When is AP legally classed as cheating? Phil ivey sets legal precedent in UK

What a way to damage your casinos reputation, but what does the future hold for AP?

I hope he appeals and wins, cant see the difference between this play and the ritz 3, in both cases the casino dealt inferior games and lost. Sad day if knowledge about favourable conditions can amount to being called a cheat!

Mayfair casino won’t have to pay £7.7.

Mayfair casino cheating.

So what, if someone wins, oh well there was some dust on cards he might be noticing it and using for his advantage.

If you win at roulette, well there was a tilted wheel give us money back.
But if someone loses more then 2.7%, they don’t investigate why.

That casino shoud be taken their licence back!

Very easy , the court holds to the tax payers and the establishment,
in Las Vegas much more bad.