Who's doing well

Hi guys.
just joined the forum. from the uk. just wanted a quite round up and who is doing well after buying the product, to help me with my decision to buy it when i have enough money.


My advice is to check your casino’s wheels and conditions before investing in any balistic devices.
When NMB is called, study the ball scatter, wheel speed, ball speed etc, do the wheels have a dominan drop point or level?

FF won’t have any problem to predict level wheels, advantage is lower than tilted wheels of course, but the main issue is the ball scatter. If the ball has too many different strike area, then it will be very difficult to have an edge.

Only scammers like fat pig will tell you their computer can predict the striked part of the diamond whereas they cannot even predict the striked diamond and calculate offset for each wheel speed.
This is of course impossible because to achieve this, you would need hundreds of correlation values for each wheel speed (i.e: 3sec-3,2-3,4…).
And this must be done the night/the day you’re playing, because the following day, the data are often no longer suitable because of physical changes (tilt-cleaning-ball change-air pressure…)

Therefore, the best a computer can do is to predict the fall off point of the ball, FF is the most accurate device for it, but again, it is worth it IF only conditions in your particular Casino are suitable.

Well Bago become FF’s expert. Very well explained…

Even to Barnett I said if you testing FF in level mode and if you can’t get system saying “now” when ball is dropping with reasonable consistency, just give up on that particular wheel.

The wheel/ ball has deformations or the wheel has to much tilt.

When playing with advantage, better ball scatter not only that increases advantage by percentage how much it is better but also advantage is increased because the player more clearly can see the difference prediction-results, and it would be easier for him to know where exactly to place chips for highest advantage. Also if any change happens, it would be easier to notice it.

FF with IQE6 algorithms is the only one system in the world programmed to predict according to leveled wheel parameters. All the others are claiming they have leveled wheel system when in fact they predicting with tilted wheel approach expecting that even wheel is leveled that it has some tilt which may give kind of advantage.
Of course such approach will not produce anything good under real casino conditions.

Perhaps if they reduce time window in which they want to catch the ball to very narrow, alike from 1250 to 1280 ms (30 ms difference) and get only 15 spins out of 100 predicted, they may get something if they apply it on reasonably tilted wheel where lets say 40% of spins hit targeted diamond.
When 40% of spins is hitting DD it means that there is a gap of 40% of 200ms (200 ms is usual difference in between rotations) of ball speeds that will hit DD. It is 80 ms.
So of course that if only 15 of spins is predicted targeting DD and 30 ms positioned somewhere in between 80 ms that such approach will hide defects of prediction. Since errors in ball clocking can be even 100 and we still can get valid result.

But that is not leveled wheel prediction, and additional problem with it is that for 100 spins we must be in casino for 5 hours and play to get only 15 spins predicted. Until we get them and get idea where to play in 5 hours everything can change. So it may take player another 5 hours just to find out that conditions have changed.

Good system for leveled wheel must predict 100% of spins.
The only not predated spin should be if system detects that player screwed ball clocking to point where the system can not correct it to reasonable level so it can achieve reasonably accurate prediction.

I hope the wheels in the xxxxx will meet these requirements.

Many even Cammegh doesn’t look bad, since the ball they use is ok.

The best was when they have had Huxley with deep pockets.