Which Ball is used in London Casinos

Hi All,

I have a roulette wheel at home at i’m trying to find the same balls as the casinos use. I’ve ordered Teflon Balls from many suppliers including cammegh and they don’t seem to be the same. The ones I order have a Matt finish and are white and the ones in the casino have a gloss finish (not invorine). If anyone knows what they use please let me know most casinos i’m Talking about are Genting, ceasers etc…

There are different sizes 18 and 21 mm. Ivorine or teflon. But its not true ivorine, just some look-a-like material. But without any scientific research i would say that the 18 mm is the most common size.

I have purchased Ivorine and Teflon balls but they both are completely different to the ones I see in the casino I can hear from the noise of the ball that they are not Ivorine and also not as light as Ivorine it sounds like a Teflon ball it just looks completely different.

Does anyone have an answer for this?

For such specific details maybe only managers who ordered them would know.

For me if the ball it is light it is plastic if it is heavy it is Teflon.