Which size of roulette ball is better?

When playing with advantage, which size of the roulette ball is better and why?
Assuming the ball is made of the same material?

IMHO the larger the ball diameter the better because they tend to bounce and scatter less than the smaller ball.
But having said that the very best ball is a large and softer ball for the same reasons as above.
There is no doubt the small very hard ball bounces and scatters more and more erratically.

I am also thinking about ball travelling on the track.
I would say the ball with larger diameter should be less affected with dust particles on the ball track.

scatter is also effected by the angle which is determined by the drop style of the ball to the wheel.ı’ve seen a wheel which the ball was 90 per cent falling off the track freely(with no dd but from the same where-between 3-6 deflectors) with almost the same angle (of course ı couldnt measure the exact angle but with eye observation it was same style) and almost 18-22 scatter often.ıf we would take that ball and put it into an other wheel behaviour of that ball and scatter might be different.

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I notice larger ball = less scatter and less eratic behaviour.
And teflon ball is best

Not need to write what know all. Not need to write that you noticed that the sun is rising in the east, or 2x2=4 :slight_smile:
Less scattering is not because the ball is larger, but because it is heavier - that is the main reason!
Easy and big ball has even more scattering.
The same

Is the same as to write - Red car is best! That is about nothing. For you is one for other can be absolutely other…

Totally get what you’re saying, bigger balls are the way to go for less bounce and scatter. But hey, the sweet spot? A large, softer ball for the win... less chaos on the bounce, my friend!

Scattering is at it is - we can’t do effect on it. Which ball has longer scattering, which is shorter - we simply see. Which aim is to talk about things which we see. We can only choose - which to play which not… and why…
So talks must be about decisions and how to make them. Talks about what we see are simply stating facts - no useful info…
In forums are plenty not useful info - talks simply to talk. What does forum bad…