Which wheel to play and which to avoid?

What types of roulette wheels are out there? Which ones to avoid and which one is easy to beat?

Also what roulette ball do you favor?

Otter you need to read some topics in this forum that talk about dominant drop zone and RC - use the search function.
You more you read you more complex your understanding become.

Should also mention that when you read some one using RC and making 50K and traveling around.
Then you need to ask you self if you should listen and do what everyone else is doing as they might not have same succés.
So this guy has find hes own working solution much better then others - but not from nothing.
He also had to been reading about basic physics and visual ballistics and about how to operate RC in the beast way.

Here is a link to a topic where you can download some visual ballistic material that explain dominant drop zone using VB https://rouletteplace.com/t/visual-ballistic-material/1242