Which wheel is the best?

I have a question obout the wheel.I did a search on the net about the wheel’s tipe I and found John Huxley the world’s number one manufacturer of roulette wheels.i had read that new ones more safe and secure etc. I am new to this and I’m not too good.I have attached a foto with the type of wheel that’s in the casino where I go.I noticed that is different from those I have seen in your video’s, it has more deep pockets and I wanna now if that’s a good thing or not.if this is the new model (more safe and secure,leveled wheel) and if this is a good wheel to play at.Thank you!

Deep pockets in usual are better for ball jumps distribution.
In your case you may have problem with time of prediction, since you need very early prediction you need to have tilt on the wheel. On a leveled wheel, earlier prediction then 6 ball rotations coming closer to imposable.


yeah you found out that huxley was the best manifacture but for who??? just like the casino i go to.One guy was constantly taking a couple of grand a day - in two months a total of over or about 200 k.Then they get change the old wheels with cammegh…and their answer why or excuse was because it was proven the best at a fair or some kind of event. Oh yeah he later lost that amount and another 200 k of his own trying to beat it with 30 years of experience >:(

About tilted and leveled wheels.As far as I read Tilted means a wheel which has a dominant diamond or 2.Am I right? But about leveled i’m not sure exactly what it means.Can you explain me and can you tell me how to make a difference?I supose i need to watch 20 or more spins to see if there is a DD? Thanks!

Tilted wheels are the ones we say that have a DD (dominant diamond - drop point,yes for about 20-30 spins your diamond lets say at 12’oclock would need to have “atleast” 9 hits in 20 spins).Leveled ones dont and are the ones that have for example in 10 spins = 12’oclock DD(hit 4 times) 3’oclock DD(hit 5 times) 6’oclockDD(hit 5 times) 9’oclock DD(hit 6 times).You have to have one DD not 2 DD . Dominiant diamonds are not just caused by tilt,it can be also caused by track wear ,deformation ,even air pressure - temprature at a time , dirty track also :smiley: (one time a guy was constantly playing one , just one wheel a long time cuz of tilt and after a 2-3 day strait loss he called the pitboss, pulled out a tissue and started cleaning the track 8) to try to get back his advantage 8) and Remember theres a difference in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction (the tilt,DD may not be the same)

READ HERE http://rouletteplace.com/index.php?topic=1019.0 - (3rd post) it explains the advantages and difference between a tilted and leveled wheel…there are also lots of posts where someone at least mentioned it or brought it up,so read a lot of posts ;D

Ok. Thanks, bagun. I understood now.

Hey all Thanks for the clarification. Great thread.

Tilted wheels are really very good according to me because they are very famous all around the world. I love to play European roulette and have won lots of games in it.

cammegh’s are my favorite wheels. nice short to medium spins with good medium bounce.