Wheel with 14 or 12 diamonds instead of 8. (Deep pockets)

How does a wheel with 14 or 12 diamonds effect the scatter compared to standard wheel with 8 diamonds?
But these wheels have deep pockets, probably to look more like an old french. But they add these extra diamonds, otherwise it would be an AP dream wheel (my theory). It was an anecdote.

So what i think of the ball behavior, (I have a no experience of ball sizes, this is in general) ball hits the diamond(s) jumps into rotor, but when it have entered the rotor it settle down fast in to one of its pockets.

The main questions is this type of wheels an advantage or disadvantage or do they break even compeered to “standard” wheels.


Let me speculate a little about the geometry here:

On the top wheel, the horizontal diamonds are placed very high up. I think those might be struck almost as often as the vertical, giving effectively a deflector every 360/12 = 30 degrees. The lower wheel might be better with 360/8 = 45 degrees between potential deflectors (most of the time only the vertical diamonds).

In principle it goes both ways. The more deflectors, the more difficult to predict which of them will be struck. But at the same time the consequences of being one diamond off in accuracy, become smaller. With 12 deflectors, there are only 3 pockets between them. While the ball just passes one diamond, the wheel turns the other way, maybe it too 3 pockets giving a 6 pockets difference. But the ball will impact slower and stop sooner.

I suppose in reality for advantage play, there might be two or three dominating diamonds in the drop zone, rather than only one. It’s worse, but could probably be compensated for if the pocket shape generates an attractive scatter distribution.

If we have 4 V diamonds it is 9 pockets difference if we have 6 it is 6 pockets difference, so I would say it is better.