maybe I am a bit lazy but the common fact is the time and the distance to the next casino. I am from Europe. The next casino is about 100 km away from my home.

Even, I am not able to make new videos at the moment at all - no time.

Talk is not that are other places where we can make money, of course they are. Talk is also not about direct play roulette , the same talk can be about Black jack. Idea is simple - are way which teoretically can gave advantage for player in any game, but players by unknown reasons not try to use it , not try to learn , not try even know more about that.
I very often heard such answer to question why gave up , or why , not learned - " I not learned because you - not taught ". So looks like they wait, that somebody will come and teach them !

Or in other words say they go and see money on the floor, but they will not lean down and not will take these money - they wait till somebody other will do that for them.

So peoples are absolutely without initiative to do something himself ! But where is reason ?
I gave some consultations to some warehousing companies and here i see the same. peoples workers not try to find some better or easier ways how to do something. Ok that is of course good for me , if not i will stay maybe without money … but i still cant understand how peoples cant understand if you do procedure A and then B and that take hour , but if you do in opposite order B and then A and that take 40 minutes, why not do what is simply faster ?

Good wheels , bad wheels - all we can play in better or worse way. If found better wheel be happy and play it , if not found - then simply play what you have in better way…to learn play in better way is easier than to fin better wheel…

If to talk about these who write in forums, then players maybe are 2-3% of them…

You should be pleased people are lazy or don’t have an incentive to learn VB as that gives more opportunities for those who are willing to learn and practice. It means the good conditions will last longer.

Be happy there are so many stupid people who lose money at casinos…

Its also hard to expect from people with jobs, families and other time consuming stuff to put enough effort in to win big, or better-to win big consistently. For me as a full time player its no problem to drive 600 km in one direction just to play for 6-7 hours. Or drive couple hours to airport and fly another couple just to play for wekeend. When someone already have a job and fixed time consuming things, this become almost impossible.

I absolutely agree with you!!!

I not see here big relationship , I himself have 3 kids and can say opposite - big family needs bigger wins :slight_smile: .
Of course if possible to play only after many hours of solving other problems in job, that is maybe hard. But usually are such that even if player are some firm manager - he not so much tired after work and say maybe he works 3-4 hours and 2 times per week ( again , like is in mine case :slight_smile: )

But main talk is that peoples who maybe want to play - not try to find way how that to do. So they wait something , or somebody who will come and explain them how that to do instead simply to think himself … such is mine opinion.

VB is impossible without initial study. Not many people has means ( wheel/ time) to perform such a thing. Many get misleaded by available information on forums and internet.
VB is very individual skill, results are depending on players understanding, playing situation. …ets.
Even same wheel can produce different results on different day… need some skill in datamining…modeling…ets.
No wonder that players desist.

I agree with your statement. I myself live in southern Africa play mostly at local hotels having “master roulette” casino machine and I have been using mathematical averages/probability calculation to predict the group of numbers coming up. I can say such calculation has given me more money I can ever imaging, cos I search the internet for such mathematics (using numbers of the wheels by making a formula to predict the next group numbers coming up),

For example my basic one: I use the middle numbers 16;17;18;19;20;21 to make a formula, then use that formula to predict next winning number). Now that way I research most blogs and websites no one seems to dwell or use such way to win at roulette. I am new at this blog hope can hear more from other readers. cheers

Not clear what you do and at all - which relationship have numbers to VB ? VB show where the ball will fall and, maybe, where it will stop. Numbers can show maybe bias, but not

thank for your reply hope to hear more from you. most websites analyze useless ball rotation or wheels, that is rubbish and the internet gurus or may be casinos themselves promoted those gimmick on the net, that is why most people believe that rubbish. cheers

for me I take the first two numbers playing to make a formula. I can also predict the winning number by taking only one number. example 14-2-…? the answer is 0. I can not reveal how I calculate or show you the formula, you know what it will mean to the casino bosses, they will immediately insert a formula on their system to counter my formula. maybe I will create a blog and start to convince the people to play live and I may help them to win so that they can believe me then later will ask money from my invention.

Which formula, ball fall accordingly physical laws not accordingly formulas …

Is this approach correct? If not how can it be improved

Download free metronome from google app store.
Make the setting vibrate with no sound and set it to vibrate once every second, 60 pbm.

Now search for a roulette wheel video on youtube, for example Bob Gordon Roulette Spins or Jafco or Mastersroulette or any other.

Instructions to predict when ball has around early or late 9 sec until drop, hitting deflector.
Estimate ball speed.

Each time you feel the metronome vibrate, watch what position that ball has on the ball track.
In the beginning you will see the ball at different place each time your metronome vibrate.

But during one moment you will see the ball in the same place during two vibrations.
In same place or very close to same place.

At this moment you will have early or late 9 seconds until ball drop into deflector.
Same for each and every spin.
You get 9 to 10 out of 10 predictions correct estimating ball speed that way.

This happens when you see ball in same place on the ball track during two vibrations.
Then ball goes from faster then 1 second to slower then 1 second, the breaking point.

What you do is that you read your reference number below reference deflector when ball has 9 second until drop.
See mastersroulette description about dominant drop zone.

This is superior method then LS crossover.

If they say No More Bets early you only change the time for the estimation process, for example 0.7 seconds.
Thats it.

Rotor you just watch number below deflector when ball is over and take two, three vibrations and see how many pockets rotor travel.
Start to predict and play with same rotor speeds.

I do not think, that this way is possible to win now. Plus all method is bad because on the same spin you will see different numbers depending on when you start metronome and depending on wheel speed - you not measure wheel speed at all and not include that to prediction. Ok, basically you want to detect when the ball is in specifical speed that is good and usually normal Vb player do that quite easy, no matter how he that does.